Thursday, 27 June 2013

Europe set to ban men from urinating while standing

The local chapter of the Left
Party, a socialist
and feminist political party, in
County Council, Sweden, is
pushing to make standing while peeing illegal for
men using
county council's public restrooms.
Party officials are pushing to
make public restrooms
in the county council "sitting
Supporters of the proposal say
sitting while
urinating is more hygienic and promotes
habit for male users.
It will help to eliminate the
problem of puddles on
the floor and spray stains on
toilet seats.
They also argue that urinating
while sitting
will help to promote male health because
it allows
men to
empty their bladder more
Sitting while urinating according to advocates
reduce prostate problems among
As a compromise, the party has
proposed that some
toilets could, in the interim, be
exclusively for men who must
standing while peeing.
The Left Party's Viggo Hansen,
who made the
proposal, said that ultimately he
wants office
toilets in the council to be genderless
and would thus
like to
see only "sit-down" toilets in
county council
offices. He said that the move should
not be seen as
meddling in the bathroom habits
of people.
He said: "That's not what we're
doing. We want to
give men the option of going into
a clean
toilet." But
proposals across Europe to
enforce "sitting only"
regulation in public toilets have
Dr. John Gamel of Louisville
University noted that the
push to enact legislation banning
men from
while peeing in restrooms is
spreading in Europe
with feminists pushing similar
legislation in
Germany, France and Holland.
"The liberated women of France
and Germany and
Holland have vowed to put their
men down –
on the
toilet. They carry placards
showing a huge red X
scrawled across a man standing
to urinate.
They shout: "Laissez tomber
votre pantalon,
et asseyez vous! (Drop your
trousers and sit)!":
"Behalte deine Tropfen fuer dich
(Keep your
drips to
yourself)!"; "Toch niet weer een vieze plas op
badkamer vloer (Not another
filthy puddle on
bathroom floor)!" Gamel argues that legislation
cannot force
men to
adopt more supposedly sanitary
habits while
peeing. He told The Huffington Post that
the spray
spatter during "shake off" will
not be
prevented because "no man will want to
shake off"
while sitting
on the toilet to avoid sticking
the hand inside
the toilet.
Gamel writes: "...most of the
stray "sprinkles"
that so
enrage European women occur
not during the act of
urination itself, but immediately
during a
ritual men learn as part of their
potty training. The
various maneuvers required to
discharge the
remaining in the urethra.
A man who tucks away his joystick without
these maneuvers will dribble half
an ounce of
into his underwear, causing an embarrassing
stain in
the crotch of his trousers, or an
even more
embarrassing streak down his
trouser leg. To avoid this debacle, every
sentient male,
every urination, carefully
squeezes or "milks"
his member to assure that no stray
drops remain
the urethra. "Unfortunately,
some men pursue
this goal with excessive vigor,
indulging in what
can only
be described as "shaking off the
last drop."
It is precisely these movements – and not the
falling stream itself – that
deposit most of the
unwanted urine on lavatory
floors throughout the
"As a result, forcing men to sit
while emptying
bladders will serve little purpose, since no
man wants
to shake himself off while
remaining seated
on the

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