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Independence day: Presidency list 57 achievements of the Buhari-led administration

Personal Assistant to President Buhari on New Media, Bashir
Ahmad, listed 57 achievements of the Buhari-led
administration to commemorate the 57th independence day
celebration. Read the list below...
1. Release of 106 Chibok girls, as well as over 16,000
persons in Boko Haram captivity.
2. Tackling insurgency, decimation of Boko Haram in the
North East.
3. Recovering 14 local governments and territories
previously under Boko Haram control in the North East,
rebuilding lives of citizens there; about one million displaced
persons in the NE have returned to their communities in two
years of this administration.
4. Curbing the incidence of kidnap across the country.
(Arrest of kidnap kingpins and dismantling of kidnap cells
across the country)
5. Restoring morale of the Nigerian military; re-organizing
and better equipping the Nigerian Armed Forces.
6. Purchase of 12 Super-Tucano aircrafts worth $600 million
to aid the Nigerian military’s current operations in the North
7. Ensuring continued peace in the Niger Delta through
consistent funding of the FG amnesty programme for ex-
8. Introduction of an improved mechanism for distribution of
aid to IDPs in the North East through the establishment of
the Special Intervention Programme of the Federal
Government. (Door-to-door strategy)
9. Implementing the National Economic Recovery and
Growth Plan (ERGP) to aid economic recovery, taking the
country out of her worst recession in 29 years, despite fall in
oil prices.
10. N1.2 trillion expended on capital/infrastructure projects
nationwide, a milestone in the nation’s history.
11. Effective implementation of the Treasury Single Account,
and increasing government revenue by over N3 trillion as
well as entrenching transparency and accountability.
12. Implementation of the Bank Verification Number (BVN),
thus tackling corruption by plugging loopholes for siphoning
of public fund and tracking of illicit funds through multiple
13. Ease of doing business: the Federal Government signed
into law two bills from the National Assembly (Acts are the
Secured Transactions in Movable Assets Act, 2017
(otherwise known as Collateral Registry Act) and the Credit
Reporting Act, 2017) which has facilitated access to more
affordable credit for Nigerians, fast tracked budget
submissions and promotes Made-in-Nigeriaproducts.
14. Establishment of the Presidential Quarterly Business
Forum to enhance interaction and private sector
participation in the development of the economy.
15. Institutionalizing E-governance setting the foundation for
the creation of a truly digital economy.
16. Creation of opportunities for youths to leverage
innovation in technology through the introduction of the Aso
Villa Demo Day (AVDD) through which over N700 million has
been disbursed to young entrepreneurs.
17. The revitalization of the Made-in-Nigeria campaign.
(Emphasis on consumption of local products gain grounds)
18. Implementing reforms in the civil service which has led
to the elimination of over 30,000 ghost workers, thereby
saving the country billions of naira monthly.
19. Massive investments in agriculture, e.g, Anchors
Borrowers Programme to improve local produce, improving
fertiliser distribution and access across states through the
Presidential Fertilizer Initiative.
20. Reduction in rice imports as a result of government’s
policies that has encouraged massive rice production across
21. Improving transport infrastructure (rail and road);
construction work ongoing on the Lagos-Ibadan
Expressway, renovation of Abuja International Airport
runway, completion of Abuja – Kaduna Railway among
22. Social Investment Programmes (SIP): N-Power Volunteer
Scheme creating jobs for over 200,000 (and still counting)
unemployed graduates in all the 36 states and the FCT.
23. SIP: Ongoing Government Enterprise and Empowerment
(GEEP) Scheme; commenced in November 2016 in
collaboration with the Bank of Industry, where soft loans
ranging from N10, 000 to N100, 000 have been given to over
189,000 market women and traders across different states.
24. SIP: Home Grown School Feeding Programme, where
almost three million schoolchildren have been fed, while tens
of thousands of cooks have been engaged in their respective
25. SIP: Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) scheme, under
which about 25,000 less privileged Nigerians so far are now
being funded with the monthly N5,000 stipend in 9 pilot
States (Bauchi, Borno, Cross Rivers, Ekiti, Kwara, Kogi,
Niger, Osun and Oyo). More beneficiaries are expected to be
added in more states.
26. The establishment of MSMEs Clinics, a small Business
support programme to support entrepreneurs and small
businesses in different states.
27. Establishment of One-Stop-Shops to support policies on
Ease of Doing Business.
28. The take-off of the 2nd Niger Bridge.
29. Phasing out subsidy for petroleum products, elimination
of fuel scarcity and queues in petrol stations.
30. Implementation of the FG Niger Delta new vision, a
comprehensive road map to improve livelihood and social
31. Improved power generation nationwide adding
$500million to Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund and about
$87million to its excess crude account.
32. The creation of the N30billion Solid Minerals
Development Fund.
33. Encouraging the patronage of local contents and
increasing export in agriculture.
34. Signing of Executive Order 001 which is the promotion of
transparency and efficiency in the business environment - to
ensure that public servants offer prompt service in a
predictable and transparent manner, and sanction undue
35. Signing of Executive Order 002 which is on prompt
submission of annual budgetary estimates by all statutory
and non-statutory agencies of the Federal Government
including incorporated companies wholly owned by FG.
36. Bailout of cash crunch states; about N689 billion to 27
states of the federation to pay salaries in 2015.
37. Complete refund of Paris loan deductions to states
38. Implementing the 2011 UNEP report for the ongoing
Ogoni clean-up process after decades of oil spills and
39. Modification of the tax system so that it is more
40. Reforms in the airports (reconstruction of the Abuja
airport runway and ongoing work at the Lagos airport).
41. Reforms at the nation’s seaports (Issues with cargo
clearance at the ports addressed)
42. Improved duration (under 48 hours) for visa approval
especially for investors.
43. Resuscitation of the nation’s refineries which are now
working at 50 percent capacity for the first time in over a
44. Eleven of the dead 33 fertilizer plants have been
resuscitated while four others are to be revived shortly and
this has profound impact on the ongoing revolution in the
agricultural sector.
45. For the first time in more than 45 years, the Mambila
Power Plant is set to take off with the allocation of
$5.6billion for its realization and an expected 3,050 MW
output upon completion.
46. Increasing external reserves to a 13 month high of $33
billion from $29.13 billion which has surpassed the ERGPs
target of $30.56 billion despite global low oil prices and
production challenges.
47. Cancellation of the Joint Venture cash calls with oil
multinational companies operating in Nigeria (For the first
time in the history of the industry) which has led to savings
of billions of dollars lost to fictitious contract payments.
48. Release of N2 billion take off grant for the Maritime
University as part of measures to address agitations in the
Niger Delta region.
49. The new development bank of Nigeria (DBN) is finally
taking off with initial funding of $1.3billion (provided by the
World Bank, German Development Bank, African Development
Bank, Agence Francaise De Development) to provide medium
and long term loans to MSMEs.
50. Improving Nigeria’s international image and regional
cooperation with neighbouring countries in fighting
51. Anti-corruption war: Prosecuting alleged corrupt public
officers and recovering billions of naira of stolen public
funds; the successful establishment of the whistle-blower
52. Signing of Executive Order 004 – Voluntary Income
Asset Declaration Scheme (VAIDS). This aims to increase
tax awareness and compliance, and reduce incidence of tax
53. Signing of agreements with a number of nations to
provide Automatic Exchange of Information.
54. Signing of the Extradition Treaty between Nigeria and
United Arab Emirates (UAE) toward strengthening Nigeria’s
anti-corruption campaign.
55. Establishment of PACAC – a think-tank that has
provided leadership, direction and also built capacity of
personnel in the fight against corruption.
56. Eradication of polio disease in the country.
57. The introduction of the One Primary Health Centre per
ward programme of the Federal Government.
Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Barcelona and Lionel Messi could play in the English league if Catalunya gains independence from Spain - Sports minister says

Ahead of a very important referendum set to be staged on
Sunday which will give the right to Catalunya to be
recognised as a sovereign nation independent of Spain, the
region's Sports minister has stated that Barcelona, along
with Girona and Espanyol could join the English premier
league, Italian league or start up their own league if they
gain independence from Spain just the same way Welsh and
Monaco clubs are allowed to play in the Epl and French
league respectively.

Catalans, Barca player, Gerard Pique a very vocal member,
have decided to stage the referendum this weekend even
though the Spanish government has seized ballot boxes,
claimed the voting will never happen and called the process
Gerard Figueras, the Catalunya sports minister, believes
that there are plenty of decisions to make when they gain
independence from Spain
"Elite clubs would choose between challenging in a Catalan
league or in a foreign league," Figueras told
"In the case of independence, Catalan teams in La Liga –
Barcelona, Espanyol and Girona – will have to decide where
they want to play: in the Spanish league or a neighbouring
country like Italy, France or the Premier League."

“Now in Spain there teams from other countries who play in
national leagues: clubs from Andorra in football and
basketball. Monaco play in France, in England Welsh clubs. I
don't think that UEFA has anything against seeing another
club play in a different league from their country.”
The leadership of Spain's La Liga reacting to Figueras'
statement has warned the Catalans that if they succeed with
their independence agitation they won't be able to play in
the La Liga again, but he hopes it doesn't come to that.
Liga president Javier Tebas said: “In sport, it isn't a la carte
and things must be clearly stated. It isn't easy to have an
agreement and study Spanish legislation but if they [the
Catalan clubs] do get that, then they will not be able to play
in Spain's La Liga, but I hope it doesn't come to that."

Ex-Chelsea doctor, Eva Carniero reveals her football hatred after Jose Mourinho beef

Remember Eva Carniero, the former Chelsea football club
doctor who fell out with Jose Mourinho in 2015 following
her treatment of player, Eden Hazard during a match?
The doctor has now come out after a long silence to reveal
that she felt disillusioned with football after her incident with
Jose Mourinho and court case with Chelsea, and that she
has rejected so many football offers after she left the club.

Carniero, 44, was publicly criticised by then Chelsea boss
Mourinho, for treating Eden Hazard on the pitch during a
match against Swansea on the first day of the 2015-16
season. The tension and problems that followed ended with
a settlement in her favour in the middle of an employment
tribunal, where she claimed constructive dismissal.
'If I am honest I found it hard to watch football for a year,'
she told L'Equipe. 'The 2016 Champions League final
(between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) was the only
game I was able to sit and watch last year.

'I dealt with the period as well as I could. It was a shock at
a time I should have been happy because I was about to
marry my husband, go on honeymoon and enjoy our new
home. One day I came home and said "I have to resign".'
She also had a warning for clubs who put their players life
at risk all in the name of entertainment.
'Footballers cannot be modern gladiators, they cannot be
fed to and eaten by lions in the name of entertainment at
whatever cost to their life, their career and their future,' she
'I fiercely believed and passionately fought for the teams and
managers I have worked for and this leads to the best work,'
she said.
'But I am disillusioned that football does not seem to want
to improve itself or learn from its mistakes.'

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Today my birthday. 

I want to use this medium to thank every one, my family members, my friends on social media, my course mates, without you guys chaiiiii am nothing , I really appreciate you guys having n letting me be part of your daily moves.  
     To my mum Mrs Ozor, you are my world, my role mode, my idol, my second God, thanks Mum for been my mum. 
      To my siblings, Hmmmmmm you guys are the bomb, the brains behind my success,
      Thank you guys,and I heart you guys alot.   

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IT'S JUST A GAME Fifa 18 player ratings: Cristiano Ronaldo is number one followed by Lionel Messi and Neymar

CRISTIANO RONALDO has been ranked number one in
FIFA18 ratings, on the back of leading Portugal to Euro
2016 victory and Real Madrid to become champions of
Many fans were disgruntled that he beat Lionel Messi, yet
few have jumped to the defence of the man who set PSG
back £200million this summer occupying third place.
EA Sports revealed their top rated players this evening and
the players that occupy the top three positions will not
come as a surprise, as they’re also the ones demanding
the big bucks.
Just one Ialian, French and English club lay claim to a
player in the top ten rankings, whereas Real Madrid boast
the most with three players sitting comfortably in the top
European talent makes up six out of the ten spots, while
players from South America fill the remaining four.
EA Sports were hounded on twitter with many shocked to
see Ronaldo occupying top spot, despite winning the Uefa
Best Player in Eruope just one month ago.
Since 2008 both Ronaldo and Messi have vied for the
Ballon d’Or and fans argued that it was Messi that should
be sitting ahead of him and that the rating should not be
down to the trophies that Ronaldo helped his club and
country win.












Passengers miraculously survive as car fails break and summersaults on Lekki-Ikoyi bridge

An accident involving a blue Toyota Corolla and a silver
Nissan Xterra occurred today on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge but
passengers in both cars miraculously survived with minor
According to witnesses, the silver suv was speeding along
the bridge shortly after exiting the toll gate, when it failed
break, hit the Toyota Corolla in front of it, and
The Nissan, driven by a uniformed soldier, had eight
occupants, while the Toyota reportedly had four occupants.
The soldier had a cut on his forehead and it was bleeding. A
female passenger sat at the scene, too weak to move, and
complained of pain. Her jaw was visibly swollen but,
otherwise, there were no injuries on her body. Other
passengers seemed OK but shocked. 
Federal Road Safety officials were on ground to assist the
victims while they waited for Emergency Services to arrive.
The accident occurred between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.  

In celebration of his 40th birthday, American rapper, Ludacris' wife lists out 40 reasons why she loves him

American rapper and Fast and Furious actor, Ludacris turned
40 years old today and his wife took to her Instagram page
to list out 40 reasons why she loves him. Read what she
wrote below...
40 years of fine! Happy birthday to my loving husband. I
thank God for you every day. ???? 40 reasons why I love
1. Your love for your family
2. Your leadership
3. Your humility
4. Your ability to light up a room and make
everyone feel loved
5. Your patience
6. Your love for all of your children
7. Your courage
8. Your strength
9. Your love for the world
10. Your work ethic
11. Your pure spirit
12. Your enormous heart
13. Taking great care of our family
14. Making sure we never go without
15. Your passion in trying new things
16. Your love for traveling
17. Your sensitivity
18. Your talents
19. You are goal oriented
20. Your generosity
21. Your sense of humor
22. Your friendship
23. The way you make me feel so loved every day
24. Your loyalty
25. You prioritize family time
26. Your morals
27. The way you teach our girls to set goals and achieve
28. Your accountability
29. Your integrity
30. Your ability to take it one day at a time, and make the
best of it
31. Raising my little sister and putting her in the best
32. Loving my sister like she is your own child
33. Love and honoring your mother
34. Being a man of your word
35. Paying for my graduate school education
36. Finding the best counselor and getting me help when we
first met; (I was dealing with past abuse.)
37. Teaching me how to save and invest my money
38. Pushing me to achieve my goals
39. Your character
40. Your wisdom
#MCM #chateaudeluda40 #kingluda#luda40

Photos: Senator Ben Bruce spotted with Atiku Abubakar at the airport

Minister for Women Affairs and Social Development Aisha
Alhassan, a.k.a Mama Taraba's recent affiliation with
former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has been the talk of
Nigerian Politics in the past week
Today common-sense Senator, Ben Bruce was also spotted
in Atiku's entourage. Ben Bruce has not publicly declared
support for Atiku should he decide to run in 2019 but he's
been quite vocal in criticising the Buhari led administration
that he's a part of.

Photos: Young Nigerian man found dead on roadside hours after he was allegedly arrested by police in South Africa

The body of a young Nigerian man was found along a road
somewhere in South Africa on Monday.
According to Lordskarly Ebubedike, the deceased simply
identified as Frank from Imo State was allegedly arrested by
police yesterday night for not having passport in him. Below
is the Facebook post by Ebubedike:


Friends Like Know Other

We all know, a true friend is hard to find. So when you
do find one, hang on tight! It also doesn't hurt to let
your best friends know every now and then just how
much they mean to you.

Childhood friends. School friends. Neighborhood friends.
College friends. Work friends. Best friends. Boyfriends.
We work our entire lives building friendships. From
preschool, where we all learn that "it takes a friend to
make a friend," through adulthood, where we mingle at
bars and water coolers, we crave closeness with other
human beings.
We just need to know that someone out there "gets us."
Whether we have a small group of close friends or an
expanded group of personalities, each of our
friendships brings something new to our lives, inspiring us
to see the world a totally different way, giving us a new
shoulder to lean on, and a new cheerleader to root us on.
Friendships come in all sorts of forms: serious ones, like
the college friend you discuss politics with, silly ones, like
the squad you do Halloween with, chill ones, like your wine
and Netflix buddy. Some friendships even turn into
something more.
Each friendship offers something totally unique — and
irreplaceable. Each friendship ultimately makes us who we
This is why we spend so much time cultivating these
relationships and learning how to be a good friend. This is
why we show up after breakups, at graduations, at
weddings, and at funerals. This is why near or far, our
friends hold a special place in our hearts forever.

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Legendary Country music legend Don Williams has died

American country singer and songwriter Don Williams has
died at the age of 78.
A rep confirmed that the Hall of Fame member died after a
short illness, leaving the country music world in shock.
The death of the legendary singer who is regarded as one of
the greatest and certainly most distinctive voices in country
music history, comes two years after he officially retired
from music.
Williams' is best-known for his several hit tracks, which
include:'Tulsa Time', 'Back in My Younger Days', 'You’re My
Best Friend', 'Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good', and 'Some
Broken Hearts Never Mend' among many others.
The Texas born is survived by his wife Joy Bucher and his
two children, Gary Williams and Tim Williams.

My Kid Bro And I


How to withraw money from an ATM without
a card
biko…No. Get your mind off it.
Nobody is trying to corrupt you here. And I’m definitely not
trying to teach you how to hack into an ATM machine. This
post is entirely about something legit: withdrawing your
money from an ATM even if you forgot your ATM card at
home or can’t find it at that moment.
If you’re like me, you probably leave things behind a lot –
especially ATM card. Or maybe you just assume that you
have them with you only to find out you didn’t when you
need them. It’s why some of us take some “vex money”
with us to avoid embarrassment,
By now, you’re probably asking: “so after all the rant,
what’s the way out?”
Simple. # Paycode.
Yes, you read that right: You. Can. Withdraw. Cash. From.
The. ATM. Without. Your. ATM. card.
It sounds a bit crazy, but I’ll break it down. It’s kuku why
I’m here.
So here’s how it works:
Let’s say you’re a GTBank customer and want to withdraw
at the ATM, just dial *737*13* on your phone, type the
amount you want to withdraw, press # then send.
A code and a cash-out PIN will be generated for you. You’ll
use the Cash-out PIN you chose while generating the
Paycode to withdraw your money at the ATM.
To use the Paycode at the ATM, press any key or ‘ENTER’
on the ATM, select PAYCODE CASHOUT and follow the
prompt to withdraw your cash.
It’s that simple.
If your bank is currently not on the list, not to
worry, I hear more banks will be added soon.
Ehen , lest I forget, besides using your bank’s
USSD, you can also generate a Paycode using your
bank’s internet banking platform, their mobile
app, Verve World website and Verve World
mobile app too.
So there you have it. An easy and legit way to pay
for stuff and withdraw money without your ATM
No more unnecessary embarrassment, no more
getting stranded every time, no more losing your
ATM card and rushing to the bank to block it.
Now you can just keep it at home, resting under
your pillow. All you need to carry out your
transaction is your phone.
If you’d love to know about Paycode, just click
Quote of the day:
“’Vex money’ might not be enough, wallet and
ATM card might be nowhere in sight, you may
start feeling like you’re stranded, but blessed are
you if you have your Paycode.”
Happy Thursday!!