Wednesday, 19 June 2013

An Open Letter To D'banj

I am seated at a local
restaurant here at the
university town of Nsukka,
in Enugu State, Nigeria,
drinking a bottle of
Fayrouz and listening to the sound of the
generator, which is the
only source of electricity
around here. I have watched your latest
music video. I went through the
rigour last night. It is the video
of the song entitled "Don't Tell
Me Nonsense" and it was
awfully disgusting, the song, I mean. Kaffy and the rest of
the dancers didn't disappoint in
the video. This is bad, I know, using awful
and disgusting, in same
sentence. But that is what I
feel about what I saw. Brother,
D'Banj, a lot has changed since
you left your brother and hustle partner, Ajereh, Michael
Collins AKA Don Jazzy. Truth.
Your songs have been nothing
but trash. I wonder if anyone
has said anything nice to you
since you started making songs outside Don Jazzy. If they have,
it must have been for that
singular hit song entitled 'Oliver
Twist.' Kai! That song swept
through Nigeria and the rest of
the world. You would not believe that the ordinary child
on the streets of Nsukka
knows the lyrics of that song
and the dance steps too. In Nigeria, there are plenty
factors that weigh us down.
One is our inability to manage
our weaknesses. I see you have
been buying yourself expensive
jewelleries. The other day, I saw on Olorisupergal's blog that
you wear a wristwatch worth
my entire family and maybe
inheritance. I commend your
taste. You are a lucky and
hardworking man. You deserve it, besides; 'Oliver Twist' made
marks. It took the Nigerian
music to a height that had
never been seen in recent
times. Its topping charts,
downloads, Youtube views and itunes purchases are amongst
the few things I can mention. Dear, D'Banj, Don Jazzy may not
be an ideal partner, I bet you,
no one is an ideal partner!
Perfect couples quarrel and
make up. It is the joy of having
such union. I believe misunderstanding is part of us,
as humans. I will run to the zoo
the day I see a union that
agrees on almost everything. Back to your music, I feel Don
Jazzy was made to make good
music with you. He may not only
be your producer, but
whatever input, from advice, to
production, will go a long way. Besides, he has been miserable
too, without you. I have seen
his eyes in music videos. There
is one he did with Tiwa Savage.
Ah, Tiwa. She looked dazzling,
while Don Jazzy looked wanting and dispirited. Tiwa may have a
perfect voice but Don Jazzy
has not been able to achieve
what he did with you. The
other boys, K-Switch, Wande
Coal and the goody bag crooner, D'Prince are
unfortunate learners. They
must be stark illiterates to
have taken sides when you
guys parted. I understand their
ignorance. But my concern here is, if you wish to stay relevant
in the sight of Nigerians, making
good music, and not caressing a
stripper on stage on your
birthday, then you have to
make amends with Don Jazzy and understand that people
argue because they are
beneficial to themselves. Only
dummies agree on everything. I think tribalism had a lot to
play in your split. It is a sad
reality, if I am right. Tribalism
will eventually destroy Nigeria.
Our young people think they
belong to a superior tribe and so make silly comments which
sometimes bring about
misconception and then crisis. I
once had a boss, who is Igbo,
who felt my tribe's men were
lazy, just because she came to my state and saw a job and
was privileged to be a high
ranking staff. I have had people
who think those from the
north should be gatekeepers
and cobblers. Someone called me a militant once in Abuja, at
the Sheraton, when he
discovered I was from the
Niger-Delta. I forgave his gross
stupidity. I think we should
drink a cup of water when ignorant people say rubbish
about our personalities or flaws
and relate it to tribe. You are a great young man,
D'Banj. Few people have
attained the height you have. I
am encouraged to pursue what
I am currently pursuing because
I know I will triumph. Your likes and that of 2Face Idibia,
despite your weaknesses are
heroes. And you must recall
that Kanye West met you
because he had heard good
stuff from you. When nothing good manifests, he may be
forced to give you a new job
description at Good Music,
which may be mopping of the
floor of the studio. This evil will
not befall you. If you believe it, type amen. D'Banj, pride is the worst
enemy of any man who wishes
to last longer anywhere. A drop
of arrogance may work, but
pride is detrimental. You were
called the 'entertainer' because you offered entertainment.
Today, Inyanya, Kcee, Flavour,
Wizkid and Davido are doing
better. Imagine Burna-Boy, chai,
that boy has some senses oh.
His music, even when he is talking nonsense makes you
want to sit and listen or dance
to it, as the case may be. The
only person that is yet to
outshine you is my dearest
sister, Tontolet Dike. That girl needs Jesus. I have to go back to my drink. I
paid for it and it is almost
missing me. I enjoy your
struggle or hustle, as you may
choose to call it. I wish to hear
something profound from you. While awaiting that miracle that
only you can perform, I wish
you the very best of life. Your admirer, Nwilo bura-Bari Vincent

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