Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ghana Police arrest traders who stripped Nigerian woman naked, brutally beat and sexually assaulted her for allegedly stealing yam

Police in the Ashanti Region capital,
Kumasi, have arrested an
unspecified number of traders who
stripped naked and beat up an
unidentified Nigerian lady alleged
to have stolen items at the Kumasi
Central Business District.
A screening exercise is expected to
take place later Wednesday to
identify those who actually
participated in the brutal treatment
meted out to the unidentified lady.
In the disturbing video that has
gone viral on social media since
Friday, February 17, a light-skin lady
is seen being stripped naked and
sexually assaulted in public by a
mob over the alleged theft.
The video starts at a point where
the young lady had been stripped
off her clothes. She covered her
waist with a yellow scarf given to
her by a good Samaritan, but it was
removed by the mob.
Another woman who offered a
dress was shoved off and the young
lady was not allowed to put it on.
The mob made up mostly of men,
tore the young lady’s red brassiere
and panty. Some disgusting men hit
her bum several times while some
other disgusting men grabbed her
breasts. At a point in the video, the
men spread her legs open and
kicked her private part many times.
Attempts by the young lady to
prevent the mob from hitting her
private part was met with even
harder beatings.
One person who took part in the
beating told a reporter that they
stripped her naked and beat her
because it is not good for a lady to
engage in such an ungodly act.
Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor
reports Wednesday morning that
the women, mostly traders, who
volunteered information that led to
the arrest of the some of the
attackers have also been picked up
to assist with ongoing investigations
into the incident. Meanwhile, the
whereabouts of the assaulted lady
remains unknown.
Shortly after the video went viral,
many have condemned the heinous
treatment of the woman. Executive
Director of the Ark Foundation,
Angela Dwamena Aboagye, recently
joined gender activists to condemn
the mob attack.

"Look at the manner in which they
purported to arrest her, they
stripped her and look at the acts
of violence that were perpetuated
against her. When it comes to
women, this also sits within not
just a social justice framework or
criminal law framework, but
within violence against women
which is completely a human
rights issue as well," she told Joy

Also, human rights lawyer Francis
Xavier Sosu has urged the
Commission on Human Rights and
Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to
step up its education of human
rights to curb abuses as Social
Justice Day was observed globally
In a release on Tuesday,
OccupyGhana also joined calls
demanding justice for the lady,
asking that the police use the video
to arrest the men responsible for
the assault.
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