Friday, 3 February 2017

What Manchester United Need To Do To Finish In Top Four” – Mourinho Says

Manchester United manager, Jose
Mourinho, has said that his team needs
to start scoring more goals, if they want
to finish in the Premier League top four
at the end of this season.
United have scored only 33 goals after 23
matches this campaign, which is their
second worst ratio at this stage of the
season in the Premier League era.
They also have the third worst conversation
rate in the league, behind Hull City and

“I understand what you are saying,”
Mourinho said in his press conference on
“We attack so much and with so many
players, and so many players have the
freedom in our dynamic to reach scoring
“I have to agree with you that we don’t
score enough goals, and some of our
players from these attacking creative
positions they could –they should – score
more goals.
“When you see the number of goals we
score, there’s not a true relation between
our attacking production and the number of
payers we put in attacking positions and the
number of goals we score.”
Speaking on United’s 0-0 draw with Hull
on Wednesday, which left them four points
off fourth place, Mourinho said: “We didn’t
get the three points we wanted, so it’s as
simple as that.
“It was a bad result for us, but we are
exactly in the same position, which is try to
win the next game. That is what we have
done for a long time.
“Every draw we deserved a victory, We
never had a draw where we could say we
were lucky, or got less than what we
deserved, but the reality is the reality of the
points, and we lost those points.”
Mourinho added: “When you speak about
Zlatan’s goals you should always add 14
goals, one penalty in 31 matches played in
England, in all competitions. You should
always add that extra item.
“In almost every team the striker is the top
scorer – I think so – unless you have
another player with a special feeling to
score goals coming from another position
or you have another player scoring six
seven or eight goals from penalties, that is
normal to happen.”
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