Tuesday, 13 December 2016

True story of the boy who was sealed in a wall in Ondo state

Last week, a boy who was
reportedly 12 years old, who was
sealed in the wall of a house in
Ondo state was rescued. Several
reports emerged as to how he
ended up inside the wall of the
house which looked old and
dilapidated, none of which made
much sense. However, Channels TV
crew visited the sight of the
incident to find out what the people
in the town really knew about the
boy and the weird incident. The boy
was identified as Aduragbemi Saka.
According to Channels TV, the
house where the boy was found is
located at 3B Akinfemisoye Street,
Oduduwa Area in New Town, Ondo
The owner of the house
reportedly travelled out of the
country several years ago, so wasn't
at the location of the incident when
it happened, but the building was
being occupied by students of
Adeyemi College of Education.
According to residents of the area
who knew the boy, he lived with his
grandmother and is mentally
challenged. They said he ran away
from his grandmother as she was
taking him to Church for healing
and that he probably fell into a little
space between the walls of the
house and a food canteen next to it,
by accident.
Residents said they heard a voice
talking within the wall saying that
he was Judas Iscariot and that he
was the one who killed Jesus.
They said they initially ignored the
voice, but then the next day , they
heard the voice within the wall
singing so they contacted the Police
before they broke the wall and
rescued him.
Prophetess Dorcas Adebayo who
was the one healing the boy
explained in Yoruba language that
the grandmother brought the boy
for healing but later took him away
from the church.
After the boy was rescued, he was
taken to his Grandmother, a little
boy interviewed by Channels TV
said Aduragbemi was taken to State
Specialist Hospital in town.
Hospital sources confirmed that the
boy had been admitted but had
since been discharged.

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