Wednesday, 24 September 2014

T.B. Joshua’s alleged bribe: The truth - written by journalist Simon Ateba

Simon Ateba is a reporter with PM News. In his piece, Ateba said as long as Nigerian journalists are not paid well, they will continue to accept 'bribe'. Read his thought provoking piece below... People have been asking me, “Simon , were you at that press conference on 14 September where Prophet T.B. Joshua allegedly gave N50,000 to journalists to write a positive story on the building collapse that killed many people?”, my answer is always the same. I was not at that event, I do not know if he gave a bribe, I do not know if it was N50,000, and cannot comment on it. But I do not feel better or more righteous in any way than those who might have collected anything, if money was given. The truth is this, as long as journalists in Nigeria are not paid for months or are given irregular crummy salaries, as long as they are not insured, as long as publishers pocket all the corrupt money they get in the forms of adverts or special reports from corrupt politicians, and as long as Nigerians refuse to spend their money on newspapers, which push publishers to solicit money from politicians who have pocketed everything, many journalists will continue to accept gifts, bribes or whatever you call it. I understand that foreign journalists at the event and a Nigerian journalist allegedly rejected the money. I am happy they allegedly did and that’s where the profession should be. That’s the ideal we all want. But that’s not where we are. Most journalists in Nigeria have no insurance. Many newspapers in Nigeria have not paid their reporters for months, some even a year, including those newspapers that are even getting those corrupt advert money from government officials. A CNN, Reuters, Associated Press or BBC journalist will surely die if he was not paid for one year, had no insurance, no house to live in, and no friend to support him. And many former journalists who are now successful and even the society at large, are very wicked. They see a journalist who is striving to stand out, who wants to be objective and unbiased, they watch him as life challenges crush him to death. No car, no house, no savings, nothing to show for 20 years of work. And when such a journalist accepts a gift, the same society says, look at him, he’s corrupt. He’s biased. He’s unethical. But the same society screaming does not buy newspapers, they prefer to spend all their money on drinks, cigarettes, clothes, bags and cars but demand and expect higher standards from the media. So I am sorry to say it won’t happen. The society is hypocritical and the media industry is sick. But until there’s a shift, nothing will change. You can say these are just excuses. You may even add that the media should be our conscience, and only truth is acceptable. You will be passing a superficial judgement, because you cannot just should look at corruption in the media without understanding why the rot is so deep and the change so hard. You must understand that it is the product of a failed society. A corrupt government, a corrupt judiciary, a corrupt police force, a corrupt army, a corrupt civil society, a corrupt banking and financial system, a corrupt educational system, a corrupt political system, in summary, it is the product of a failed country that does nothing when journalists are not paid for months or are left to wallow in poverty after serving their nations for 20 years. I used to know a journalist who passed on after working for his company for many years in Lagos, and his wife was given only one month salary to take care of herself and their kids. I guess, this, certainly, is not the future we all envisaged after graduating with a First Class at the University. My rambling is getting too long. Let me summarise. The journalist who leaked the alleged bribery to the public claimed that he did so because journalists were too soft on Prophet T.B. Joshua and were not reporting the truth. Hear him: “I observed that Nigerian media were being too gentle on TB Joshua despite the glaring irregularities surrounding the collapse. I read more reports about the “hovering craft” and how Boko Haram could have sabotaged the building. “Very little was reported about the structural defects of the building. Not much was written about the fact that the building originally had 2 floors and was being illegally refurbished with 4 additional floors when it collapsed. We didn’t come hard on the Synagogue Church goons who attacked first responders. We didn’t highlight the fact that many of those that perished could have been saved if NEMA officials weren’t barred from the site for almost three days! We didn’t make an issue of the fact that our colleagues who had gone to report the collapsed building were molested on Saturday.” Of course, you all know that these are lies. What he’s saying is not factual. Or maybe he did not read reporting of the building collapse enough. On 15 September, the day after the alleged bribe was given to journalists, P.M.NEWS published this editorial: the-synagogue-tragedy/ . You can read it yourself and let me know if it looked like they were being soft on T.B. Joshua or hiding the facts. The 20-year old newspaper said in that editorial: “Perhaps most of the dead victims would have been rescued alive if the church staff and people perceived as thugs did not prevent officials of the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, from carrying out rescue operations immediately the building crumbled. Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, had to intervene by visitting the scene of the disaster and ordering the church staff to leave the site before rescue work could start in earnest.” The newspaper concluded it editorial by saying: “We must go beyond speculation to serious investigation to unravel the facts and prevent future tragedies of this magnitude. Those who are found wanting should be made to face the full wrath of the law.” Does that look like a newspaper trying to protect T.B. Joshua or that did not care about the dead? Of course not. But that was not all. the same day, the cover story of P.M.NEWS in Lagos read: “Boko Haram Attack: Nigerians Blast T.B. Joshua”. The lead or the first paragraph of that story read: “Nigerians have blasted Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations for claiming that Boko Islamist sect might have brought down a six-storey building in his church that has killed more than 40 people.” That front page story was published on 15 September. Does it look like people who were buying the story of a jet hovering over the building before it came down? These examples were just from P.M.NEWS. It was the same thing for The Punch, The Nation, Vanguard, The Sun, ThisDay, Tribune, The New Telegraph, TheNews Magazine, and even TVC and Channels TV, as well as other television and radio stations. So it is not factual to say that Nigerian journalists were being soft on T.B. Joshua or were hiding the facts. It is simply a lie. If Nigerian journalists collected the money, they did so because of a sick industry, a failed state and the reasons I mentioned above. But the money certainly did not change the facts. And we all knew the facts even before the audio was leaked last week. One thing I can say is that until investigation is conducted and concluded, no one can claim to know exactly what led to the building collapse. It will just be ranting, and rambling that lead to semantic noise but nothing evidential or concrete. I can say more, and go on and on, but for now, it’s time to mourn the dead. May their souls rest in peace. 0 @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ebola: Primary & Secondary schools in Lagos to resume Oct. 8th

The NUT and other bodies and individuals who were against the September 22nd resumption date of primary and secondary schools in Lagos have succeeded as the Lagos state government have approved a new resumption date. Schools will now resume October 8th. Governor Fashola approved the new resumption date at a stakeholders' forum which held today Sunday September 21st in Lagos. He said they decided to postpone the date to allow for the distribution of Ebola preventive materials in schools across the state @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Boko Haram Leader Reportedly Killed In Borno

According to emerging reports, Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, might have been killed in Konduga, Borno state Unconfirmed reports have it that the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau is dead. Military sources have reportedly said that they might have taken down the helmsman of the dreaded sect during a September 17 battle in Konduga, Borno state. Vanguard reports that intelligence and military personnel said: “It is getting more certain that the terrorists’ Commander who has been mimicking Shekau in those videos is the one killed in Konduga on September 17, 2014.” According to PRNigeria, Shekau’s purported death is suspected to be the reason why members of the sect have scattered and sought refuge in neighbouring countries like Cameroon. Security sources also reportedly said: “The process of confirming that the dead body we have is the same as that character who has been posing as Shekau is ongoing” “He is definitely a prominent terrorist commander. I don’t want to say anything about this yet please.” Reports have it that another high ranking military source said that the resemblance is too striking to be a coincidence. “They cited his facial marks, beards and teeth apart from the recovery by the Nigerian troops of some of the Armoured Vehicles and Hilux jeeps that had featured in previous videos of the prime suspect. The reports of the terrorist leader’s death are awaiting official confirmation from the Defence Headquarters. Abubakar Shekau was previously believed to have been killed in August 2013 after the Joint Task Force released a statement to that effect. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

TB Joshua will not die but will suffer – Congolese Prophet

Cogolese Jean-Claude Kibondzi is one of the thousands of worshippers who crave to see TB Joshua. He said that he is based in Sweden and that he has not been able to meet TB Joshua since he started coming to Nigeria in 2012. He calls himself a prophet and predicts that more buildings at the Synagogue may collapse. He speaks in a manner that casts doubt over his sanity. Excerpts. BY EBUN SESSOU AND ADERONKE ADEYERI You said God revealed things to you. What were they? T.B Joshua is a messiah. He is not a real human being. He is a special creator from God and it is only God that knows why he chose to use that body. There is likely no man of God who is spiritually endowed. It is only those who are filled with the spirit of God that can understand him and that is why demons tremble when they come close to him. Again, I want to say T.B Joshua is the fulfillment of the promise of God in Mathew 21 verse 42 to 44. You said God revealed the building collapse to you. Which other revelation has God shown you that has come to pass? God has shown me many Prophecies like the fall of the Catholic church and the fall of the Pope. I sent these prophecies via mail to SCOAN. I even call the church but nothing tangible has come out of it. Why did you send it to SCOAN and not the catholic church? Well, I sent it to SCOAN because I had contact with them and I told some Pastors in Sweden but they did not believe me. I told them about the missing Malaysian airplane but they never listened to me. My Challenge in Sweden is racism. Have you been able to speak with TB Joshua since Saturday? No, his security officials were very arrogant. They go as far as pushing and treating you like a dog. They did not want me to talk. I was detained on Sunday around 8am till 9:45pm in a room with no water or food. My family did not know where I was. At 9:45pm, they told me to come back the next day that I will see the man of God. The next day, I was at Gate 5 as agreed. They began to push me here and there and when they saw that some people were attracted to the scene, they carried me into the same room and locked me there. It was when I was released that my wife told me it was someone who saw us when we were walking into the church premises that told her and she began shouting and this led to my release. Why do you think God sent you instead of somebody close to TB Joshua? God has sent me to America to empower a man of God. I also got a revelation about President Obama and other pastors in Sweden prayed for him for two weeks. Have you met TB Joshua in spirit? I met him in the spirit and in the throne of God. How? It takes a spiritual person to understand who this man is. For me, I have to know you in the spirit to confirm whether or not you are a man of God. If TB Joshua were a white man, I believe, we will be paying nothing less than $10,000 to go and visit him. But, here in Nigeria, people don’t believe him and I am giving them another five years and they will know better when this man’s mission will be accomplished. Are you are saying, he has a mission to be accomplished in five years time and will be taken away like Enorch? God will take him and everyone will see it. Then, the people will know. But, until then. Is that a fresh revelation? It is not like a fresh revelation, but, the consequence of the threatening of his life. He will not be killed but he will suffer. Are you saying all these to get the man’s attention, perhaps when the story is out, he will call you over? No, I am not. I spoke with one of the man’s wise men called, “Wise man Daniel and made him understand that he was a prophet of T.B Joshua while I am a prophet of the Almighty God. He apologized immediately because he knew I was not kidding. I told him I will put the power of God to test in his presence so as to know that I am not an ordinary man. God will always rescue TB Joshua from any trouble but I am more concerned of the lives of the people that may perish if no preventive measure is taken. I am not in government but a spiritual leader, and whether people like it or not, I will be going back to my country. I have told God that, this would be my last time in Nigeria and I will not come back. And what if God sends you to people like Adeboye, Kumuyi among others? I don’t take a contact of someone I don’t know in the spirit. Many people call themselves men of God but in the real sense they are not. I can’t talk or authenticate someone who I have not met in the spirit. What will happen if you are not able to see him? This is my seventh visit to SCOAN and everything God has shown has happened. So, if I can’t get him this time, I will not come back. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Latest Reports: Bomb Scare In Kano Polytechnic

Latest reports say there was a bomb scare in Kano Polytechnic and Aminu Kano School of Legal studies both situated in Kano, northern Nigeria. According to Vanguard report, the incident, which occurred around 12:20pm on Friday, 19 September, 2014, caused pandemonium that resulted into students of the two tertiary institutions scampering for safety. It was gathered that the polytechnic share fence with the school of legal studies. As at the time of compiling this report, details of the incident are still being expected. An attempt to get confirmation of the incident from the police commissioner in Kano State, Adelere Shinaba, has not been successful. However, NewsRescue reports that some students of the institutions stated that they saw some men coming from the back of their campus. According o the report, the students claimed they heard gunshots. It was gathered that the confusion that ensued afterward caused students in the School of management studies to run for cover. Below are some of the photos from the scene of the incident at the Aminu Kano School of Legal studies: This tragic incident is happening less than 48 hours after bomb attacks at the Federal College of Education in Kano was reported to have left about 20 people dead and dozens injured. Though no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, many people believe it might be carried out by the Islamist group Boko Haram. The militants have claimed responsibility for similar attacks in the past and it is believed to have killed no fewer than 5,000 people across Nigeria through their terror attacks since 2009. Previous attacks on education institutions in Kano included the School of Hygiene attack that happened on 23 June, 2014, where eight people were reported dead. Also, the bomb attack at the Kano Islamic College For Legal Studies which occurred on 30 July, 2014, where six people were reportedly killed. @LastßornNews(0706042836)

I Will Sue Any Blogger Who Put Up My Full Album Online – Wizkid Drops Official Statement

Information reaching us from Reliable Source states that Wizkid and his Management are in Serious Talk with their Lawyer and will be Working with Google and the DMCA to Deal with any Blogger who put up their Full Album up Online for Downloads. The 3 Page Mail sent to us for Publication about the illegal Uploading of the Wizkid New Album titled “Ayo” explains how they Planned to Deal with Bloggers with the Devilish Act. The Lawyer states in his Mail:- We have Filed a Report to the Domain Monitoring Group in the United State and Other Top Domain Registrar Firm, Any Site/Blog Caught will face the Wrath, Site running Ads or runs on the Blogger Platform will also be Reported to Google for Necessary Action, The Laywer Boasts. We Advice all Bloggers to Pull down illegal Content now!! Ayomide Awosina EME / Starboy Legal Advicer. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Ghanaian Preacher Accuses T.B Joshua Of Human Sacrifice

Barely a week after the collapse of a building in the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nation, SCOAN, Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria, a Ghanaian preacher and founder of Glorious Word Ministry International (GWMI) , Pastor Isaac Owusu Bempah has accused Prophet T.B Joshua — founder of SCOAN– of human sacrifice. The preacher who made the accusation during an interview on Okay FM, Friday, also said that the Prophet sometime ago caused the death of four people during one of his programme in the country. ‘These are evil hands at work because I know people who have to make human sacrifices in order to be promoted in the spiritual realm. I know some people will vilify me for making this known”. “Look at what is happening to him. You came for a programme in Ghana and that led to the death of four people. You also woke up one day and a whole building collapsed, killing over forty people”, he added. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

15 soldiers get 4yrs imprisonment for refusing to fight Boko Haram

15 Nigerian soldiers who refused orders from their superior to go to the war front and fight members of the insurgency group, Boko Haram in Adamawa state recently, were yesterday September 17th sentenced to 4 years imprisonment by a military court that sat at the 23rd Armoured Brigade in Yola in Adamawa state. The sentenced soldiers who had been in detention for over three weeks were convicted on charges ranging from insubordination, dereliction of duty and refusal to undertake order assigned to them in the war against the sect members. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

South African football coach arrested in Nigeria for drug trafficking

38 year old South African football coach, Steven Darlugar, was arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos for drug trafficking. The married father of one was arrested during screening before boarding an Arik Air flight to South Africa. He is said to have neatly packaged the drugs which tested positive for methamphetamine in a compartment before it was discovered by officials. When interrogated, Steven said he was promised $6,000 if he successfully trafficked the drug and that he ventured into the crime to support his family as the money he was making as a coach wasn't enough “I am married with a child and have lived in South Africa for about a decade. I coach a team in South Africa. I have worked very hard to attain financial freedom, but have nothing in return. This is my first time of smuggling drugs. I was under financial pressure to cope with peers. A friend introduced me to drug trafficking as a way of making quick money. They promised to pay me $6,000 to take the bag containing the drugs to South Africa.” NDLEA commander at the MMIA, Mr. Hamza Umar, said “Steven was apprehended on his way to South Africa. He was found in possession of 1.54kg of substances that tested positive for methamphetamine. The drug was concealed in a false compartment of the suspect’s luggage.” Source: Punch @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Nigeria Police Force refutes Amnesty International report

Read the press release from the Nigeria Police Force below... The attention of the Nigeria Police has been drawn to an on-line publication entitled ‘Welcome to Hell-Fire’: torture and other ill-treatment in Nigeria. While we do not question the freedom of Amnesty International to earn its relevance and bread, the Nigeria Police takes serious exceptions to some blatant falsehoods and innuendoes contained in that report. For one, it smacks of indecency and intemperate language to liken our dear nation Nigeria, to hell fire. That cannot be true. We believe that Nigeria is a growing nation, green and largely peaceful. While the Nigeria Police and other operators in the criminal justice sector are undergoing systematic reforms, and aligning themselves with the demands of democracy, there is no gain saying the fact that the Nigeria Police Force has since improved its operational efficiency and effectiveness. Since the dawn of democracy in 1999, the Nigeria Police Force has significantly improved on its human rights records, owing largely to training and re-training, community policing, attitudinal change and structural transformation. In its report under reference, Amnesty International did admit in its methodology that it visited some Police Formations and interviewed some family members of suspects. At no time in its report, did Amnesty speak or interface with the Police authorities. This obviously shows their disdain and apparent lack of character where the democratic tenets of fair hearing are concerned. The report covered a seven year period of 2007-2014. I dare say that some of the issues raised have since been dispensed with and settled. Of a truth, torture or ill-treatment is not, repeat, NOT an official policy of the Nigeria Police. The Code of Conduct of Officers, as well as our Regulations prohibit torture and incivility to members of the public. We are versed with international best practices, and the dictates of the Nigerian Constitution as regards human rights. So the Police do not routinely torture suspects. It is not systemic or endemic. Whenever instances of human rights abuses are brought to the notice of superintending officers, the offending personnel are promptly sanctioned in line with the laws and regulations. For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria Police Force has a zero tolerance for corruption and abuse of power. There is no Immunity for impunity in Nigeria Police Force. Besides, the Nigeria Police is women-friendly. We do not target sex workers, nor routinely adopt rape as a weapon. Instead, the Police has established a family and human trafficking unit to protect the rights of women, children and the vulnerable members of our society. However, the Nigeria Police Force shall meticulously scan through the document, and investigate any current human rights abuses linked to any officer or formation. Any identified and established case of malfeasance or misconduct shall be treated in line with the laws and regulations. We crave the indulgence of Amnesty International to, for the first time, furnish the Police with specific details of its allegations to enable us reach the ends of justice for the alleged victims, and to improve our service delivery. The Nigeria Police Force remains responsive to the yearnings of Nigerians for improved safety and security. The Police is your helper and friend. Ag.CP EMMANUEL OJUKWU, psc FORCE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, FORCE HEADQUARTERS, ABUJA. @LastßornNews(07060428346.)
Read the press release from the Nigeria Police Force below... The attention of the Nigeria Police has been drawn to an on-line publication entitled ‘Welcome to Hell-Fire’: torture and other ill-treatment in Nigeria. While we do not question the freedom of Amnesty International to earn its relevance and bread, the Nigeria Police takes serious exceptions to some blatant falsehoods and innuendoes contained in that report. For one, it smacks of indecency and intemperate language to liken our dear nation Nigeria, to hell fire. That cannot be true. We believe that Nigeria is a growing nation, green and largely peaceful. While the Nigeria Police and other operators in the criminal justice sector are undergoing systematic reforms, and aligning themselves with the demands of democracy, there is no gain saying the fact that the Nigeria Police Force has since improved its operational efficiency and effectiveness. Since the dawn of democracy in 1999, the Nigeria Police Force has significantly improved on its human rights records, owing largely to training and re-training, community policing, attitudinal change and structural transformation. In its report under reference, Amnesty International did admit in its methodology that it visited some Police Formations and interviewed some family members of suspects. At no time in its report, did Amnesty speak or interface with the Police authorities. This obviously shows their disdain and apparent lack of character where the democratic tenets of fair hearing are concerned. The report covered a seven year period of 2007-2014. I dare say that some of the issues raised have since been dispensed with and settled. Of a truth, torture or ill-treatment is not, repeat, NOT an official policy of the Nigeria Police. The Code of Conduct of Officers, as well as our Regulations prohibit torture and incivility to members of the public. We are versed with international best practices, and the dictates of the Nigerian Constitution as regards human rights. So the Police do not routinely torture suspects. It is not systemic or endemic. Whenever instances of human rights abuses are brought to the notice of superintending officers, the offending personnel are promptly sanctioned in line with the laws and regulations. For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria Police Force has a zero tolerance for corruption and abuse of power. There is no Immunity for impunity in Nigeria Police Force. Besides, the Nigeria Police is women-friendly. We do not target sex workers, nor routinely adopt rape as a weapon. Instead, the Police has established a family and human trafficking unit to protect the rights of women, children and the vulnerable members of our society. However, the Nigeria Police Force shall meticulously scan through the document, and investigate any current human rights abuses linked to any officer or formation. Any identified and established case of malfeasance or misconduct shall be treated in line with the laws and regulations. We crave the indulgence of Amnesty International to, for the first time, furnish the Police with specific details of its allegations to enable us reach the ends of justice for the alleged victims, and to improve our service delivery. The Nigeria Police Force remains responsive to the yearnings of Nigerians for improved safety and security. The Police is your helper and friend. Ag.CP EMMANUEL OJUKWU, psc FORCE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, FORCE HEADQUARTERS, ABUJA. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Rescue operation at Synagogue building collapse site ends, death toll put at 80

Rescue operation at Synagogue Church of All Nations site ended today September 18th. NEMA officials say they are convinced that there are no more bodies at the site. The death toll has been put at 80. NEMA says the next phase is for proper identification and retrieval of the bodies by families of the victims. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Enugu get ready for the 1st Enugu MakeUp Fair this Saturday Sept 20th

Pops Concepts the Organisers of The MakeUp Fair Series –Nigeria's leading MakeUp and Beauty trade fair, a cross national industry event that is held annually in major cities in Nigeria. Since its creation in February 2012, the hugely successful MakeUp Fair SeriesTM has toured 5 major cities - Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Owerri is now moving to the coal city ENUGU. The Enugu MakeUp Fair (EMUF) stands as the 14th edition in The MakeUp Fair Series intended to provide a platform for professionals in the business of makeup and beauty, to showcase and demonstrate their products to a select target audience of potential customers and business partners. They are calling on makeup artists, re-sellers, enthusiasts and lovers of everything makeup and beauty to come prepared to shop and stock up. The Enugu MakeUp Fair, promises to be fun as it will showcase a variety of makeup and beauty brands/ Professionals. Highlights include meeting makeup & beauty experts, launching of makeup brands and products, demos, networking, shopping, makeovers, special offers, treats, loads of freebies for grabs. Also visit the Maybelline New York Nigeria Stand, purchase products worth N15,000 and above and become a Maybelline Sales Ambassador (MSA). Date: Saturday 20th September, 2014 Venue: Toscana Hotel 1 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout Enugu. Time: 10am – 7pm Attendance is FREE so bring a Friend! Phone No: 08188905667, 08037862333 Email Address: Facebook: themakeupfairseries Twitter: @themakeupfair Instagram: themakeupfair BBpin: 7F0B015D @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Happy Birthday 2face! Read Annie Idibia’s Sweet Message To Hubby

Annie Idibia calls husband 2face her king in a lovely birthday message to him. Innocent 2face Idibia is a year older today September 18, 2014 as he turns 39. His wife Annie Idibia took to her Instagram page to wish her husband a happy birthday. She said ” My King…. My Supa Human…can’t believe Am totally lost of words to actually describe how much I love you … Happy birthday baby” This year has been a great one for the artist and father of six, he welcomed his second child with this lovely wife, Annie, he is one of the headliners of the 2014 Hennessey Artistry and biggest of all he released his sixth studio album ‘Ascension’ which was referred to by Billboard Magazine as the 12th highest selling albums in the world. The multiple award winning singer continues to bring his A-game as regarding his music and has over the years continued to gain international recognition for his successful career and talent. Idibia will be spending his birthday today on a Walk for Prostate Cancer with the CECP-Nigeria (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy CECP in memory of his late father who he lost to this disease. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wole Soyinka writes on #BringBackJonathan201

The dancing obscenity of Shekau and his gang of psychopaths and child abductors, taunting the world, mocking the BRING BACK OUR GIRLS campaign on internet, finally met its match in Nigeria to inaugurate the week of September 11 – most appropriately. Shekau’s dance macabre was surpassed by the unfurling of a political campaign banner that defiled an entry point into Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. That banner read: BRING BACK JONATHAN 2015. President Jonathan has since disowned all knowledge or complicity in the outrage but, the damage has been done, the rot in a nation’s collective soul bared to the world. The very possibility of such a desecration took the Nigerian nation several notches down in human regard. It confirmed the very worst of what external observers have concluded and despaired of - a culture of civic callousness, a coarsening of sensibilities and, a general human disregard. It affirmed the acceptance, even domination of lurid practices where children are often victims of unconscionable abuses including ritual sacrifices, sexual enslavement, and worse. Spurred by electoral desperation, a bunch of self-seeking morons and sycophants chose to plumb the abyss of self-degradation and drag the nation down to their level. It took us to a hitherto unprecedented low in ethical degeneration. The bets were placed on whose turn would it be to take the next potshots at innocent youths in captivity whose society and governance have failed them and blighted their existence? Would the Chibok girls now provide standup comic material for the latest staple of Nigerian escapist diet? Would we now move to a new export commodity in the entertainment industry named perhaps “Taunt the Victims”? As if to confirm all the such surmises, an ex- governor, Sheriff, notorious throughout the nation – including within security circles as affirmed in their formal dossiers - as prime suspect in the sponsorship league of the scourge named Boko Haram, was presented to the world as a presidential traveling companion. And the speculation became: was the culture of impunity finally receiving endorsement as a governance yardstick? Again, Goodluck Jonathan swung into a plausible explanation: it was Mr. Sheriff who, as friend of the host President Idris Deby, had traveled ahead to Chad to receive Jonathan as part of President Deby’s welcome entourage. What, however does this say of any president? How came it that a suspected affiliate of a deadly criminal gang, publicly under such ominous cloud, had the confidence to smuggle himself into the welcoming committee of another nation, and even appear in audience, to all appearance a co-host with the president of that nation? Where does the confidence arise in him that Jonathan would not snub him openly or, after the initial shock, pull his counterpart, his official host aside and say to him, “Listen, it’s him, or me.”? So impunity now transcends boundaries, no matter how heinous the alleged offence? The Nigerian president however appeared totally at ease. What the nation witnessed in the photo-op was an affirmation of a governance principle, the revelation of a decided frame of mind – with precedents galore. Goodluck Jonathan has brought back into limelight more political reprobates - thus attested in criminal courts of law and/or police investigations - than any other Head of State since the nation’s independence. It has become a reflex. Those who stuck up the obscene banner in Abuja had accurately read Jonathan right as a Bring-back president. They have deduced perhaps that he sees “bringing back” as a virtue, even an ideology, as the corner stone of governance, irrespective of what is being brought back. No one quarrels about bringing back whatever the nation once had and now sorely needs – for instance, electricity and other elusive items like security, the rule of law etc. etc. The list is interminable. The nature of what is being brought back is thus what raises the disquieting questions. It is time to ask the question: if Ebola were to be eradicated tomorrow, would this government attempt to bring it back? Well, while awaiting the Chibok girls, and in that very connection, there is at least an individual whom the nation needs to bring back, and urgently. His name is Stephen Davis, the erstwhile negotiator in the oft aborted efforts to actually bring back the girls. Nigeria needs him back – no, not back to the physical nation space itself, but to a Nigerian induced forum, convoked anywhere that will guarantee his safety and can bring others to join him. I know Stephen Davis, I worked in the background with him during efforts to resolve the insurrection in the Delta region under President Shehu Yar’Adua. I have not been involved in his recent labours for a number of reasons. The most basic is that my threshold for confronting evil across a table is not as high as his - thanks, perhaps, to his priestly calling. From the very outset, in several lectures and other public statements, I have advocated one response and one response only to the earliest, still putative depredations of Boko Haram and have decried any proceeding that smacked of appeasement. There was a time to act – several times when firm, decisive action, was indicated. There are certain steps which, when taken, place an aggressor beyond the pale of humanity, when we must learn to accept that not all who walk on two legs belong to the community of humans – I view Boko Haram in that light. It is no comfort to watch events demonstrate again and again that one is proved to be right. Thus, it would be inaccurate to say that I have been detached from the Boko Haram affliction – very much the contrary. As I revealed in earlier statements, I have interacted with the late National Security Adviser, General Azazi, on occasion – among others. I am therefore compelled to warn that anything that Stephen Davis claims to have uncovered cannot be dismissed out of hand. It cannot be wished away by foul-mouthed abuse and cheap attempts to impugn his integrity – that is an absolute waste of time and effort. Of the complicity of ex-Governor Sheriff in the parturition of Boko Haram, I have no doubt whatsoever, and I believe that the evidence is overwhelming. Femi Falana can safely assume that he has my full backing – and that of a number of civic organizations - if he is compelled to go ahead and invoke the legal recourses available to him to force Sheriff’s prosecution. The evidence in possession of Security Agencies - plus a number of diplomats in Nigeria - is overwhelming, and all that is left is to let the man face criminal persecution. It is certain he will also take many others down with him. Finally, Stephen Davis also mentions a Boko Haram financier within the Nigerian Central Bank. Independently we are able to give backing to that claim, even to the extent of naming the individual. In the process of our enquiries, we solicited the help of a foreign embassy whose government, we learnt, was actually on the same trail, thanks to its independent investigation into some money laundering that involved the Central Bank. That name, we confidently learnt, has also been passed on to President Jonathan. When he is ready to abandon his accommodating policy towards the implicated, even the criminalized, an attitude that owes so much to re-election desperation, when he moves from a passive “letting the law to take its course” to galvanizing the law to take its course, we shall gladly supply that name. In the meantime however, as we twiddle our thumbs, wondering when and how this nightmare will end, and time rapidly runs out, I have only one admonition for the man to whom so much has been given, but who is now caught in the depressing spiral of diminishing returns: “Bring Back Our Honour.” Wole SOYINKA. Culled from Sahara Reporters » @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Manchester City don't fear Bayern Milner

@LastßornNews(07060428346)The England international played a key role in a surprise win at the Allianz Arena for Manuel Pellegrini's men last season and is upbeat about a rematch with the Germans James Milner insists Manchester City have no fear ahead of their Champions League opener against Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Manuel Pellegrini's men and Bayern have met on four occasions in Europe's elite club competition over the past three years, with the sides claiming two wins apiece. City claimed all three points in their most recent meetin - a 3-2 victory in December after overturning a two-goal deficit at the Allianz Arena. And Milner, who scored the winning goal last time around, believes that result ss cause for optimism leadin into this week's Group E fixture in Germany. "We should know them pretty well now, we've played them a lot these past couple of years, even in friendlies, so we know they're a top team," he told reporters. "You can't do what they've done over the last few years and have their record in the Champions League without being a top team, but you want to play against the best teams and we’ve done that. "We beat them at their place last year and we should tak a lot of confidence from that and go into the game with no fear, knowing we've been there before and got three points. "I don't think there's many teams who would have come back from [being two goals down].. "It would have been game done, but that shows the character and the quality we have in the squad, and to have that mental strength to come back and win the game is massive."

Liverpool Must Learn To Break Down Defensive Teams Says Owen

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen believes the Reds must learn to break down defensive- minded teams, as they kick off their first Champions League campaign for five years against Ludogorets Razgrad. Liverpool host the Bulgarian champions at Anfield tonight and hope to bounce back from their 1-0 home loss against Aston Villa in the Premier League. Their most recent Champions League match before tonight was in 2009 against Fiorentina, who won 2-1 on English soil with a last-gasp strike from Alberto Gilardino. Owen believes Brendan Rodgers and his players have a relatively comfortable return to Champions League life, but also said they may be frustrated by their opponents. He wrote on “After their lacklustre performance and defeat against Aston Villa at the weekend, Liverpool will be relishing the chance to get back on track tonight when they play their first Champions League match for five years. “The home game against Ludogorets Razgrad is certainly, on paper, the easiest way to gently ease themselves back into the biggest and best club tournament in world football. “However, you can be pretty sure the Bulgarian outfit, who are playing in their very first Champions League tie, will set their stall out to leave Anfield with anything other than a good hiding. “If this proves to be the case, it will be a good examination of Liverpool’s ability to break teams down, whose first ambition at Anfield is to avoid defeat.” But Owen, who scored 118 goals in 216 games for Liverpool, believes the vociferous Anfield support will lift the players and possibly strike fear into the inexperienced Bulgarians. Owen added: “One thing, which could certainly have a huge bearing on the outcome is the atmosphere at Anfield on European nights. “This will be the very first time the Bulgarian team have played in England. “With a capacity of just 6,000 in their stadium, it is fair to say they won’t have seen or heard anything like the incredible wall of noise, which will greet them as they step onto the Anfield turf.” Liverpool are likely to reintroduce Raheem Sterling to the starting line-up and play Mario Balotelli as the striker with Daniel Sturridge currently injured. But with the summer sale of star striker Luis Suarez, Owen said teams may have more chance of coming away from Anfield with a result. He added: “Last season, as everyone witnessed in open-mouthed admiration, Liverpool tore into teams from the very first whistle and on a number of occasions the match was sewn up well before half- time. “Their sheer pace up front as well as the mercurial skills of Luis Suarez was simply too much for most of their Premier League opponents. “However, with Suarez moving on to pastures new and with a whole host of new signings settling in, teams will travel to Anfield with slightly more hope and a considerably more defensive mind-set. “I’m sure Liverpool fans will hope Brendan Rodgers and his team can quickly learn to develop another plan by luring teams in and then hitting them quickly on the counter-attack with their lighting pace up front. “If so, Ludogorets could be in for a long night.” @LastßornNews(07060428346)

PREVIEW: Arsenal v Dortmund, Team News, Line-Up + Prediction

Arsenal kick off our Champions League campaign this evening when we take on Borussia Dortmund in Germany. We’ve once again been paired with the Bundesliga giants in the group stages making it three times in the past four years that we’ve met each other at this stages of the competition. Dortmund ran-out deserved 2-1 victors at the Emirates last October but we gained revenge with a 1-0 win in Germany thanks to an Aaron Ramsey header, with both sides squeezing into the knockout rounds at the expense of Napoli. We’ve yet to hit form this season but we looked far more like our old selves during Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Man City. The players looked up for it, we pressed in midfield and looked dangerous in attack, and we’ll need more of the same tonight if we want to get a result. Dortmund aren’t the side they were a couple of years ago after losing the likes of Lewandowski and Gotze but they are still a dangerous team who are going to be a real test, so a performance is going to be needed to come away with anything. A positive start is required in what’s going to be a tricky group that also includes Galatasaray and Anderlecht. Team News With Mathieu Debuchy out with ankle ligament damage we have a void to fill at right-back. Calum Chambers would be favourite to come in but he’s struggling with tonsillitis so youngster Hector Bellerin could be handed his European debut. Nacho Monreal is out with a back injury so Kieran Gibbs will start his first game in a month at left-back and I’d expect Mikel Arteta to come in for Matheiu Flamini in midfield. Yaya Sanogo has a hamstring complaint so he joins Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Serge Gnabry on the sidelines. Preferred Line-Up As previously mentioned, if Chambers can’t make it Bellerin will come in at right-back. The big change I’d like to see is in the formation and switching back to 4-2-3-1. This would allow Mesut Ozil to occupy his best position instead of being stuck out on the wing. It may sound harsh but I’d drop Aaron Ramsey for the game. He didn’t look 100% fit at the weekend and he played poorly, and we can’t leave Jack Wilshere out after his performance. I’d also go with The Ox down the wing. His pace would be useful on the break and I feel he’d give us more defensively than Santi Cazorla. In reality, Arsene will probably stick to his guns and play 4-1-4-1 with Ozil out wide in the same front five that played at the weekend, but I’d expect Arteta, Chambers/ Bellerin and Gibbs to still come into the side regardless. Prediction They aren’t the team they were and Dortmund will also be without several key players including Reus and Hummels, so I fancy us to get at least a point tonight. I’d take a 1-1 draw but if anyone’s going to nick it, I’d back it to be Arsenal. Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Arsenal @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Neville explains why Manchester United won't win the Premier League this season

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville doesn't think his former side will win the Premier League this season. Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has played down his former side’s chances of winning the Premier League title. United secured a thumping 4-0 win against QPR with an emphatic display of aggressive and attacking Premier League football, but Neville doesn’t think the side has enough to challenge for the league this season. Speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Neville was asked directly whether or not he thinks United can win the league this season. “I don’t think so, no – When they come up against the Chelseas and the Manchester Citys, I think there will be defensive problems, which will be the difference,” said Neville. article continues below There’s no doubt that United manager Louis van Gaal added to the side’s attack well during the summer transfer window. He took advantage of United’s immense financial strength to pull off deals for Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid and Radamel Falcao of Monaco, which has left the United attack looking extremely strong. However, the boss didn’t sign a defender to replace the experience and quality lost through the departures of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, which has been partly blamed for an inconsistent start to the season. Inexperience at the back has been blamed for the side’s opening day defeat at home against Swansea and also for the drubbing the team received in the League Cup at the hands of the MK Dons. Van Gaal has admitted that he wants his team to challenge for the title and that he wants to win the league for the club’s fans. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Mourinho eyes third Champions League title

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has admitted he has set his sights on a third UEFA Champions League title this season. The former Real Madrid boss won the competition for the first time in 2004 with Porto before winning it again in 2010 with Serie A giants Inter Milan. If Mourinho can win the competition, he will be the first manager to win the competition with three different clubs. The 51-year-old has admitted that the challenge will test his in-form squad but he is desperate to claim the record and help the Blues win the Champions League, which you can back using your free bet. He said: "Do I want to try to win it again? Of course. "What drives me is to try to win. I work for my club, for my players and for the club supporters. I don't work for myself. "If I win it once more, to win with three clubs is unique. But even if I don't do it, how many top managers in the world have only one or even not a single one? "I have the ambition to win it again, but in this moment I only think about don't play Europa League." @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Boko Haram Attacked Our Building ─ T.B. Joshua

The founder and General overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T. B. Joshua has said Boko Haram may be responsible for the collapse of a six- storey building in the church premises. Joshua, who told members of his church on Sunday not to be afraid, said the attack was targeted at him and not at them. The prophet made it clear that the collapse of the six-storey building at around 11.45am on Friday which led to the death of no fewer than 16 persons was a Boko Haram attack. Joshua buttressed his claim by showing to his congregation on the Emmanuel TV the chronology of events shortly before and after the accident as captured by the church’s CCTV. He said, “I received a phone call immediately I got here, just 10 minutes later when I was in the church, that there was a jet hovering over the mountain where I had just left. They said it was hovering at a close range. Before I knew it, I received another phone call that the same jet was now at the church hovering over the building, passing it four times at a very close range before the building collapsed.” Joshua read to the church a letter which he said was addressed to him by a Boko Haram member, confessing how he had attempted to plant a bomb inside the church. Joshua said his church was being attacked to scare away members. “This environment at Ikotun Egbe, we have never witnessed an accident of a building collapse. This is a very stable terrain. I have been here for the past 30 years. I am pregnant with words, but we have left the security agencies to do their job. Let us believe and educate our people and be alive.” Assuring his congregation that God would bring the perpetrators of the attack to book, Joshua said that the decision of the insurgents to focus on his church might be the end of the Boko Haram’s activities in the country. He said,“I know you will ask why the church? It is because of the spiritual blessings that God has bestowed upon us. A big head wears a large hat. “Don’t forget about the Ebola issue too, it was God that rescued the church. Probably they would have dropped an Ebola patient inside the church, so that they would said, ‘there is an Ebola patient in the church, don’t go there.’ “They are trying to scare you from coming to church. Don’t be scared, you are not the target, I’m the target. I know my time has not yet come. I have not yet finished my job. “I want to assure you that our God will get back at them and you will know when he gets back to them. May be this would be the end of the whole thing.” Meanwhile, the death toll had officially risen to 44, while 130 people were said to have been rescued alive. The National Emergency Management Agency on Sunday said that 44 dead bodies had been recovered, while 130 people trapped in the collapsed Synagogue building had so far been rescued. The Public Relations Officer of NEMA, Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, confirmed this via a text message to our correspondents. Farinloye, however, told the News Agency of Nigeria that 80 per cent of people rescued from the collapse building were women. He said that two female children, aged four and eight years, were among those rescued from the building. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Falcao/Di Maria debuts as United crush QPR

Radamel Falcao made his debut as Manchester United belatedly kickstarted their season with a breezy 4-0 win at home to Queens Park Rangers in the Premier League on Sunday. The 28-year-old Colombia striker, a loan signing from Monaco, made his entrance as a 67th-minute replacement for Juan Mata, but by then United had already secured an overdue first victory of the season. Falcao, who squandered a late chance, had been the focus of pre-match attention, but it was £59.7 million ($98 million, 75 million euros) record signing Angel di Maria who stole the show on his home debut. The Argentina winger put Louis van Gaal's side ahead with a 24th-minute free-kick and had a hand in further goals by Ander Herrera, Wayne Rooney and Mata as United blew off the cobwebs in style. After two draws and a loss in the league, and a 4-0 humiliation by Milton Keynes Dons in the League Cup, it was United's first competitive win under Van Gaal and meant they avoided going four league games without winning at the start of a season for the first time since 1986. While United climbed to ninth in the table, seven points below leaders #Chelsea but only two points shy of the top four, QPR remain 16th, a point above the bottom three. Falcao began the game on the bench on a mild autumnal afternoon, but fellow signings Daley Blind and Marcos Rojo were both handed starts as Van Gaal abandoned the 3-4-1-2 formation he had introduced in pre-season. Blind anchored a midfield diamond in front of a flat back four, with Herrera and Di Maria either side of him and Mata supporting strikers Rooney and Robin van Persie. The sight of former Old Trafford favourite Rio Ferdinand, now of QPR, receiving a memento from United director Bobby Charlton prior to kick-off only reinforced the sense of a changing of the guard. United quickly took control, with Mata spooning a shot over from Herrera's cut-back, and mid-way through the first half they went ahead. Di Maria immediately looked a threat and he supplied the breakthrough, whipping in a free-kick from wide on the right that eluded everyone to creep in at the far post. Jonny Evans then had to block a shot from Matt Phillips after United goalkeeper David de Gea charged from his goal and missed his kick, but 10 minutes before halftime the hosts doubled their advantage. Di Maria was again the inspiration, driving deep into QPR territory and neatly flicking the ball inside for Rooney. The United captain's shot was blocked, but he steered the rebound into the path of Herrera, who drove a first-time shot into the bottom-left corner. The game was up a minute before the break. A slick exchange initiated by Di Maria culminated in Herrera teeing up Rooney to drill a low effort past Rob Green's outstretched right hand from the edge of the box. After De Gea had saved with his feet from QPR debutant Niko Kranjcar and Rooney's prod had been smothered by Green, Mata added a fourth in the 58th minute, firing into the roof of the net from Di Maria's miscued shot. Falcao almost crowned his debut with a goal, but after Green had parried a skidding shot from Blind, the former England goalkeeper sprang up quickly to save at the Colombian's feet. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Evangelist shoots and kills his own father in Enugu

A self acclaimed evangelist, Chukwukezi Afonogu , has been arrested by men of the Enugu state Police command for shooting his 65 year old father, George Afonogu, dead. According to Sunday Sun, Enugu state Police Commissioner, Mr Mohammed Adamu, said 33 year old Chukwukezi attacked and killed his father on August 25th during arguement. The suspect said he became very angry after his father called him a mad man. Continue... During interrogation, Chukwukezi, who is the only son of his late father said; "I am an evangelist and a member of the Evergreen Believers Bible Ministry. Before this thing happened, I was having several quarrel with my late father. My father called me on that fateful day and asked me about an electrician that was supposed to work in the house and he gave me N500. My late father was a difficult person. The incident happened around 3.00pm. My father called me a "mad boy" and a quarrel ensued. I went inside the room and took my hunter's gun and shot him. I quickly carried him to a nearby bush and buried his corpse because nobody was at home. Immediately, I buried him, I ran away. My late father had eight children. The first born died and we have six girls and I am the only son" he said Chukwukezi was apprehended by youths in the community who first beat him to a pulp before handing him over to the Oji River police officers. His mother is said to have run away from the community after she learnt of what her son had done. He is expected to be charged to court soon. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

T.B Joshua Says: "A Strange Aircraft Is Responsible For Church Building Collapse"

In his speech, the prophet insisted the aircraft which flew past almost an hour before the incident, was responsible for the collapse of the building. According to news site, Premium Times, the founder and spiritual leader of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Temitope Joshua, linked the collapse of the building owned by his church to a “strange aircraft”. Prophet Joshua claimed the aircraft hovered around the building for over 30 minutes before it collapsed. The popular televangelist spoke immediately after officials of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), had confirmed the deaths of 17 persons and 123 persons pulled out alive from the rubble and rushed to the hospital. Prophet Joshua was said to have played a CCTV footage of the said aircraft to back his claim. Reports say in the footage, , a plane was seen flying over the collapsed guest house at four different times on Friday morning — 11: 30 a.m, 11: 43 a.m, 11:45 a.m and 11: 54 a.m. The building collapsed at 12:44 p.m Friday afternoon. In his speech, the prophet insisted the aircraft which flew past almost an hour before the incident, was responsible for the collapse of the building. The pastor said he was the target of the attack. “Immediately I left the prayer room (which is a 10-minute drive from the church) for the church, I got a call that a jet was hovering over the prayer room but as I finished bathing and moved to the prayer room, I got another call that the jet has moved to the church and that was it,” Mr. Joshua said. “Members cannot be the target, the easier way to stop this church is to get the head and from my explanation, you know the truth,” he added. Mr. Joshua called on security agents to study the CCTV footage as they investigate the incident. He promised to speak further on the incident during service on Sunday. “Service will hold tomorrow and I will state my position tomorrow in service, you can watch it live on Emmanuel TV,” he said. He also apologised to the press following the hostile treatment of journalists by members of his church. “We are very sorry on their behalf,” he said. “Our members are not hostile. The Bible is our standard. Even the Bible today, without the press, it cannot be accessible to many. Our members have respect for the press. When we fight the press, we are fighting Emmanuel TV. They value you people.” After NEMA spokesman, Ibrahim Farinloye had confirmed the casualties; he spoke on the attitude of some members of SCOAN “They are not too hostile neither are they receptive. We handled the equipment while they handled crowd control.” @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

•••Diego Costa Is A Special Player••• – Mourinho Praises Him After Scoring 3 Goals Against Swansea Today

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho hailed Diego Costa as “a special player” and claims his side are hard to stop. Costa fired a hat-trick in the 4-2 win against Swansea to take his tally to seven goals in just four games since his summer arrival from Atletico Madrid. Chelsea had fallen behind early through John Terry’s own goal, but Mourinho is confident his side are better than anyone when at full throttle. “It is difficult to stop our team, not just Diego [Costa],” he added. “In these four games, we have had some good and bad periods, but when we are focused we are hard to stop. “It is only four matches, four matches is nothing, it is just the beginning, but obviously it is better to have 12 points than four, five, six or seven.” Costa’s goals dragged Chelsea out of a tricky position as they fell behind to a confident Swansea side at Stamford Bridge, with Mourinho oozing with praise for his lead striker. “He is a special player,” said Mourinho. “He is one of the best strikers in football at this moment. We have an attacking team, a team that creates a lot and we have a team that creates a lot of chances for a striker. “Seven goals is a surprise. No one expects one player to score seven goals in four matches, without penalties. It is fantastic. “Everyone was expecting him to be comfortable and to adapt to our Premier League, but to score seven goals is a fantastic record.” @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Friday, 12 September 2014


Scores dead, others trapped as Synagogue Church building collapses

Many people are reported to have died with several others injured after a building inside the headquarters of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Ikotun, Lagos collapsed around 2pm this afternoon. Many worshipers who lived inside the church were among those who died while some are believed to still be trapped under the rubble of the collapsed building. Four ambulance buses have arrived the scene, taking the injured to the hospital while the dead ones are being evacuated to the mortuary. Details later. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Anambra varsity renamed Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University

Awka – The Anambra House of Assembly on Thursday passed a bill, changing the name of the state-owned university at Uli to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University. The bill was passed during the plenary of the legislature in Awka to honour the former Biafra hero. The decision followed the report of the House Committee on Education which recommended the change of the name. Mrs Rita Maduagwu (APGA Nnewi South 2), the Chairman, House Committee on Education, recalled that the bill had been read the second time on the floor of the house on Dec. 17, 2013. She said that the committee found that the university’s name had been changed before from Anambra State University of Science and Technology and that there were a number of provisions in the extant law that required review. “After due consideration of facts and information, the committee recommends that the law establishing the university be repealed while a new law aimed at amending the principal law be passed,” Maduagwu said. Mr Valentine Ayika (PDP Njikoka1) said that the bill was due for passage since it was read second time in December 2013. Mr Tony Muonagor (APC Idemili North) said that the aim was to immortalise the late Ojukwu and to encourage hard work among the people of the state and Nigeria at large. Mr Ebele Obi (APC Idemili South) said that the passage was a welcome development. Mr Obinna Emenakaya (APGA Anambra East) said that the application for the change of name was long over-due since it was meant to immortalise a man who fought and lived for the Igbo people. The Speaker, Mrs Chinwe Nwaebili, said that the university would be a multi-campus institution located in Awka, Igbariam and Uli. She said members of the committee on education did a good work and urged others to prove their worth on any assignment given at committee level or otherwise (NAN) @LastßornNews(07060428346)

••Bill Gates offers Nigeria, other countries N8billion to fight Ebola

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced it will be donating $50million (N8billion) to support the efforts of Nigeria and other West African countries hit by the Ebola Virus outbreak in containing the spread of the deadly virus. Announcing this in a statement issued today September 10th, the foundation said the money will be immediately released to the United Nations agencies and international organizations that are involved in the Ebola fight to enable them and national governments purchase needed supplies and scale up emergency operations. Continue... Th foundation also announced the immediate release of an additional $2million to the various Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to support incident management, treatment, and health care system strengthening during this epidemic. The foundation also pledged to work with private and public organizations to facilitate the speedy development of therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics that could be effective in treating patients and preventing further transmission of the disease.@LastßornNews(07060428346)

A concerned Nigerian Mom on Ebola and resumption of schools

Article below is written by a concerned Nigerian mum named Efe Farinre. It seems a lot of mums are against the resumption of primary and secondary schools on September 22nd despite the Minister of Health saying there's currently no single case of Ebola in Nigeria. Anyway read this mum's concern below and tell us what you think. I just received a mail confirming that schools will re-open on Monday 22nd September, 2014. After reading it, I felt compelled to put on paper my thoughts since the announcement of same by the Federal Government. One thing that struck me is that I am yet to receive information about confirmed (not advised/suggested) nationwide measures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of our children from the Ebola virus upon resumption at school in two weeks." Continue... The reason for moving the resumption date forward by three weeks was given as “containment of the Ebola virus in Nigeria”. How does that statement stand in view of the present situation in Port Harcourt? I returned to Lagos from a week’s trip to Abuja on Friday 5th September, 2014. The first issue I had,which I mentioned to an airport official was that just before boarding the planes (in Lagos and Abuja), passengers (adults and children) are given a rub-down. The officials checking our bodies were wearing gloves. However, the same gloves were worn while touching a good number of people. The officials were protected, but how about the passengers being touched with the gloves that had been used to touch many others? On arrival at the Abuja airport, the temperature of every passenger was taken before entry was granted into the Federal Capital Territory. Of concern is that on departure from Abuja, this was not the case. Worse still, Lagos State that had the index case of Ebola welcomed us without any precautionary measures of any kind. We simply picked up our bags and walked into the city. With instances where infected people have traveled from one state to another, we should be worried. It is understandable that we want our children educated, but we need to be reminded that we can only educate the healthy and living. Ebola virus in Nigeria is an unprecedented occurrence that has to be handled as such. “Better safe than sorry” should be the motto here. So far, we have been blessed in the manner that no child has contacted the disease. Children play indiscriminately with one another. A child of what age can be guaranteed to identify the symptoms of the Ebola and keep away from it? How many times do we have to remind our children not to put their hands in their mouths and cover their mouths when they yawn, cough or sneeze? How do we tell them not to play with their friends as they are used to or not to show concern if one of them gets hurt and is bleeding? How can we really be sure that our 3 to 16 year olds would be safe from Ebola in a place where we cannot control who they come in contact with; a place where they share toilets, eat and play with others. How about our babies at crèche who we can’t even attempt to explain this to and who cannot verbalize their day at “school”? I am the typical “Nigerian Mum”….ensuring my kids are on top of their school work, home work and leisure activities. At this time, I must pause and realize that prevention is the only option here as there is no cure! If the children have to stay home a little longer while this epidemic is eradicated or contained NATIONWIDE then so be it. If this implies a shorter Christmas break this year or just four weeks of Summer break next year to make up for the lost education time, so be it. One thing I am sure no parent wants to deal with is the anxiety if a child comes home with a fever. We all know that at school, children love to share all things with one another from the water in their bottles to the flu. Then again, which parents want to have to take their child to the hospital these days? If the doctor in Port Harcourt could go to work for some days after being infected with Ebola then we should be more concerned. This was an educated person, in fact someone who knew the consequences of his actions more than most, but he still put others at risk. Worst of all, these were colleagues and patients who could not tell from his demeanor that he was sick. They trusted him and could never have imagined that he would expose them to a deadly virus. To our leaders, I ask what control measures against Ebola have been put in place in ALL schools, particularly the government and state schools? I visited a private school in Abuja and before we could go in, our temperatures where taken. We should remember that even if private schools are well catered for, the children of our drivers, domestic helps and “junior staff” attend public schools. How many infrared thermometers have been distributed across these schools in Nigeria? Who would be responsible for taking the temperature of EVERYONE going into ALL schools? Since a symptom of Ebola is sudden fever, how often would the temperatures of students need to be taken in the course of the day? What Ebola emergency responses have been set up by location of ALL schools in Nigeria? What awareness has been carried out in the villages and remote areas of the country, where we have schools too? How will adherence to control measures (if and when they are in place) against Ebola in Nigerian schools be monitored, by whom and how frequently? What steep penalties have been put in place for schools that default? As a parent I want to see action and not hear words! In a country where a nurse can flee quarantine and a primary contact with the index case can evade detection, with both of them traveling across state lines, I demand action from government before our children are asked to return to school. It’s not enough to ask “Ministries of Education in the 36 states of Nigeria to appoint desk officers on Ebola before resumption or that they should ensure that at least two staff in each school (public and private) are trained by appropriate health workers on how to handle any suspected case of Ebola, should in case there’s one or workers should embark on immediate sensitization of teaching and non-teaching staff in schools on preventive measures”, ALL STATE MINISTRIES OF EDUCATION and SCHOOLS (PUBLIC & PRIVATE) MUST be MANDATED and SUFFICENTLY EQUIPPED with ALL RESOURCES to ensure Ebola virus does not hit our children. In Nigeria, it’s just schools that are closed. In some other African countries, communities are closed-in. Now is the time to speak up, so that never happens to us. In my opinion, there are still too many unanswered questions and too many checks to be put in place before schools can resume. Parents, let’s preserve our lineage. Government, let’s preserve the future of Nigeria. Together, let’s preserve the lives of ALL Nigerian children. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Nigerian Teachers threaten to strike over new resumption date

The Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, have threatened to go on a nationwide strike if the Federal government does not shift the date of resumption as well as put in place measures that would protect their members from contracting the deadly Ebola virus while teaching in schools. Speaking in a telephone interview with Punch, the National President of the NUT, Michael Alogba, said the union had taken a decision not to allow any of its members go into any school to teach if the eradication of the deadly virus has not been scientifically and medically proven. Continue... "In any sane society, decision such as this will not be taken until the government and all stakeholders have met and discussed the issue at stake and are sure that the nation is scientifically and medical free from the scourge. But this is not the case in our country. When they arrived at the early October 13 date, they wrote us and we agreed with their argument but when this new date was given, they did not because of the influence of some powerful school owners who put pressure on them (Federal Government) to announce the September 22 date. Anyway, we have written to tell them that if the Federal Government does not shift the date and provide all necessary safety measures in schools before Monday next week, all NUT leaders will meet in Abuja by 9am on Tuesday to decide our fate by ourselves. Though I don’t want to preempt the outcome of the meeting but as teachers who have families and who should protect our future, I mean our students, we will shun the classes; we will call for strike. What kind of government is this, don’t they know that children can never be as hygienic as adults? Don’t they know that the immunity level of children is not as high as that of adults? Why do you want to open schools when you have not cleared out the virus; when you still have about 400 people under surveillance in Port Harcourt and Lagos? You are aware of what is happening at the Obafemi Awolowo University. How are we sure that there is no primary or secondary school pupil that has had contact with an Ebola patient. It’s good that the NMA (Nigerian Medical Association) has spoken and we have told them too that we would not cooperate with them. That is why we are going to take a drastic action on Tuesday to protect ourselves and our children. I can tell you that we will shun schools; we won’t cooperate with them. In other words, we will embark on strike.” he said He warned that if by next Monday, September 15th the Federal Government had not extended the new date, the executive council would meet by Tuesday 16th September where a drastic decision would be taken. Meanwhile after the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja yesterday the Health Minister said there was no going back on the resumption date. According to him, there was no scientific basis for school resumption date to be postponed "First unlike other countries, there is no community transmission of the disease in Nigeria; not one yet. But we have taken precautions, what we are doing, we may as well have said everybody should just be moving about, but we are taking precautions. There is no scientific basis for school resumption to be postponed. There is no community transmission of the disease in Nigeria. That is what separates Nigeria from other countries. It is what I call irrational fear; we don’t need to be irrational about this.” he said The Nigerian Medical Association as well as the House of Representative Committee on Education have spoken against the new resumption date. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Video: Chris Oyakhilome speaks on divorce; says media is writing stupid things

Y'all need to listen to this. He said he was not accused of the things (the media) said, and neither did he 'commit' those 'stupid' things (the media) said. And he asked people to pray for his wife because she made a mistake. For those who can't view the video, continue to read what he said... "I understand that some media houses particularly in Nigeria and maybe in South Africa have been writing some real stupid things. Frivolous charges...that's crazy. You have to understand something about a Man of God. A man of God is not just someone who worships God or who preaches God. A man of God is directed by God, set on course by God. If you study the scriptures you will not find one Man of God going against God, sinning against God. The only thing you can find is a Man of God, maybe in two different things 1. Moses for example, when he struck the rock twice, provoked by the anger of the people, not because he wanted to do something against the Lord. No Man of God does something against the Lord. A Man of God is set on course, there is a type of life that he's been given, alright? Then you have a young man, a young prophet, he wasn't named, he was deceived by another Man of God, and so he went in the direction God says don't go. That's only the kind of thing you would find about a Man of God when he misses the message of God or he acts beyond what God said. But a Man of God setting himself in defiance to the word of God and living like they are writing those stupid things about me that I did this, that I did that, you don't know what a Man of God is. I don't go in that direction. That seems crazy. I wasn't accused of those things you said, nor did I commit those stupid thing that you said and I don't need to go to that level and such discussions. Jesus Christ was accused by many, with lots of frivolous charges. There would always be those who would like for it to be true, but you know, in spite of the accusations against Jesus, it didn't change who he was! There are preachers and there are Men of God. I'm not a preacher, I'm a Man of God. Understand the difference. And I go in the way I'm asked to go, it may cause some troubles with individuals, but that's not because I've done something wrong. And when it comes to Rev. Anita, what I'd say to you is pray for her, don't act like 'why is she....' . If you're married to a Man of God it does not you make automatically mature. You can make mistakes, but you know, people expect the wife of a Minister to definitely be at the level of the Minister, and so they may be looked upon and the expectations maybe like that, but it's a positional thing. If a Man of God is married, it does not automatically mean the wife of the Man of God is therefore a Woman of God! That's not how it is in the Bible. That's why you don't really find wives of Men of God mentioned in the bible. How many of them? Who was Peter's wife? Did you ever know her name? Who was John's wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other apostles? How many are registered in the bible? You never find their names, why? Ask God when you find Him! So, they are little things, don't try to make something big out of them. We're journeying, doing the things that God's called us to do. Christians should not have a divorce. It shouldn't be. But that doesn't mean a Christian may not take the step. They may do it, but that doesn't make it right. And we shouldn't take one another to court, but when it happens, not because we want to go there, someone is taking us there. That's a problem. Be wise and stay focused in the Word of God, and don't let those who want to feast on things like this including Christians. The Christians who like things like this, they want to make something big about it. And say yes we said it. You said what? You should only say those things that are from God, and become honorable in your speech. And judge nothing before the time. Be wise, Glory to God. So we are going greater and greater and greater by the power of the living Christ. So, we are not walking in sin and living in sin and hoping we can mix sin and righteousness together, No! We are the manifestations of His righteousness, we walk in that light only, and that's the way it's going to be! Glory to God @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Pres. Jonathan orders removal of offensive #bringback Jonathan signs

Find the State House press release below... President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has directed that the #Bring Back Jonathan 2015 signs and banners around Abuja which he and many Nigerians find offensive and repugnant be brought down immediately. President Jonathan wholly shares the widely expressed view that the signs which were put up without his knowledge or approval are a highly insensitive parody of the #Bring Back Our Girls hash tag. While President Jonathan appreciates the enthusiastic show of support for his administration by a broad range of stakeholders, he condemns the #Bring Back Jonathan 2015 signs which appear to make light of the very serious national and global concern for the abducted Chibok girls. The President assures all Nigerians and the international community that his administration remains fully engaged with efforts to rescue the abducted girls and that he will not knowingly promote any actions that will fly in the face of the seriousness of their plight and the anguish of their families. Reuben Abati Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity) September 10, 2014 @LastßornNews(07060428346)

House of Reps want Sept 22 schools' resumption date changed

The House of Representatives want the September 22nd school resumption date for private and public primary/secondary changed. According to Punch, the Reps explained yesterday that it had directed its Committee on Education to take “another look” at the date in view of the fact that the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in the country had yet to be fully contained. The Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Victor Ogene, who conveyed the position of the House in Abuja, said there was still apprehension among parents and guardians over the Federal Government’s decision to change the earlier resumption date of October 13 to September 22. Continue... Ogene said the leadership of the House was concerned over the fresh protests by the public, especially parents and guardians. He noted that considering the fact that some persons were still under surveillance, the House felt it had the responsibility to ensure the safety of children. The lawmaker said the committee would come up with recommendations on the appropriate and safe date to re-open the schools. He added that on September 8, a group, Africa Health, Human and Social Development Information Service, had advised against the re-opening of the schools. The group had warned that re-opening schools now could put the lives of over 80 million school children and teachers at risk. Source: Punch @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Dear OLB readers; I feel so bad for slapping my wife this morning

From a male OLB reader Something that has never happened to me happened this morning. I dated my wife for several years before getting married to her sometime last year. I am temperamental but patient but I have always been able to control my temper when dealing with my wife and I rather walk away or go hang out with friends or have a drink and sleep it off, but today it went beyond limit. My wife can insult Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ will slap her. Last week I happened to throw some of my clothes in the washing machine with very few of her clothes that she said were in there earlier which I didn't take note and after her arrival from work, the next thing she could say was that I don't have a brain and that is why I could do that. Continue I hate insults and my wife is the type that does not make her point without insults. I was very angry and cautioned her not to speak with me in that manner again but she kept repeating it and I told her that the day she will talk to me like this and my brain receives it wrongly then she will hate herself. Just this morning it happened again. We were both in the kitchen and we were both about preparing food, apparently she said I shouldn't do something and I told her that its not a big deal if I did it and if I don't see the wrong in it then I won't be able to handle the same incident when it happens again. Then she flew up again saying that I am brainless and I told her to stop it but she continued by saying I have the common sense and its because she has uncommon sense is why she can always detect me being brainless.Yet again I gave my warning to her that she should stop saying such and there will be a day when it will fall on my wrong side. She continued saying I am harmless and I should do my worst. She even dared me into doing anything. She said it several times and I got angry and pulled her shirt to warn her. Then she triggered and started roughing me then I slapped her and she slapped me a few times and I gave her one more and pushed her off. Firstly this is not my character. For me to even fight with a male friend physically, it takes a whole lot, and I can count how many male friends I have had to fight while growing up on just one hand. I actually feel bad for hitting her even though I know the slap is not the normal slap I can give. There was emotions in slapping her but I wanted to prove a point to her that I chose not to ever hit a woman and its not something I can't do. I am writing this because I feel so bad. Do you think I went beyond lines by slapping her? How do I make up for it? @LastßornNews(07060428346)

FG To 'Ban' Nigerian Delicacy, ‘Pomo’

The Nigerian government is said to be making plans to ban the consumption and sale of ‘pomo’ According to reports, the Federal Government might be making plans to ban the sale and consumption of hides and skins, commonly known as “pomo”. Vanguard reports that the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina called for a stronger check on the consumption and sale of the product. Adesina reportedly made this known at the 3rd joint anniversary of the Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN) and Nigeria Institute of Animal Science held at the University of Ibadan. He said that this would enable farmers make a bigger profit because they would able to turn the hides and skins into leather. Adesina said: I am confident that the satisfactory production levels achieved in the poultry and swine segments will soon stretch to reach other commodities such as beef, dairy, micro livestock and animal by products such as leather, bones, hides and skins. The drive to turn Agriculture into business and not merely a way of life is now in full gear, with the use of mobile phones and e- wallet for input distribution directly to farmers, farmer’s registration with biometric identity cards and the Growth Enhancement Support scheme. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mother & triplets detained in hospital in Delta state for 7 weeks over medical bill

A new mother and her newborn triplets were detained in a private hospital in Asaba, Delta State for 7 weeks after failing to pay about N725k medical bill. The mother, Mrs Echenim, said she was barred from leaving her room from when she gave birth in July till early September because of her family's inability to pay the bills. The triplets’ father, Godswill Echenim, said he took his wife to the clinic because of the prolonged strike by doctors in public hospital. "For about 7 weeks, since the kids were delivered, we have been in this hospital. I had registered my wife for ante-natal at the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, but because of the strike by doctors, I brought her here for the delivery." He said last week. Continue “The kids were delivered through caesarean section and were taken to the incubator where they spent over one month before their discharge. Now, the bill has come up to N723,100.00 and still running because we are still here." Echenim, a fashion designer from Owa-Alero in Ika North East LGA of the state, said the triplets were his first set of children since he got married over five years ago. He also said that his wife had remained jobless after graduating from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma in Edo State.@LastßornNews(07060428346)
The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has rejected the Monday September 22nd resumption directive given by FG to all Primary and Secondary schools due to the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria. The NMA speaking through its National Publicity Secretary, Dr Olawunmi Layaki, said they expect all schools to remain closed until December or early next year when all Ebola suspects under surveillance have been cleared and certified free of the virus. "We are not happy with this decision on the resumption of schools. Schools should be shut till the last suspected case or patient is certified free of the virus. We can shift the resumption date till next year or in the next three months if that is the time it will take. Government should have enough time to follow the standard procedure for containing the virus. Parents have no reason to be in a hurry because if Ebola should enter any school, it will assume another dimension. Children cannot survive isolation like adults. Nigeria is peculiar because of her large population and we should be pragmatic and proactive. It will not augur well for the country if we have another outbreak due to carelessness.” it said In the same vein, the chairman of the Lagos state chapter of the association, Dr Tope Ojo said most public schools lack basic hygienic facilities and this would expose the students to easy spread of the virus. "It would not have cost the Federal Government anything to have waited till those under surveillance have completed the 21 days in all the states where they are being monitored. The government knows that it takes a longer time for children to get used to the idea of hygiene and sanitation. They are even more vulnerable because they would play with each other whether they are sick or not. How many children know that they should use hand sanitizers or avoid contact with anybody that has fever? Waiting till October when at least the situations in Rivers and Lagos states would have been conclusively managed is another safety measure the government should have taken. These kids are not studying to get a degree, so we are sure it would not have affected schools’ curricula.” he said @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Actor Bob Manuel-Udokwu to contest for House of Assembly seat in 2015

In an interview with Encomium magazine, actor, Bob Manuel-Udokwu revealed plans to contest for a seat at the Anambra state House of Assembly in the 2015 general elections under APGA. Bob is the current special adviser to Anambra state Governor on Nollywood and Entertainment. "I have been in politics since I was given the role of the special adviser on Nollywood and Entertainment in Anambra state under the leadership of this present administration. If you mean I am contesting for a post in the Anambra state House of Assembly, Yes I am interested in vying for a political position in 2015 general elections in Anambra state House of Assembly to represent Idemili North Constituency 1. I want to go to the grassroots" he said Bob says he sees nothing wrong in Nigerian entertainers venturing into Politics as most of their US counterparts have also done same "People ask that a lot. Why are people raising eyebrow on it. A lot of people from other sectors have also gone into politics. There shouldn't be an exception. In the US, a lot of entertainers are into politics. Why are journalist always asking this question? We are often called political actors. I don't see anything wrong in entertainers going into politics. I am proud I put Nigeria on the world map as an actor. There is nothing bad in it if I do that in politics as well" he said Asked who will sponsor him as politics involves a lot of money, the actor said "Even when you shoot a movie, you need money for it as well. For me, it is not about the financial implication, it is the end result. We need to give hope to younger people. Let those who are sane, people who have been tested go in. I have been tested in the industry, I believe I am up to the task. Money has a role no doubt but we should not forget the end result" he said@LastßornNews(07060428346)

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cure At Last "Eat Ewedu Soup And Be Free From Ebola" - LUTH Consultant

Did you know that eating the Yoruba staple soup, ewedu could cure one of the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease? Well, a LUTH consultant says it could. Why not try it today? This Ebola Virus Disease » has a way of making experts out of Nigerians these days. At the early stage of the outbreak of the disease, there were claims that eating bitter kola could cure those infected of the disease, though the claims were quickly dispelled. Another rumour that made the rounds was that drinking and bathing with salt water was the sure cure for the ailment, though both claims were nipped in the bud by the Federal Ministry of Health. Now, a consultant with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LUTH » , Prof Adebukola Adefule Oshitelu, has come out with the claim that constant consumption of the Yoruba 'special soup', ewedu, whose botanical name is 'Genus Corchorus', has the uniqueingredient for curing Ebola disease. The professor of Ophthalmology, made the claim in an interview with PMNews during an interview, where she said: “••The qualities inside Ewedu is so much that it will kill Ebola by preventing the virus from replicating and destroying more organs in the body. This would immediately stop the symptoms such as high fever, stooling and vomiting. Ultimately, leading to the cure. ••The way it will be prepared will be different from the normal way they cook it. It should be washed and rinsed with liquid vinegar, afterwards blend and cook with drinkable water. No salt, potash or seasoning should be added, take 25cl of the concoction a week and it would boost a person’s immunity so that they become impregnable to the virus.” @LastßornNews(07060428346)

JAMB Begins Sale Of 2015 UTME Forms

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, has said its application forms for the 2015 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME, is now available nationwide for prospective candidates, reaffirming that the examination will be on Computer-Based Test (mode) only. This was disclosed recently when Nigerian Pilot called on the Spokesperson of the Board, Mr. Fabian Benjamin. He said the registration period will last between Monday September 15, 2014 and Thursday January 15, 2015, while the website closes Monday January 19, 2015. Mr. Benjamin stated that in addition to the registration fee, candidates will be expected to pay additional N500 for a copy of a newly introduced textbook, ‘The Last Days at Forcados High School’, adding that the Board has made arrangement to provide the book to avoid the challenge of availability and piracy and that the textbooks will be issued at the point of registration. According to the JAMB Spokesman, the Board has also introduced a regulated registration format where only our Computer-Based Test, CBT, centers and state offices nationwide are authorised to register candidates. “The idea of a regulated registration centre is to prevent situations where candidates are exploited and to check impersonation, including other acts of malpractices”, he said. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Miss Intercontinental Nigeria Pageant 2014 holds September 13th

The World Beauty Organization presents the grand finale of Miss Intercontinental Nigeria Beauty pageant 2014. The prestigious event will hold on the 13th of September 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Plot 52A Kofo Abayomi Street. Victoria Island, Lagos. Continue... Get Your Tickets @ All Tetrazzini Outlets & @ Intercontinental Hotel N5, 000. 00 (Five Thousand Naira) Prestige N20, 000. 00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) VIP N1, 000, 000. 00 (One Million Naira) Upper Class Table for 10 Lots of Music, Dance and Comedy by Top Naija Acts, DON'T MISS THE EVENT FOR ANYTHING!!! For inquiries please contact: +234 803 763 8249 Chinwe +234 803 757 3747 Khaycee Website is and you can also log on to: @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Wizkid Vs Davido Comparison Is Pure Nonsense

The space within which Wizkid and Davido both exist is shared by a thousand others, and needn't be made personal.'s Joey Akan gives reasons why percieved competition between both stars is utter rubbish. I understand the concept of competition. It's the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. For the most part, it's a good thing developed by our natural desire to be the best in everything, relative to others. In the Nigerian music scene, competition exists, and it's fierce. It is cut along various lines, margins, divisions, within genres, and without the genre. Skip past all the love, partying, famzing and bonhomie that exists on the surface, at parties and Instagram, and you will find a ruthless and chaotic contest between various artistes and celebrities. But the one between Wizkid and Davido is pure nonsense, fabricated by sensationalists, bad-belles, busybodies, cheap media scoundrels and mischievous misled fans. The competition between the both young stars are like all the others: impersonal. The space within which Wizkid and Davido both exist is shared by a thousand others. When put down to the basics, they both are singers, as are a million other people. They seem to have found a winning formula to all their hard work and effort, and voila! They are are stars. Singing, swaggering celebrities whose means of livelihood is gotten from their work. They work hard at their craft, and it' easy to see why fortune has smiled on them. But even in the galaxy of stars, there is no true competition about them. They are looking to go one better than themselves, in the same way as they are constantly reinventing the wheel to take them past the young kid hustling around studios with a good song in his heart. It is not personal, or singled out. They just have a desire to stay ahead of the game and the industry. The chief source of all this competition talk is the media. I hang my head in shame that I am a part of a group that abuses the power gotten from being channels of mass education. The media has never ceased to compare both of them, feeding the notion of unhealthy rivalry to the fans and gullible readers. Sure Wizkid and Davido are two young singers who exist around the same age group, and live an affluent life, but they are not parallels. They are different beings, who just desire to make music. But we've sold the concept of competition so much that we've been forced to buy and believe a lie. Take for example the events of last week; The 2014 Channel O Africa Music Video Awards nominee list had been announced, and Davido who is having a stellar year got a record 5 mentions. » Wizkid on his part got four mentions, but all in various collaborations with others. You could almost envisage Davido polishing his gold chains, ironing out his wears and enjoying an extra spring in his step when that was announced. Sure you could say he thought about Wizkid, but you can never be certain. But for most media platforms the headline read 'Davido floors Wizkid again, grabs 5 Channel O Awards nominations'. It borders on wickedness. Wizkid finally has finally given a form to his sophomore album. With the announcement and release of his album artwork and tracklist, people can now look forward to having a new compilation of music from the man. Davido has not followed suit. He is currently in some faraway country basking in his stardom. He won't unsheath an album art and tracklist too to compete. He has no time for that, and so does Wizkid. They both exist in difeerent circles, and they d0 different things. Whoever thinks they have a bitter rivalry is either misled, wicked, or just needs to find true joy in their life. Good luck with that. @LastßornNews(07060428346)

Happy Couple! "My Wife Is Very Understanding About My Music" - 2face Idibia

2face & Annie Macaulay tied the knot in 2013, and the couple have had to deal with certain challenges to the union, inclusive of rumors of infidelity in the media. But that has never affected the lyrics of his music. Despite being married, Nigerian singer 2Face Idibia has the freedom to include certain not- so-marriage-worthy lyrics to his songs. And that is due to the understanding of his wife, Annie Macaulay. 2face & Annie Macaulay tied the knot in 2013, and the couple have had to deal with certain challenges to the union, inclusive of rumors of infidelity in the media. But all of that has not made her to censor his lyrics,with 2face revealing the depth of her understanding during an interview with Olisa Adibua on 'The Truth'. “My wife is very understanding." 2Face said. “Even if I say some things (in my music), sometimes it's just an artistic expression. “It doesn't really mean that it happened to me, or I did it like that. But sometimes you need to create some excitement in music, and do all that. She's cool, she's very understanding. In that aspect. “It's hectic, but when you put yourself out there to do stuff, responsibilities come with it. You have to create time for everything. You have to create time for work, create time for pleasure. 2face Idibia also revealed how his lyrics are born. For him, it comes in a number of ways, depending on several factors. Although, he leaves that to his moments of inspiration. “For me it's depending on the mode, the situation, sometimes I'm in the plane or I'm in the club, an inspiration just pops up. At that moment, I might decide to just take my phone up, and record whatever is coming into my head from my phone. He added: “Sometimes I just sit down at home, get a pen and paper, and just start creating the melody in my head, and writing the lyrics. Sometimes I write the lyrics, and create the melody before I go to the studio, and the producer will ...or I even do it myself. 2face Idibia recently lost his father to Prostate Cancer. His 6th studio album, 'The Ascension', is currently the highest selling album in iTunes Nigeria. @LastßornNews(07060428346)