Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ebola Virus: Information, Symptoms and Prevention

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. EVD outbreaks have a case fatality rate of up to 90%. EVD outbreaks occur primarily in remote villages in Central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission. Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are considered to be the natural host of the Ebola virus. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care. No licensed specific treatment or vaccine is available for use in people or animals. Transmission Ebola is introduced into the human population through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals. In Africa, infection has been documented through the handling of infected chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines found ill or dead or in the rainforest. Ebola then spreads in the community through human-to-human transmission, with infection resulting from direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids. Burial ceremonies in which mourners have direct contact with the body of the deceased person can also play a role in the transmission of Ebola. Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to 7 weeks after recovery from illness. Health-care workers have frequently been infected while treating patients with suspected or confirmed EVD. This has occurred through close contact with patients when infection control precautions are not strictly practiced. Among workers in contact with monkeys or pigs infected with Reston ebolavirus, several infections have been documented in people who were clinically asymptomatic. Thus, RESTV appears less capable of causing disease in humans than other Ebola species. However, the only available evidence available comes from healthy adult males. It would be premature to extrapolate the health effects of the virus to all population groups, such as immuno- compromised persons, persons with underlying medical conditions, pregnant women and children. More studies of RESTV are needed before definitive conclusions can be drawn about the pathogenicity and virulence of this virus in humans. Signs and symptoms EVD is a severe acute viral illness often characterized by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and in some cases, both internal and external bleeding. Laboratory findings include low white blood cell and platelet counts and elevated liver enzymes. People are infectious as long as their blood and secretions contain the virus. Ebola virus was isolated from semen 61 days after onset of illness in a man who was infected in a laboratory. The incubation period, that is, the time interval from infection with the virus to onset of symptoms, is 2 to 21 days. Vaccine and treatment No licensed vaccine for EVD is available. Several vaccines are being tested, but none are available for clinical use. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care. Patients are frequently dehydrated and require oral rehydration with solutions containing electrolytes or intravenous fluids. No specific treatment is available. New drug therapies are being evaluated. How Do You Get Ebola? You can get Ebola by coming into contact with the blood or body fluids of an animal or person who is infected. People often get sick with Ebola when they care for or bury a person who has the disease. Someone also can catch the virus by touching contaminated needles or surfaces. What Are the Symptoms of Ebola? Symptoms of the Ebola virus show up 2 to 21 days after someone is infected. As the virus spreads through the body's cells, it damages the immune system and organs. Ultimately, Ebola causes levels of blood-clotting cells, called platelets, to fall, which can lead to severe bleeding. Many of the early symptoms of Ebola look like the flu or other mild illnesses. They include: Fever Headache Muscle aches Sore throat Weakness Diarrhea As the disease gets worse, people who are infected may develop: Bleeding inside and outside of the body Rash Trouble breathing How Can You Tell if Someone Has Ebola? Sometimes it's hard to tell if a person has Ebola from the symptoms alone. Doctors may first test for other diseases that have the same symptoms as Ebola, such as: Cholera Hepatitis Malaria Meningitis Typhoid fever Tests of the blood and tissues, such as the ELISA test, also can help diagnose Ebola. If someone might have Ebola, they should be isolated from the public immediately to help prevent the spread of Ebola. How Can You Prevent Ebola? There is no vaccine to prevent Ebola. People can avoid catching the disease by not traveling to areas where the virus is found. Health care workers can prevent infection by wearing masks, gloves, and goggles whenever they come into contact with people who may have Ebola. What Causes an Ebola outbreak? Usually an outbreak starts when someone comes into contact with the body fluids or waste of infected animals, such as monkeys, chimps, or fruit bats. Once a person is infected, he or she can then spread it to others. There are five different types of Ebola virus that cause the disease. Four of them are known to cause the disease in humans@LastßornNews(07060428346)

Monday, 28 July 2014

Mourinho: It feels like Drogba never left Chelsea

The 36-year-old has returned to Stamford Bridge one a one-year deal after leaving in 2012 and the manager, who bought him to the club in 10 years ago, is thrilled with his comeback Jose Mourinho has hailed Didier Drogba's return to Chelsea and expects the striker to have a big impact this season. The Ivory Coast international penned a one-year deal last Friday following the expiry of his Galatasaray contract, after originally enjoying an eight-year spell at Stamford Bridge between 2004 and 2012. Drogba hit 157 goals in 341 appearances during his first stint and is a firm fans' favourite, having scored a late equaliser followed by the winning spot-kick as Chelsea won the Champions League in his last match. The 36-year-old joined Chelsea's squad on Sunday as they defeated Olimpija 2-1 in a pre-season friendly, but did not play a role in the match and Mourinho is thrilled to be able to call upon Drogba again. "First of all when he came, it looks like he never left the club," Mourinho told reporters. "It was so normal, nothing new at all because he knows everybody and everybody knows him. "He was ever present even when he wasn't here. Chelsea belonged to him, even in the last two years when he was away playing in a Galatasaray and Shanghai [Shenhua] shirt. "So it looks like he just went for a short holiday and came back, so everything is normal. But yes, I think we need him. We need him as a player for our squad to be the way I like. "I like a squad with different qualities, not just as football players but also in terms of personalities. I like to have players with different personalities. As a player and person, Didier is somebody we need to be strong." Chelsea confirmed on Monday that Drogba will wear the No.15 shirt, the same as during his first spell, with Mohamed Salah taking No.17 after Eden Hazard opted to take the No.10 shirt for the new season.@LastßornNews(07060428346)

Friday, 25 July 2014

60 students escape death as Enugu Shuttle bus goes up in flames

By Tony Edike ENUGU – No fewer than 60 students of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), yesterday, narrowly. escaped death following a mysterious fire that engulfed the Coal City Shuttle bus conveying them from the permanent site of the institution in Agbani, Nkanu West council to city centre. The bus belonging to Enugu State Ministry of Transport is among the ones recently procured y the state government to boost urban transport scheme of the Sullivan Chime administration. Although there were no deaths, eyewitnesses said that many of the students and other passengers sustained serious injuries in the near stampede that resulted while escaping to safety through the widows and other exit available spaces in the bus. It was further learnt that valuables including Laptops and handsets belonging to the students were completely destroyed by the fire which occurred around 2.00pm near the Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS) junction. One of the victims and a Computer Science student of the ESUT, Miss Ebere Okechi said the fire was discovered by people outside the vehicle. ” I lost my Nokia phone, all the passengers inside the vehicle did not know that the shuttle bus was burning, outsiders were shouting fire, fire before we started jumping out from the bus.” she said. The coordinator of the Coal City Shuttle Bus, Nnaemeka Ojibe, said the fire was caused by faulty battery. He dismissed allegations that the shuttle buses were not well maintained, stressing that they “are adequately taken care of”. Although operatives of the Enugu State Fire Service arrived swiftly, the mysterious fire succeeded in destroying almost all the vital parts of the bus and valuables of passengers. They however succeeded in preventing the fire from spreading. In a related development, a Duplex located along Brown and Brown in Independence Layout Enugu was gutted by fire around 11am yesterday but no life was lost to the inferno.@LastßornNews(07060428346)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Facts You Don’t Know About The Vagina

Sure, your vagina has been with you your entire life, but how much do you actually know about it? Whether you’ve been too shy to ask or don’t know where to look for information, chances are there are plenty of things that you’ve wondered about the area “down there.” Here are a few surprising facts you may not know. 1. It cleans itself. Step away from the soap and harsh cleansers, gals. Your vagina keeps itself clean. “It’s lined by a variety of glands that produce the fluids needed to both lubricate and cleanse the vaginal area,” says Lisa Stern, APRN, a nurse practitioner who works with Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. “The vast majority of vaginal infections I see in my office are self-induced — generally by women who think they’re doing a good thing by washing their vagina with soap and water, or worse, with douche.” Bath products, particularly those with chemical dyes or fragrances, can irritate the vagina and wash away the beneficial lubricants and flora (bacteria and yeast) that are normal and natural, she says. When these beneficial compounds get washed away, anaerobic bacteria and yeast proliferate and can cause symptoms like discharge, odor, and itching. Lesson learned: While a little mild soap on the labia area (that’s the outer part) is OK, your body does a fine job of keeping the insides clean. 2. It grows in size when aroused. “The average length of a vagina is 3 to 4 inches long,” says Lissa Rankin, MD, gynecologist and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend. Sounds sort of small, and possibly unaccommodating to your husband or partner, right? Fear not, nature makes room. “It can double in length when aroused,” Dr. Rankin explains. But she adds that many women still have pain during sex when their partner is on the larger side. She recommends using plenty of lubricant and going slow. “Encourage your partner to have fun with foreplay,” she says. “The more aroused you feel, the less intercourse will hurt.” 3. Just like your face, your vagina also wrinkles with age. It’s a fact of life: The appearance of your lady parts may change with age. “The labia may become less plump as estrogen levels wane, fatty pads in the labia shrink and less collagen can lead to more sagging,” says Dr. Rankin. “The skin of the vulva may darken or lighten and the clitoris may shrink. It’s normal either way.” Scary? Nah. “These changes, which are often related to decreasing levels of estrogen, do not affect how much pleasure your girl parts can bring you.” 4. You can’t lose something in your vagina (like a tampon). Everyone’s heard the myth that things can get “lost” in there. “The vagina is bounded at the inner end by the cervix and by the vagina’s own tissue,” says Stern. In other words, your vagina is not connected to another area of your body so don’t worry about anything going missing! However, “Sometimes a tampon can get lodged deep inside the vagina, like if it’s accidentally left in place during intercourse. If this happens, your healthcare provider should be able to remove it easily with a speculum and forceps,” she says. 5. Some women ejaculate with orgasm. “It definitely happens, and it’s not uncommon,” says Dr. Rankin. “It seems to be a learned skill and happens more commonly as women get older and learn how their bodies work.” So how does it happen? “There are glands around the urethra — the tube between the bladder and the outside world — that probably secrete fluid, particularly when the anterior wall of the vagina (a.k.a. the G Spot) is stimulated.” Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, a sexuality researcher and professor at Rutgers College of Nursing, describes this area as “ ‘the female prostate,’ a collection of glands, blood vessels, nerves and spongy tissue that, when stimulated, seem to create fluid in some women.” 6. Your vagina may change dramatically after childbirth. “Post-childbirth the vagina doesn’t so much look different as it feels different,” says Dr. Rankin. “As a gynecologist, I can almost always tell if a woman has delivered vaginally or not. I need a larger speculum for a woman who has had two kids than for a childless woman. But from the outside, you can’t tell unless a woman has torn during childbirth, in which case she may have a faint scar at the site of her tear or episiotomy.” If you’re uncomfortable with the way your vagina has stretched and changed after childbirth, Rankin has a one-word recommendation: Kegels! “These exercises can really help,” she says. A refresher course: You can do them anywhere, anytime. Just squeeze the muscles you use to start and stop the flow of urine, holding for a few seconds at a time, and repeating in sets of 10 — or more, if you’re up to the task! 7. The vagina is like a muscle, use it or lose it. “It’s true that the vagina stays healthier when you’re using it with some regularity,” says Dr. Rankin. “Not only does sex keep the sensitive vaginal tissue healthy, but it’s almost as if it has a memory.” Case in point: If you neglect your vagina for too long (no sex, no Kegel exercises, etc.), the vaginal walls can become fragile, she says. And when menopause strikes, it may scar and close off a bit. But sex isn’t the only answer: Your doctor can suggest specific exercises and instruments that can help the vagina stay in tip-top shape. 8. Vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman. Dr. Rankin notes that the average amount of vaginal discharge a woman of reproductive age secretes over a period of eight hours weighs 1.55 grams (a gram is equivalent to about 1/4 teaspoon). But, some women produce much less and others produce much more — and the variations are completely normal! “You produce the greatest amount of discharge (1.96 grams) around the time of ovulation,” she says. “Of course, every woman is different. Some women have ectropion, when the mucous-producing glands that are usually on the inside of the cervix evert onto the outside of the cervix. If your cervix has this normal feature, you may produce more cervical mucous, which increases the amount of vaginal discharge you have. Some women produce very scant amounts of discharge and others make much more. In the absence of infection, it’s normal either way.” And the color? It varies, too — and just because there’s a pigment to it, doesn’t mean you have an infection. “Normal vaginal discharge is whitish, but may appear yellowish when it dries,” she says. “But if your vaginal discharge appears greenish when wet, you have itching or burning, your discharge smells extra-fishy or you think you’re at risk for STDs, get it checked just to be on the safe side.” @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Mr Biggs Security Officer Dies By Hanging Himself In Mr Biggs Eatery In Lagos

A security officer working for Mr Biggs Alagbole eatery, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos, has taken his own life around on Tuesday, July 22, 2014. It was gathered that the middle aged security man who was on night duty in the eatery hung himself in the staircase leading to the top floor of the two-storey building. The customers deserted the eatery after the mobile policeman came to evacuate the security man’s body It was gathered that the deceased had deleted all contacts on his cellphone before he committed suicide. The reason for such a desperate act is not determined, however, there are some allegations that the man killed himself because of financial and personal problems in his family. “A security man with Mr Biggs Alagbole branch hung himself and now he is dead. He killed himself in the staircase in the building where the eatery is situated. Sympathizers and police are everywhere trying to remove his corpse,” an eyewitness revealed. The police came to the scene of the accident at Ojodu-Berger, Lagos According to the information provided by the locals, the branch of Mr Biggs has not paid its workers any salary for the past two months. The man’s body was evacuated by a mobile policemen today, Wednesday, July 23, his identity is yet to be established as the company’s management exert every effort to find his family members. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Algerian plane with 116 on board disappears from radar

Another day, another air disaster. This is beginning to get scary. An Air Algerie flight flying from Burkina Faso to Algeria with 116 people on board has dropped off radar. Swift Air, the operators of the aircraft, say they lost contact with the flight 50 minutes after it took off this morning from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It was supposed to have arrived at Algiers’ Houari Boumediene Airport about four hours later but the plane has just disappeared. “We have lost contact with the plane. At this moment, emergency services and our staff are working on finding out more on this situation.” Swiftair said. The plane, an MD-83, has 110 passengers on-board with 2 pilots and four crew members. Air Algerie is Algeria’s national airline. Update: The plane crashed in Niger… It’s been confirmed that the plane crashed near the capital of Niger, Niamey. Flight AH5017 was reported to be flying through an area affected by violent storms. @LastßornNews(07060428346)


About 2014 Waec result This is to inform you that the 2014 Waec result is out you re freely to work to any of the cyber café and check your result. NOTE: you must buy a scratch card to check your result if not your will not be permuted to check your 2014 waec result. The Purchase of the Scratch card and locations are: Banks, Caber Café and Business centers. Names of the Banks: First bank PLC Eco Bank PLC Diamond Bank PLC Union Bank PLC GTBank PLC Unity Bank PLC Wema Bank PLC UBA PLC Fidelity Bank PLC . IBTC PLC . Standbic Bank PLC Theses are the banks you can banks you can get the Waec Scratch card. When you get the waec scratch card you can now connect your system to the internet network or if you don’t have a laptop or Computer You can just walk to any of the cyber café or business center to check your result. Also note checking of waec result will be charge by the owner of the café due to the company. The charge will not be lest than 500 NGN only. Do you have any report ? you are free to comment with us or you can also E-mail us at ozorlastborn@gmail.com @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Gen. Buhari releases statement on today's attack, says it was an assassination attempt

General Buhari has released a statement on today's attack on his convoy in Kaduna, describing it as a clear assassination attempt. Find the statement he signed himself below.... "I was personally involved in a clearly targeted bomb attack today along Ali Akilu Road, Kawo – Kaduna about 2:30pm on my way to Daura. The unfortunate event, clearly an assassination attempt, came from a fast moving vehicle that made many attempts to overtake my security car but was blocked by my escort vehicle. We reached the market area of Kawo where he took advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car and instantly denoted the bomb which destroyed all the three cars in our convoy. Continue...Unfortunately, when I came out of my vehicle I saw many dead bodies littered around. They were innocent people going about their daily business who became victims of mass murder. Thank God for His mercy, I came out unhurt but with three of my security staff sustaining minor injuries – they have been treated in hospital and discharged. Signed: General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) GCFR”

Happy Days for Glo subscribers as tariff drops to 11k per sec

Glo prepaid subscribers can now make more calls and pay less as the Nigerian National telecom carrier, Globacom, scores another first with the launch of the Glo Ringa. The Glo Ringa allows subscribers pay as little as 11k per second for all Glo to Glo calls. The unbeatable offering has made every prepaid subscriber on the Glo network Friends & Family, which means that subscribers can talk more and pay less with an unlimited access to connect with their loved ones. (pictured above: Head, Business Support Group, Globacom, Yomi Ogunbamowo flanked by Head of VAS,Nagasai Visnanath(far left), Adebanke Kuyinu(left), Head of Data, Segun Adeyemo(right) and Ijeoma Ngodo (far right) at the launch of Glo Ringa at the Mike Adenuga Towers, Lagos on Tuesday). Continue.. “This is the cutting edge freedom every subscriber wants to make calls to all their friends, families and associates without limiting the number of friends and families they can call at a specially discounted rate”, said Mr. Yomi Ogunbamowo, Globacom’s Head of.... who launched the product on behalf of the telecoms network. Prior till now, Friends and Family packs across various networks are limited to a few people. He said Glo Ringa would enable Glo prepaid customers to significantly reduce their expenditure on phone calls. According to Mr. Ogunbamowo, this product is an effective way of rewarding the loyalty of Globacom’s teeming subscribers because it practically puts money back in their pockets for every call they make to other Glo subscribers. His words, “ With the increasing expenses incurred by individuals in their daily lives, it has become imperative to assist them to cope with life in our own way. This is why we have decided to give our esteemed subscribers excellent rates by significantly reducing the cost of calls they make to millions of other subscribers within the Glo network. For a fee of N250 weekly, subscribers get to pay a super low rate of 11k per second on all Glo-to-Glo calls from the very first second and there is no limit on how many calls they can make”. He urged subscribers who are not yet on the Globacom network to join the people friendly network to enjoy the unprecedented benefits and innovative value added services that guarantee premium satisfaction. He added that with Glo Ringa, “calling is made pretty easy and everyone on the network is now friends and family”. Mr. Ogunbamowo urged Glo prepaid subscribers to encourage their clients, friends and family members to interact on the Globacom network to enjoy the benefits of calling for a longer period at reduced costs. He reassured Nigerians of the unimpeachable resolve of Globacom, a proudly Nigerian company, to offer qualitative services to the people in the most cost effective manner. He observed that Globacom had since inception been offering the best value at the most competitive rates to its subscribers and would continue to do this and urged interested subscribers to dial *170*40# to enjoy the massive benefits of Glo Ringa. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

FG declares Monday and Tuesday next week public holidays

To commemorate the Eid-el-fitri Salah celebration, the Federal Government has declared Monday July 28th and Tuesday July 29th public holidays. A statement issued yesterday July 23rd in Abuja by the Ministry of Interior on behalf of the Federal government, enjoined all Muslim faithful and Nigerians in general to extend the spiritual benefits of Ramadan, which are love, peace, justice to their daily living. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

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22 out of the 24 members of the Enugu State House of Assembly yesterday July 22nd passed a resolution to serve the state deputy Governor, Sunday Onyebuchi, an impeachment notice over allegations of operating a commercial poultry farm within his official quarters in the state capital. According to the lawmakers, the state deputy governor's action contravenes their Feb 12 2013 resolution which 'prohibited the maintenance and operation of a commercial livestock and poultry farms within residential neighborhoods in Enugu Metropolis in promotion of public health standards'. They say an earlier directive by the state Governor, Chime Sullivan, to have the said poultry relocated by relevant ministry officials was disobeyed by the deputy governor who afterwards resorted to inviting pressmen to castigate the Governor. Continue... The impeachment notice reads in part; “Consequent upon the intimidation of the relevant officials of the government by the Deputy Governor in respect of the matter aforesaid, the governor of Enugu State (herein after referred to as “ the Governor via letters with reference numbers : GHE/CAO/31/239 and GHE/ CAO/31/240 dated 24/12/2013 and 27/12/2013 respectively, directed the Deputy Governor to relocate the commercial poultry farm out of the premises of his official residential quarters , which is also within the general premises of the Government House Enugu and adjacent to the Governor’s office. “The Deputy Governor further defied the directive herein and in a most discourteous manner and in utter disregard of the office of the governor, responded via a letter dated 8/1/2014, insisting that he would not relocate his commercial poultry farm from the premises of his official residential quarters. “When the government through the appropriate Ministries and departments relocated the birds and cleared the premises of the noxious stench emanating therefrom, the Deputy Governor wrongfully deployed the resources and powers of his office as deputy governor to invite the press and openly castigated the government and her officials, thereby impugning and denigrating the authority and office of the governor and embarrassing the government.” it read. The Deputy Governor is also being accused of constantly disrespecting the state Governor which obstructs the peaceful administration of the state. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Don Jazzy & The Mavins – Dorobucci

Dorobucci video hits the online media space after it officially premiered on Africa’s Channel O several hours ago. With millions of hits in mp3 download, The Mavin crew left fans anticipating the eventual release of the video. A 16-second teaser was released only on Monday and we were wanting it even more. Now, it’s finally here and like you already know, it’s fresh and hot. Watch and let us know what you think! www.maxi.tooxclusive.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/MAVINS_-_DOROBUCCI_ft_Don_Jazzy_Tiwa_Savage_Dr_SID_DPrince_Reekado_Banks_Korede_Bello_DiJa.mp4?a74419 @LastßornNews(07060428346)

100 Days Of Missing Chibok Girls The Government Is Treating It Like A Joke - 2Face Idibia

Award winning musician 2Face Idibia speaks on the issue of the missing Chibok girls in commemoration of the 100th day of the girls being missing. Today, Wednesday 23rd July 2014 makes it 100 days since 276 girls were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School, Chibok Borno » state and to mark this, there has been heavy conversation centred around the missing Chibok girls and #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Joining in the conversation was the What's Trending team at Classic 97.3fm who had 2Face Idibia as a guest on the show. 2Face who happened to be in the studio promoting his latest album, "The Ascension" was quizzed on the issue of the missing girls and the multiple award winning singer was very vocal in his disappointment over the manner in which the situation was being handled. "I think the whole thing is a joke" he began, "The government has not expressed enough seriousness in handling the situation." He went on to say that rather than politicise the situation, if there was really a kidnap, the government should live up to its responsibility and work hard towards the return of the missing girls rather than trade blames amongst the various political parties. Also when asked if he would ever consider a political appointment, specifically representing his Idoma tribe in the national level, he emphatically stated that politics was not for him. "I don't want to be one of all those people that will heavily criticise the government from outside then when I get in for whatever reason I won't be able to work and make a difference. I'll rather stick with my music" he concluded. Meanwhile 2Face's "The Ascension" album » which features artistes like Iceberg Slim, Tony One Week amongst others has dropped and he's expected to be the headline act at Industry Night later today. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ex-premiere league player goes from earning £40k a month to £800 cleaning toilets

Life! From international football ace to ship cleaner. Former Sunderland player, Kevin Kyle, who used to earn £10,000-a-week playing for the premiere league team now earns £800-a-fortnight working a 12-hour shift on a ship stacking boxes & cleaning toilets. (pictured above left on the ship). Kevin, 33, who started the job on board the 300-capacity ship on July 8th, said he had no choice but to take the job, “I’m trying to provide for my family. Many footballers pick up jobs after football but I don’t see stories about them in the newspapers. I don’t really want to publicize my lifestyle in the newspapers about whether I have a job or don’t have a job. I have to work at some point to put food on the table and to provide for my family.” He said The dad of 3 was jobless for 6 months after his contract with League One minnows Ayr United was scrapped in January. Managers on the ship reportedly warned his new co-workers not to discuss Kevin's former life as a footballer or bring it up with him as it's a touchy subject. Continue... "Kevin started work on the ship earlier this month. It’s sad really to see someone who was obviously well-loved by the fans seemingly ending his career relatively early." A source said Kevin Kyle works on the Regina Baltic ship in Lerwick’s remote Mairs Quay. Pictured above taking a break in the ship's communal room. His duties include cleaning floors and toilets, making beds and stocking up supplies on the ship. Apart from Sunderland where he last played in 2006, Kevin also played for Coventry, Kilmarnock, Hearts, and Rangers. In a 2010 newspaper interview he said: “Sometimes in life money is not everything. I know a lot of people disagree with that but I had all the money years ago when I played with Sunderland and Coventry and I p***** it up a wall gambling. So money doesn’t always make you happy. The happiest I have been was the first year at Kilmarnock, playing football and knowing what my wage was.”

Nigeria rises from 44 to 34th on FIFA ranking

The Super Eagles have risen up 10 places from 44 to 34 in a new FIFA World Ranking released today July 17th. FIFA released the new list based on countries performance at the just concluded World Cup in Brazil. Nigeria went up 10 spots courtesy of the Super Eagles' second round finish at the World Cup. The Super Eagles now rank third place in the African continent after Algeria and Cote d'Ivoire who came 24th and 25th respectively on the World list. World champions Germany was ranked number one on the list while Argentina was placed second and Netherlands 3rd. Colombia came 4th, Belgium 5th, Uruguay 6th, Brazil 7th, Spain 8th, Switzerland 9th and France 10th. Continue to see Africa ranking... Ranking In Africa 1. Algeria 2. Cote d'Ivoire 3. Nigeria 4. Egypt 5. Ghana 6. Tunisia 7. Guinea 8. Cameroon 9. Burkina Faso 10. Mali @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Not In This Church! Deeper Life Bans The Use Of iPads During Service

The use of iPads and android as a substitute for the bible during service has been banned by William Folorunso Kumuyi, the founder and General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church. According to Encomium Weekly, the ban was placed a few weeks back as a result of church members who were pretending that they were reading the bible on their devices but are actually surfing the web, distracting others and not paying attention to the preaching. So next time you visit the church, remember to leave your iPads and android devices behind. @LastßornNews(07060428346)