Saturday, 28 January 2017

‘Why we arrested Harrysong’ – Five Star Music releases official statement

Singer Harrysong was yesterday arrested by
Five Star Music over charges of fraud and
breach of contract.
Five Star Music label has now issued a
statement on why they are taking legal
actions against Harrysong. The label also
advised the general public to tread with
caution and desist from transacting any
business with Mr. Harry Tare Okri, as same
is both illegal and a total breach of his
existing contract with Five Star Music
Read below.
It has become both imperative and necessary
to state our position on the ongoing
misguided and fallacious news making the
rounds in the media between our esteemed
record label and Mr. Harry Tare Okri.
Sometime in 2008 when Mr. Harry first
approached our record label for a music
contract, we immediately declined the
request when we found out that he had a
subsisting contract with one Mr. Kevin
Luciano of ‘Question Mark Entertainment
All efforts then by Mr. Harry to influence
our management proved abortive as our
position was maintained on grounds of
equity, fairness and professionalism.
For further avoidance of doubts on the true
facts of the present situation, our
management has decided to officially set the
records straight, because of negative and
pervasive influence being foisted on the
psyche of our numerous and well meaning
Our first encounter with Mr. Harry was
sometime in 2008 when he approached our
management for a music contract. As stated
above, according to our findings at that
time, his contract with ‘Question Mark
Entertainment Record Label’ was still
subsisting and valid.
Obviously we declined when we found out
that Mr. Harry’s plans were ill orchestrated
against his employers, by walking out on
them without fulfilling the obligations
clearly contained in his running contract
with them.
When Harry’s employers (Question Mark
Entertainment) got wind of his frantic efforts
to desert his contract, a stern and official
public statement was issued against Mr.
Harry and a certain clause establishing his
existing contract was clearly published for
full consumption by the general public.
3a. The tussle continued between Harry and
his employers till sometime in 2014 when
Harry once again approached us, this time
very desperate.
We opened preliminary discussions with
him but demanded an official document
from his former employers relieving him of
any obligation or liability with regards to his
contract with them.
3b. Our move to do things right and
professionally with Mr. Harry earned us a
Twenty Million Naira Legal Suit
(N20,000,000.00) from Mr. Kevin Luciano
of Question Mark Entertainment (Records
are there for confirmation). We were joined
as co-defendants with Mr. Harry.
Juxtaposing the above with what is going on
now, it is quite unfortunate because “Good
intentions counts as much as good actions,
and the person seeking to do good is as
good as someone who actually does it.
3c. Knowing the vulnerability of Mr. Harry
on the impending legal suit, we solicited the
help of certain well respected individuals in
the Music industry to wade into the matter,
one of which was our dear veteran Daddy
Mr. Luciano having found out our intention
from inception to act in good faith, agreed to
withdraw his suit against Mr. Harry and our
company BUT, not without consequential
and settlement fees of Five Million Naira
(N5,000,000.00, records available for
We paid this amount solely without Mr.
Harry contributing a dime!
It is often said that “When people sense that
someone else is vulnerable, they tend to
attack, for when the calf falls, the knives
come out”.
However, in Mr. Harry’s vulnerable
situation, we did nothing of the sort. Rather,
we whole heartedly bought all his liability
off Question Mark Entertainment Label, and
welcomed him as a family into Five Star
Music Label, a genuine gesture and decision
we are all regretting this present day.
Because we are known for running our
affairs professionally and legally, we signed
a three year contract with Mr. Harry and
certain conditions and obligations were
specifically and properly spelled out apart
from the terms of the contract.
Most important of these were his obligations
to our Music Label, which amongst others
That he must deliver at least, three (3) full
music albums on or before the expiration of
the first term of his three year contract,
otherwise the label solely reserves the right
either to rescind or extend the contract.
These conditions were never met.
While in the employment of the Five Star
Music Label, he must not engage himself in
anyway whatsoever, whether directly, by
proxy or through a third party in any Music
or recording business other than that of Five
Star Music. This condition was also
repeatedly breached as Mr. Harry has been
releasing music, going on tours locally and
internationally without our consent or
paying the agreed percentage to the label.
Five Star Music wishes to state categorically
that this reckless breach of contract by Mr.
Harry stands contrary to our company’s
work ethics and will therefore be pursued to
a logical conclusion using the full
instrument of the law.
In setting the records straight, let it be
known that before now, the label refrained
from instituting any legal actions against
him for his blatant breach of contract, just
because he was still considered as part of
Five Star Music family.
However, his posture as clearly manifested
through his lawyers whom have continued
to write and make all kinds of assertions and
threats to the label necessitated our
immediate response for the general public to
know the truth and inherent facts of the
story. For it is said, that facts speaks for
We therefore advice the general public to
tread with caution and desist from
transacting any business with Mr. Harry
Tare Okri, as same is both illegal and a total
breach of his existing contract with our
record Label, ‘Five Star Music Label’.
Notwithstanding what propaganda he feeds
the public, we further advice that proper
verifications are made from us, as there is no
iota of truth emanating therefrom.
Mr. C.C Chris
Five Star Music Limite

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