Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Blackface Reminds Tuface About Debt

As per reports, Blackface has said he has not been paid for co-writing song ‘African Queen’ along with his fellow Tuface Idibia, who sang the song. The issue is surrounding the song. Blackface was a member of Plantashun Boiz and Idibia was also part of it. He claims both of them had written song together but he has not yet received financial benefits for his work officially. Though he was little upset over the same, when asked he said it doesn’t make much difference. He argued he was still a writer even if they had omitted him. Also, he averred that the song African Queen was redone by a Jamaican artiste. He disclosed he was not aware of the fact though he should have been since he co-wrote the song. He asserted he is trying to get the answer to the same and has got it yet. “Now is all like am a writer, I have 50 per cent of the publishing, which I didn’t used to have before, so it’s a different ball game right now”, he said about issue of getting credit for the song. African Queen was a hit song, which was sung by Idibia and was released in 'Face 2 Face' album in 2004.

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