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Former Super Eaglesmidfielder, Thompson Olihadies at 44

Former Super Eagles player,
Thompson Oliha, has passed on.
The midfielder, who was among
the 1994 victorious Super Eagles'
squad that won the Nations cup
in Tunisia, died today Sunday, June 30 at 4.05 am at the Yusjib
industrial medicare hospital,
Ilorin, Kwara State, Super Sport reports. Confirming his death in Ilorin,
Doctor Yusuf Addulraheem told
Super Sport that Oliha was
brought to the hospital at the
time when there was nothing he
could do to resuscitate him. “I feel so sad to confirm to you
that Thompson Oliha is dead and
by the time his wife brought him
here, the body was completely
lifeless. His wife Irish Oliha told me
that he slumped in the toilet before rushing him to hospital
and there was nothing we could
do to save him,” Until his death, Oliha was the
head coach of the Kwara
Football Academy (KFA) in Ilorin,
Kwara State. He was 44 years
old. May his soul rest in

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Details on How to Apply for Federal Poly Ede 2013/2014 HND FULL TIME, ND PART TIME and PRE- ND Admissions

(FULL-TIME) FOR THE 2013/2014
Applications are invited from
qualified candidates for admission
into the
following programmes of the Federal
Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State in
2013/2014 Academic Session:
The following programmes are
available on
Full-Time basis only for two
1. Statistics
2. Science Laboratory Technology
with options
in Chemistry, Applied Chemistry,
Microbiology & Physics with Electronics.
3. Hospitality Management
4.Tourism and Liesure
5. Computer Science
2. Banking & Finance
3. Business Administration and
4. Marketing
5. Office Technology Management C. SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL
1. Architectural Technology
2. Building Technology
3. Estate Management
4. Quantity Surveying E. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING
1. Civil Engineering Technology
2. Electrical/Electronics
Technology with options in: a. Power and Machine b.
Electronics and
3. Computer Engineering
Applicants for admission into the
programmes will be required to
have the following qualifications:
1. National Diploma (ND) with a
minimum of
Lower Credit in the relevant field
and five (5)
relevant O/L credit passes at WASC, GCE,
NECO and NABTEB at not more
that two
These credit passes must include
English Language and Mathematics.
2. Evidence of one year Post ND
experience (Industrial Training)
3. Applicants with Pass Grade in
the ND will be required to have at least two
(2) years
National Diploma Industrial
Experience .
* Holders of ND Computer Engineering are
not admissible into HND Elect/
Technology and HND Computer
Science Programmes.
* Candidates will not be admitted
into HND
programmes different from
those they had in
their ND programmes.
** It is mandatory for HND Full-
Applicants to provide the
number used during their ND Programmes.
The following programmes are
available on Part-Time basis only for three
1. Statistics
2. Science Laboratory Technology 3. Hospitality Management
4. Tourism Management
5. Computer Science
1. Accountancy
2. Banking & Finance 3. Business Administration and
4. Office Technology Management
1. Building Technology 2. Estate Management
1. Electrical/Electronics
Applicants for admission into the
ND Part- Time programmes will be required
to have
the following qualifications:
1. A minimum of five (5) O/L
Credits at SSCE,
GCE, NECO, and NABTEB at not more than
two sittings.
2. Credit Passes in Mathematics
and English
Language is compulsory for all
Applicants seeking admission into any
programme in the
Applicants seeking admission into
the PRE ND Science programme must have a
minimum of
five (5) credit passes in WASC/
NABTEB which must include English
Language and Mathematics at not more
than two
The application for admission into
any of the programmes is fully automated.
To start the
registration process click the
button below.
1. All applications attract a charge of Ten
Thousand Naira ( N10,000.00)
only exclusive
of bank and other charges.
2. All payments for application
should be made through 'College Pay' using
your Debit
Card, Master Card, or Prepaid
Payment of application form fees
by candidates will be through
Quickteller, so kindly find below
the steps to
be followed:
All applicants are required to make a note of
their "Transaction ID" during the
Any ATM debit card having the
interswitch logo can be used to complete
the payment
If you do not have a debit card
please visit
any bank in Nigeria to request a preloaded
debit card, also called a cash
card; the teller
receives your cash and funds
your debit card;
thereafter you may proceed to the ATM or the
institution's website.
Option one: WEB (
Type into
browser. Once the home page loads,
scroll down to the PAYCHOICE
Select Federal Polytechnic Ede.
Select your payment code as
printed on your invoice.
Enter your email address; please
ensure it
is a valid email address that is in
use as
the status of your transaction will be sent
to this address.
Enter your mobile phone number
– this
should be operational as an sms
will be sent to the number immediately
transaction is concluded.
Enter the Transaction ID from
your invoice,
Click on Next. A new page comes up and this
shows your names, transaction
ID and
various other details
automatically generated by the process.
Proceed to enter details of your
card and
follow the instructions. Click
payment. Print your payment receipt from
switch. A copy is also sent to
your email.
An SMS message is also sent to
your phone.
Option Two: Automated Teller
Machine (ATM)
Ensure that the ATM card is
enabled, and that the amount payable +
transaction fee of the three
hundred naira
(N300.00) is available on the card
From any Quickteller-enabled
ATM machine, insert your card and
enter your
Select Quickteller
Select Others
Enter the payment/Quickteller code
printed on your invoice
Enter the transaction Reference
(Transaction ID) for the
transaction (printed on your bill/invoice)
Confirm the transaction and
then the
payment is processed
Pick your payment receipt from
the ATM (if available).
Regardless of the preferred
payment channel
used to complete your payment,
the portal is
automatically updated with your payment
after completion and you will be
able to
complete the online admission
Note that an email is sent to you stating your
Form no./Registration no and PIN.
Use this
information to complete the
registration at the portal section of the
institution's website.
3. All applicants are requested to
have two(2)
referees with valid email address.
4. All applications close on 7th of September,
Ogunleye O.A
Admission In Progress !!! All applicants for admission into
programmes in the institution
required to review the criteria
admission before proceeding as all
fees for admission are non-
E. O. Bababunmi

Europe set to ban men from urinating while standing

The local chapter of the Left
Party, a socialist
and feminist political party, in
County Council, Sweden, is
pushing to make standing while peeing illegal for
men using
county council's public restrooms.
Party officials are pushing to
make public restrooms
in the county council "sitting
Supporters of the proposal say
sitting while
urinating is more hygienic and promotes
habit for male users.
It will help to eliminate the
problem of puddles on
the floor and spray stains on
toilet seats.
They also argue that urinating
while sitting
will help to promote male health because
it allows
men to
empty their bladder more
Sitting while urinating according to advocates
reduce prostate problems among
As a compromise, the party has
proposed that some
toilets could, in the interim, be
exclusively for men who must
standing while peeing.
The Left Party's Viggo Hansen,
who made the
proposal, said that ultimately he
wants office
toilets in the council to be genderless
and would thus
like to
see only "sit-down" toilets in
county council
offices. He said that the move should
not be seen as
meddling in the bathroom habits
of people.
He said: "That's not what we're
doing. We want to
give men the option of going into
a clean
toilet." But
proposals across Europe to
enforce "sitting only"
regulation in public toilets have
Dr. John Gamel of Louisville
University noted that the
push to enact legislation banning
men from
while peeing in restrooms is
spreading in Europe
with feminists pushing similar
legislation in
Germany, France and Holland.
"The liberated women of France
and Germany and
Holland have vowed to put their
men down –
on the
toilet. They carry placards
showing a huge red X
scrawled across a man standing
to urinate.
They shout: "Laissez tomber
votre pantalon,
et asseyez vous! (Drop your
trousers and sit)!":
"Behalte deine Tropfen fuer dich
(Keep your
drips to
yourself)!"; "Toch niet weer een vieze plas op
badkamer vloer (Not another
filthy puddle on
bathroom floor)!" Gamel argues that legislation
cannot force
men to
adopt more supposedly sanitary
habits while
peeing. He told The Huffington Post that
the spray
spatter during "shake off" will
not be
prevented because "no man will want to
shake off"
while sitting
on the toilet to avoid sticking
the hand inside
the toilet.
Gamel writes: "...most of the
stray "sprinkles"
that so
enrage European women occur
not during the act of
urination itself, but immediately
during a
ritual men learn as part of their
potty training. The
various maneuvers required to
discharge the
remaining in the urethra.
A man who tucks away his joystick without
these maneuvers will dribble half
an ounce of
into his underwear, causing an embarrassing
stain in
the crotch of his trousers, or an
even more
embarrassing streak down his
trouser leg. To avoid this debacle, every
sentient male,
every urination, carefully
squeezes or "milks"
his member to assure that no stray
drops remain
the urethra. "Unfortunately,
some men pursue
this goal with excessive vigor,
indulging in what
can only
be described as "shaking off the
last drop."
It is precisely these movements – and not the
falling stream itself – that
deposit most of the
unwanted urine on lavatory
floors throughout the
"As a result, forcing men to sit
while emptying
bladders will serve little purpose, since no
man wants
to shake himself off while
remaining seated
on the

The real reasons why Obama is not visiting Nigeria

The United States on Tuesday
hinted on the
reasons why President Barack
Obama won't
visit Nigeria during his upcoming
three-nation trip to Africa.
According to US officials, the
insecurity appeared to be
responsible for the
exclusion of Nigeria in Obama's second visit
to the continent.
Obama is scheduled to visit
Tanzania and South Africa.
The US government said the trip would focus
on trade and investment,
institution-building, young people,
enhancing economic growth. American Deputy National
Security Advisor,
Ben Rhodes, made this
clarifications at a
briefing on Tuesday.
The briefing was addressed jointly with the
Senior Director for African
Affairs Grant Harris
and Senior Director for
Development and
Democracy Gayle Smith, on Obama's
upcoming visit.
The text of the briefing was
made available
to journalists in Abuja by the
Information Office of the Public Affairs
Section of the US
Rhodes said, "With respect to
Nigeria, we
certainly believe that Nigeria is a fundamentally important country
to the future
of Africa. We've put a lot of
investment in the
relationship with Nigeria through
their leadership of ECOWAS, through
significant US business
investment in Nigeria
and through our security
cooperation. "Obviously, Nigeria is working
through some
very challenging security issues
right now.
And in that process, they're
going to be a partner of the United States. We
believe we'll have an opportunity
to further
engage the Nigerian government
through bilateral meetings going forward.
But at this
point, we just were not able to
make it to
Nigeria on this particular
itinerary. "I will say that we purposefully
designed the
itineraries to be able to reach
West Africa,
South Africa and East Africa, and
in West Africa, to visit Senegal, a French-
Muslim-majority democracy that
is an
important partner of the United
States and also provides a platform for the
President to
speak to the broader region.
"We are also looking at ways, at
President's town hall in South Africa with
young African leaders, to draw in
technology young people in
Nigeria and in
Kenya, among other places, so that the
President is using this trip to
speak to the
broader African audience. We
we'd like to go to as many countries as

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“Boko Haram Is Getting Weaker” – Nigerian Military

The Defence Headquarters
(DHQ) on Wednesday said
the killings of scores of
people in Borno and Yobe in
the past few days are
signs that the Boko Haram terrorists are losing the
battle against government
forces. The military said the trend of
sneaking in to carry out isolated
attacks on soft targets as a
way of seeking attention is a
typical end-game strategy often
employed by insurgents all over the world. Seven secondary school students
and two teachers were killed in
Damaturu, the Yobe State
capital when gunmen, believed to
be Boko Haram, attacked a
government school on Sunday. A day later, suspected Boko Haram
gunmen attacked two different
locations, a school and a fishing
village, in Maiduguri, Borno State
capital, killing nine students and
13 fishermen. In a statement signed by the
Director of Defence Information,
Brigadier General Chris Olukolade,
the Nigerian military said the
recent activities are signs of
desperation of a decimated insurgent group attempting to
hang on to public consciousness. With the destruction of their
operational bases and camps by
the Special Forces, the group’s
centre of gravity had been
effectively dislocated, he said. He
said this had made it impossible for the terrorists to have
freedom of action to operate as
they did previously. The military also said eight of
the suspected terrorists have
been apprehended in the
outskirts of Maiduguri. The statement said Special
Forces have stepped up the
mop-up, cordon and search
operations “to ensure that the
vestiges of terrorism are
effectively decimated. “The DHQ has noted a number of
attacks and killing of innocent
citizens ostensibly carried out by
terrorists in Yobe and Borno in
the last couple of days. “Although this isolated incidents
were undertaken by relocating
terrorists, the whole trend and
development remains
unfortunate and condemnable. “Nevertheless, the public is
hereby reassured that these
incidences are by no means
indicative of a relapse in the
counter-insurgency operation
aimed at curbing terrorists’ activities in the country.” The military, however, urged the
public to continue to report any
suspicious movement to security

Police declare ex-deputy governor of Lagos state wanted for fraud

According to Punch, the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police
has declared a former Deputy
Governor of Lagos State, Alhaja
Sinatu Ojikutu, wanted for
allegedly defrauding a land buyer
of N130m. The SFU alleged in a statement on Wednesday that the suspect and her son, Samson, obtained money from the victim by false representation. The Commissioner of Police for the command, Tunde Ogunsakin, said, “The victim alleged that in September 2011, the suspects conspired and sold a parcel of land at Plot 24 Block 4 situated at Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos for N130m which he paid into the first suspect’s account with the Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. He further stated that after payment, he requested title document and Alhaja Ojikutu procured an affidavit of support to back her fraudulent claim, a police crime extract and a publication in a newspaper all purporting to loss of the original documents of title to the land. The victim believed her because of her personality as the former Deputy Governor of Lagos State.
“The bubble burst when the victim commenced development of the land and was on the verge of completion when the bona fide owner of the land surfaced and indeed it was discovered that the land the suspect sold did not belong to her. She actually sold Plot 23 Block 4 while Plot 24 Block 4 already has a property on it.” According to police investigation, the land Ojikutu sold, did not belong to her, but to one Mr. Afolabi. It was also discovered that the Plot 24 Block 4, which actually belonged to Alhaja Ojikutu’s late husband, Samson Ojikutu (senior), was sold by him in 1995 and the suspect was a life witness and appended her signature to the sale of the land. Ogunsakin said the suspect further perpetrated the crime by alleging that the original Certificate of Occupancy to the property was missing and swore an affidavit which enabled her to obtain a police report and memorandum of loss. She also put up an advert in newspapers that the original C of O was lost, whereas the original C of O was with the Hallmark Homes, the buyer of the property.
He said, “The suspect, who is a 67-year-old retiree from Lagos Island, allegedly connived with her son, Samson, who is currently in the United States to commit the fraud. The suspect and her son were parties to the sale of the land and both signed the agreement given to the complainant and obtained the sum of N130m from him. “She admitted committing the crime but confessed that it was a genuine mistake of plot identification. She refunded the sum of N50m to the complainant and promised to refund the balance as soon as she disposed of her two properties she put up for sale. She also confessed that she had invested the victim’s money in her business. “She equally made an undertaking and payment plan which was drawn from September, 2012 and was to terminate by November 2012, but she defaulted.” Ogunsakin stated that the suspect was not willing to abide by the terms of payment and had jumped bail. He added that all attempts to contact her had proved abortive. “The SFU declares Alhaja Ojikutu wanted. Anybody with useful information regarding her whereabouts should report to the Commissioner of Police, Special Fraud Unit, 13 Milverton Road, Ikoyi,” he said. Source: Punch

Mikel Obi set to leave Chelsea for Galatasaray

Super Eagles midfielder John
Mikel Obi is set to move to
Galatasaray from Chelsea. Mikel
told Sabah, a daily Turkish
newspaper that the Turkey
football club made an offer that he's very pleased with and is
looking forward to life in Istanbul. 'I asked Drogba for advice and
he told me that Istanbul is a
fantastic city, that Galatasaray
is a huge club and that I have to
make the move. I have played at
Chelsea for a long time and it's now time for me to leave. 'I'm still only 26 and it's great to
receive an offer from a club
(Galatasaray) playing Champions
League football and doing well in
the competition.' Talks have reached an advanced
level between Chelsea and
Galatasaray. Chelsea won't make
the move difficult and regarding
my salary there won't be a
problem. All that is left is for the clubs to reach an agreement.' Mikel leaving Chelsea for
Galatasaray is not a good idea, is

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 2013 Time
Venue 14:00 GMT Arsenal
Aston Villa
Entradas Emirates Stadium 14:00 GMT Chelsea
Hull City
Entradas Stamford Bridge 14:00 GMT Crystal Palace
Tottenham Hotspur
Entradas Selhurst Park 14:00 GMT Liverpool
Stoke City
Entradas Anfield 14:00 GMT Manchester City
Newcastle United
Entradas Etihad Stadium 14:00 GMT Norwich City
Entradas Carrow Road 14:00 GMT Sunderland
Entradas Stadium of Light 14:00 GMT Swansea City
Manchester United
Entradas Liberty Stadium 14:00 GMT West Bromwich Albion
Entradas The Hawthorns 14:00 GMT West Ham United
Cardiff City
Entradas Upton Park SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 2013 Time
Venue 14:00 GMT Aston Villa
Entradas Villa Park 14:00 GMT Cardiff City
Manchester City
Entradas Cardiff City Stadium 14:00 GMT Everton
West Bromwich Albion
Entradas Goodison Park 14:00 GMT Fulham
Entradas Craven Cottage 14:00 GMT Hull City
Norwich City
Entradas The Kingston Communications
Stadium 14:00 GMT Manchester United
Entradas Old Trafford 14:00 GMT Newcastle United
West Ham United
Entradas St James' Park 14:00 GMT Southampton
Entradas The Friends Provident St Mary's
Stadium 14:00 GMT Stoke City
Crystal Palace
Entradas Britannia Stadium 14:00 GMT Tottenham Hotspur
Swansea City
Entradas White Hart Lane SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 2013 Time
Venue 14:00 GMT Arsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Entradas Emirates Stadium 14:00 GMT Cardiff City
Entradas Cardiff City Stadium 14:00 GMT Chelsea
Aston Villa
Entradas Stamford Bridge 14:00 GMT Crystal Palace
Entradas Selhurst Park 14:00 GMT Liverpool
Manchester United
Entradas Anfield 14:00 GMT Manchester City
Hull City
Entradas Etihad Stadium 14:00 GMT Newcastle United
Entradas St James' Park 14:00 GMT Norwich City
Entradas Carrow Road 14:00 GMT West Bromwich Albion
Swansea City
Entradas The Hawthorns 14:00 GMT West Ham United
Stoke City
Entradas Upton Park SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14,
2013 Time
Venue 14:00 GMT Aston Villa
Newcastle United
Entradas Villa Park 14:00 GMT Everton
Entradas Goodison Park 14:00 GMT Fulham
West Bromwich Albion
Entradas Craven Cottage 14:00 GMT Hull City
Cardiff City
Entradas The Kingston Communications
Stadium 14:00 GMT Manchester United
Crystal Palace
Entradas Old Trafford 14:00 GMT Southampton
West Ham United
Entradas The Friends Provident St Mary's
Stadium 14:00 GMT Stoke City
Manchester City
Entradas Britannia Stadium 14:00 GMT Sunderland
Entradas Stadium of Light 14:00 GMT Swansea City
Entradas Liberty Stadium 14:00 GMT Tottenham Hotspur
Norwich City



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"I don't do cheap money"Wizkid tweets

UNILAG students are accusing him
of collecting N500k from them
for a show and not showing up. I
know Wizkid collects about N2m
per show, so this N500k he
supposedly collected is kinda strange. Both parties can't really talk
about the case for now because
it's a police matter, but hopefully
after they settle, we will find
out what really happened.


Wizkid invited by policemen at Zone 2 Command today

Wizkid and his manger Godwin
Tom were invited by men of the
Nigeria Police Force - Zone 2
Command, Onikan, today June
19th after students of the
University of Lagos reported the music star to the police. The students claim that Wizkid
collected N500, 000 from them as
full payment for a show that
was supposed to hold at UNILAG
Sports Centre on May 21st
tagged Concert of Life. They claim Wizkid didn't show up for
the show and didn't return their
money so they went to the
police. Wizkid was at Zone 2 for a few
hours this afternoon with his
team. He was bailed by his
lawyer after he wrote a
statement and was asked to
report back to the station next week. I reached out to Wizkid's camp
but they kept mum on the
matter. But someone privy to
the case said they believe an
impostor collected the money
and not Wizkid. Hopefully, Wizkid's camp will eventually release a
statement clearing the air.


Another Baby Born With Quran In Lagos

Culled from PM News
Residents from various parts of
Lagos have been coming to catch
a glimpse of a baby allegedly
born with a miniature Quran at
9, Oguntade Street, Shasha area
of the state. (crowd at the residence where the baby was
born) Incidents like these are
scientifically impossible, but
residents of the area say it is
true even though some of them
confessed that they did not see
the baby clutching the miniature Quran, the holy book of the
Muslims. They were only told
about it. It took efforts for P.M.NEWS
reporters to gain access into
the one-room apartment of the
baby’s parents as a result of
the crowd that took over the
place. The mother of the baby, Kabirat
Lamidi, a 32-year old hairstylist,
said right from the conception of
the baby, she had been sick. She said when the baby refused
to come out after 11 months,
she went for a scan where it
was shown that she had an
object in the womb with the
baby. The Ede, Osun State indigene
who said she had been married
for 10 years, said she was
shocked to discover that few
seconds after the baby was
delivered, she pushed out a Quran. “I have been hearing about such
incidents and I have always
insulted people thinking it could
never happen. I believe it is a
gift from Allah,” she said. She said as a Muslim, she was
not even dedicated and did not
know how to pray, expressing
surprise that such an incident
could happen to her. The mother of three said she
had always given birth in the
hospital but that on this day,
she went into labour so fast
that she could not move. “My advice to people is that
they should henceforth watch
their mouth. I didn’t believe
before now,” she said.
Mrs. Saudat Olawuwo, a staff
nurse with the Shasha Medical Centre who assisted with the
delivery, said she was called by
neighbours when the woman was
in labour. Mrs. Olawuwo with 17 years
working experience, said the
woman was supposed to put to
birth on 16 May, but it did not
happen. “By the time I came the day she
was in labour, the baby was
already coming out. So I assisted
“After that, we were expecting
the placenta, but the woman began behaving like one about
to run mad. I was so confused. “The woman was shouting that
she wanted to push again and all
of a sudden, the Quran, wrapped
in nylon and stained with blood
jumped out. “Out of confusion, I ran out and
called people who came to see.
We also called a Muslim cleric
around the area who came and
prayed for the baby,” she said.
Father of the baby, Luqman Lamidi, said he was in a drinking
bar when he was called and told
that his wife had delivered a
baby with a Quran. He said he did not believe until
he came and saw the Quran
covered with blood.
“I arrived home and saw a lot of
crowd and could not even enter.
In fact, I am surprised that a drunk like me could produce a
child that came into this world
with a Quran,” he said, adding
that he had become a changed
person. Chief Imam of Oguntade, Shasha,
Alhai AbdulRafiu Opeloyeru
Oyedokun, said he was the one
who tore the nylon from the
Quran after he was called to the
place. “When I came, people were still
doubting if the object was a
Quran or not, so I tore the nylon
with blood on it publicly and
everyone confirmed it.” As the yet to be named baby
boy lay asleep, P.M.NEWS noticed
that each time the Quran is
placed on his chest, he
consistently lifted his hands up
and would not drop the hands until the Quran is taken off. There was a big controversy in
May last year following the
alleged birth of a baby boy said
to be clutching a miniature Holy
Quran at birth. The baby was born at a white
garment church in Mushin, Lagos
State, Southwest Nigeria.
While some disputed the claim,
others said it was possible. A
large crowd gathered at 1, Sonde Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos
home of the boy’s parents as
news of the birth spread rapidly. His mother, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori,
32, a Cosmetologist, told
P.M.NEWS that he was born after
she had carried the pregnancy
for about 10 months.
“When my baby was delivered holding a Quran in his hand, the
nurse said the Quran should be
thrown away. But I insisted my
mother must see it before any
action could be taken,”
Kikelomo, who is a Christian, further explained. Corroborating the story, Senior
Rev. Victoria Yetunde Dada said
during the pregnancy, Kikelomo
was always coming to her for
prayers and counselling.
“I advised her not to abort the pregnancy because she might die
in the process. Again, I told her
the foetus was sent by God and
will be great,” Apostle Mother
Dada told our correspondent.
Reacting, Medical Director of Bodet Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr.
Bode Tawak said scientifically, it
was not possible for a baby to
be born holding a Quran. “How big is the baby’s hand to
hold the Quran? How big is the
Quran? How did the Quran get
into her mother’s womb? I
don’t know how a Quran can
get into a womb. But there are things you can’t explain,” Dr.
Tawak responded. He said while the incident cannot
be explained medically, in Nigeria
many mysterious things happen.
A Kaduna-based medical
practitioner, Dr. Munir Yusuf said
from a medical point of view, it was not possible, but added that
depending on the size of the
Quran, it was possible
He explained that if the Quran is
small enough to pass through the diameter of the vagina, with
the child, it is possible. In the same vein, a herbal
medicine practitioner, Chief Dr.
Bola Adegunloye believes nothing
is impossible, but said too much
importance must not be placed
on the incident


"Our Love Shall Never End" - Charly Boy's Wife's Birthday Message To Him

Charles Oputa aka Charly
Boy aka Areafada is 62
years today June 19th. Below is a birthday message
from his wife of over 30 years,
Lady Diane Oputa... My dear Charles, you
have been in our lives for
many- many seasons, and
I have chosen to lay my
heart out for that
reason. This is for the best Husband, Father and
Son that I know. The one
who is dedicated to his
family and works hard for
us. My Husband and
Friend, our love shall never end, even when it
goes through the fire,
because you and only you
are my true heart desire. The children and I will
always pray for you, the
man who has inspired
millions because you
never gave up on your
dream. I will always provide a home of love
and emotional purity, and
when life places pain in
your heart, may I always
fill it with love. Thanks for
being there for us, thanks for loving me and
for all the beautiful
memories you have given
me so far. To my soul
mate, lover and best
friend… Happy Birthday." See the birthday message from
his parents; Letter To My Beloved Son; "Time does fly
I never want this to go
There are no words to
express how much you
mean to us A son like you, I thought
could never be.
God sent us a blessing,
and that was you
A true definition of a son
in every way. You have shown us a new
sense of being,
Out of everything we did,
you are one of the things
we did right.
Always remember that we know how much you
care, we can tell by the
relationship we share
May your children do the
same for you
A very happy Birthday to a loving son."
Justice &Mrs C A. Oputa

An Open Letter To D'banj

I am seated at a local
restaurant here at the
university town of Nsukka,
in Enugu State, Nigeria,
drinking a bottle of
Fayrouz and listening to the sound of the
generator, which is the
only source of electricity
around here. I have watched your latest
music video. I went through the
rigour last night. It is the video
of the song entitled "Don't Tell
Me Nonsense" and it was
awfully disgusting, the song, I mean. Kaffy and the rest of
the dancers didn't disappoint in
the video. This is bad, I know, using awful
and disgusting, in same
sentence. But that is what I
feel about what I saw. Brother,
D'Banj, a lot has changed since
you left your brother and hustle partner, Ajereh, Michael
Collins AKA Don Jazzy. Truth.
Your songs have been nothing
but trash. I wonder if anyone
has said anything nice to you
since you started making songs outside Don Jazzy. If they have,
it must have been for that
singular hit song entitled 'Oliver
Twist.' Kai! That song swept
through Nigeria and the rest of
the world. You would not believe that the ordinary child
on the streets of Nsukka
knows the lyrics of that song
and the dance steps too. In Nigeria, there are plenty
factors that weigh us down.
One is our inability to manage
our weaknesses. I see you have
been buying yourself expensive
jewelleries. The other day, I saw on Olorisupergal's blog that
you wear a wristwatch worth
my entire family and maybe
inheritance. I commend your
taste. You are a lucky and
hardworking man. You deserve it, besides; 'Oliver Twist' made
marks. It took the Nigerian
music to a height that had
never been seen in recent
times. Its topping charts,
downloads, Youtube views and itunes purchases are amongst
the few things I can mention. Dear, D'Banj, Don Jazzy may not
be an ideal partner, I bet you,
no one is an ideal partner!
Perfect couples quarrel and
make up. It is the joy of having
such union. I believe misunderstanding is part of us,
as humans. I will run to the zoo
the day I see a union that
agrees on almost everything. Back to your music, I feel Don
Jazzy was made to make good
music with you. He may not only
be your producer, but
whatever input, from advice, to
production, will go a long way. Besides, he has been miserable
too, without you. I have seen
his eyes in music videos. There
is one he did with Tiwa Savage.
Ah, Tiwa. She looked dazzling,
while Don Jazzy looked wanting and dispirited. Tiwa may have a
perfect voice but Don Jazzy
has not been able to achieve
what he did with you. The
other boys, K-Switch, Wande
Coal and the goody bag crooner, D'Prince are
unfortunate learners. They
must be stark illiterates to
have taken sides when you
guys parted. I understand their
ignorance. But my concern here is, if you wish to stay relevant
in the sight of Nigerians, making
good music, and not caressing a
stripper on stage on your
birthday, then you have to
make amends with Don Jazzy and understand that people
argue because they are
beneficial to themselves. Only
dummies agree on everything. I think tribalism had a lot to
play in your split. It is a sad
reality, if I am right. Tribalism
will eventually destroy Nigeria.
Our young people think they
belong to a superior tribe and so make silly comments which
sometimes bring about
misconception and then crisis. I
once had a boss, who is Igbo,
who felt my tribe's men were
lazy, just because she came to my state and saw a job and
was privileged to be a high
ranking staff. I have had people
who think those from the
north should be gatekeepers
and cobblers. Someone called me a militant once in Abuja, at
the Sheraton, when he
discovered I was from the
Niger-Delta. I forgave his gross
stupidity. I think we should
drink a cup of water when ignorant people say rubbish
about our personalities or flaws
and relate it to tribe. You are a great young man,
D'Banj. Few people have
attained the height you have. I
am encouraged to pursue what
I am currently pursuing because
I know I will triumph. Your likes and that of 2Face Idibia,
despite your weaknesses are
heroes. And you must recall
that Kanye West met you
because he had heard good
stuff from you. When nothing good manifests, he may be
forced to give you a new job
description at Good Music,
which may be mopping of the
floor of the studio. This evil will
not befall you. If you believe it, type amen. D'Banj, pride is the worst
enemy of any man who wishes
to last longer anywhere. A drop
of arrogance may work, but
pride is detrimental. You were
called the 'entertainer' because you offered entertainment.
Today, Inyanya, Kcee, Flavour,
Wizkid and Davido are doing
better. Imagine Burna-Boy, chai,
that boy has some senses oh.
His music, even when he is talking nonsense makes you
want to sit and listen or dance
to it, as the case may be. The
only person that is yet to
outshine you is my dearest
sister, Tontolet Dike. That girl needs Jesus. I have to go back to my drink. I
paid for it and it is almost
missing me. I enjoy your
struggle or hustle, as you may
choose to call it. I wish to hear
something profound from you. While awaiting that miracle that
only you can perform, I wish
you the very best of life. Your admirer, Nwilo bura-Bari Vincent

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Real Madrid Offer World- Record €155m Deal To Keep Cristiano Ronaldo

:14 pm The Portuguese superstar
is in advanced negotiations
over a five-year contract
that will be the most
lucrative in the history of
football c_r....real9937820 Cristiano Ronaldo is close to
agreeing a new contract with
Real Madrid which will make him
the world’s highest-earning
footballer, this is according the Madrid are in advanced talks
with Ronaldo’s representatives
over a deal totalling around
€155 million over five years, with
the Portuguese forward set to
earn €15m annually after tax in what will be the most lucrative
contract in the history of the
game. Ronaldo, who has scored 201
goals in just 199 games in his
four seasons at the Santiago
Bernabeu, raised alarm bells on
Thursday when he posted a
cryptic message on Twitter which read simply: “All the news about
my renewal with Real Madrid are
false.” Days earlier, however, he
revealed his intention to remain
at the Spanish side beyond his
current contract, which expires in 2015. After Portugal’s 1-0 win over
Russia in a World Cup qualifier
last week, Ronaldo said: “I
haven’t spoken to anyone yet,
[but] I know we will reach an
agreement on a new contract. The most important thing now is
the national team.” And he also
claimed his future has nothing to
do with the departure of coach
Jose Mourinho. “I am not worried
by what Mourinho does; I am concerned with Real Madrid and
my future,” he said in May. The pair’s relationship, once
excellent, deteriorated in recent
months following an angry
dispute over a tactical correction
made by Mourinho in a game
against Valencia in January. Ronaldo’s posture has changed
after his well-documented
‘sadness’ at the beginning of
last season, when he was
frustrated at what he perceived
to be a lack of public support from the club in the race for the
Ballon d’Or, a fall-out with
team-mate Marcelo and the
club’s apparent unwillingness to
discuss a new deal. Madrid signed Ronaldo from
Manchester United in a world-
record €94 million deal back in
the summer of 2009, following
Florentino Perez’s return to the
presidency at the capital club. He currently earns around €10m
annually after tax. When Ronaldo arrived, however,
the so-called ‘Beckham Law’,
which allowed foreigners who had
lived in Spain for less than 10
years and who earned above
€120,000 per annum to pay a lower tax rate of around 23 per
cent and not the usual 45%, was
still in force. David Beckham was
one of the first to take
advantage of the law after his
move from Manchester United in 2003. However, the Spanish
government has since scrapped
that initiative and a new deal
would see Ronaldo required to
pay 52% of his salary to the
taxman. Hence, Madrid will be faced with an annual outlay close
to €31m in order to pay the
Portuguese the net €15m he has
asked for. Madrid, however, are aware of
the importance of keeping
Cristiano. The capital club missed
out on Neymar recently, while
they look to be frustrated in
their pursuit of Dortmund duo Ilkay Gundogan and Robert
Lewandowski. Other previous
transfer targets, such as Sergio
Aguero and Radamel Falcao, will
not be arriving either, while
Gareth Bale is expensive and unwilling to force a move and
Edinson Cavani is considered
overpriced by the Madrid board.
Ronaldo’s renewal, therefore,
assumes even greater
importance. President Perez has already
revealed Real’s intention to
make the Portuguese the
cornerstone of the club’s next
sporting project. “I want to build
Real Madrid around Cristiano Ronaldo,” he said late last
month. “And I want Cristiano to
be the best-paid player in the
world.” Madrid are ready to meet
Ronaldo’s wage demands and
make the Portuguese a higher
earner than Lionel Messi, who
takes home around €13m before
bonuses at Barcelona, and Falcao, who will bring in €14m
annually at Monaco. Samuel
Eto’o earns €20m per year at
Anzhi Makhachkala, although the
Cameroonian is on just a three-
year deal and his total package will be surpassed by Ronaldo’s
Real contract. The one sticking point currently
is the player’s image rights.
Cristiano currently has a 60 per
cent share (of which he pays a
third to Jorge Mendes’ company
Gestifute), while the club keep 40%. The Portuguese is keen to
improve that ratio and his
recent tweet, as well as news
stories leaked to press over a
stalemate in negotiations, are
thought to be two tactics used in conjunction with Mendes in
order to apply pressure on the
club. However, both parties are
confident an agreement will be
reached in the coming weeks.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Actor Saidi Balogun set to re-marry

Years after ending his marriage
to popular actress Fathia
Balogun, actor, producer and
director, Saidi Balogun is getting
ready to give marriage another
try. He will wed the love of his life,
Funke Sowofora, on July 7th.
Funke is not an actress, she
works in the Lagos State Auditor
General's office. She's Oba
Saheed Elegushi's sister.

Why we oppose use of condom for family planning - Catholic Church

The Catholic church says it opposes artificial family planning techniques, because it encourages bastardisation of sexual activities by young people and “impedes normal procreation.” The Secretary-General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ralph Madu, made this clarification in a response to an enquiry by The Punch on Sunday. He said, “The Catholic Church believes that modern means, including the use of condoms is morally bad because it impedes normal procreation. You can meet with your wife when you do not want children and those periods when the woman is not fertile instead of having to destroy the sperm and all other forms of artificial prevention. “They are very artificial means and they do not really give the moral lesson that borders around the use of the sexual organs. “The one that gives you the opportunity to exercise your sexual urge without the consequences is the natural method and the church says you should go for the natural means.” According to him, the excuse that it reduces the spread of HIV/AIDS remains invalid and untenable, adding HIV/AIDS is a disease that is prevalent among young people. Madu added, “When you are talking about condom among young people, you are also talking about promiscuity. People have adduced arguments in case of people with HIV/AIDS and especially couples who do not want children. The use of condom
and other modern means are being bastardised among young young people because they will resort to the use of condom so that they can have sex freely without impregnating the woman or getting pregnant. “Those are various artificial means and the church is strongly
against them. Instead, the church endorsed the natural method of copulation.”

Sunday, 9 June 2013

ew Song: D'banj ft Big Sean and Snoop Dogg - Blame it on the money (Download and Listen)

Get Familiar: D'banj – Blame It On
(Rough) – ft Big Sean & Snoop
I'm not sorry I'm rich, I'm sorry
you broke. Blame it on the money. Nigga
don't blame
it, Blame it on the money
I'm D'Banj aka Eja Nla
So it was reported last 2 weeks
that Nigeria's BIG FISH had recorded a
song "Blame It On The Money" ft
(Dogg) Lion & Big Sean.
Now we've got our hands on a rough cut
of Dbanj's "Blame It On The
collaboration with Snoop Lion,
and Big
Sean. While we wait for the final CDQ,
have a
quick feel of Dbanj ft Snoop Lion
and Big
Sean - Blame It On The Money
The audio in mp3 of Dbanj ft Snoop Lion &
Big Sean – Blame It On The
Money is
below for download
name= wp-content/uploads/2013/06/


Saturday, 8 June 2013


ASUP STRIKE UPDATE Information reaching us indicates
that THE federal government
have slated a date to dialogue
over the ongoing industrial action
embarked upon by polytechnic
lecturers. NIPOSAC gathered that the 24th of June has been fixed
for the supposed meeting in
Abuja. Also there are speculation
that the seven weeks old strike
might be suspended on that day
if a compromise is reached. Meanwhile on Wednesday 5th of
June, the south west wing of the
Academic Staff Union Of
Polytechnic met in Ibadan the
capital of Oyo state to deliberate
on the same strike issue. NIPOSAC also learnt from a reliable source
that some faction of ASUP
especially the 23 members of the
National Executive Council who
voted for the suspension of the
strike at the last NEC meeting in May are wary of the harm the
prolong strike would have on the
academic calender of their
respective institution. However all
hands are on desk toward the
forthcoming meeting in a fortnight which most
stakeholders believe will break
the cord of the strike action
either by unanimously resolution
or individually back-out.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Singer Kcee gives UNILAG student scholarship to Masters Degree

The Limpopo crooner performed
at University of Lagos Law
Faculty talent show a few days
ago and gave a 200level law
student, Kenneth Collins
scholarship to Masters Degree level. Watch the video...@

Dbanj and Don Jazzy Reunite?? Because Don Jazzy set to feature in DKM Album of DB Records

It seems Don Jazzy and D'Banj
have patched
things up. D'Banj is preparing for
the release
of his record label's first project,
'DKM', and news has broken that Don Jazzy
is one of the
artists who will be featured on
the debut
'DKM' also features Big Sean, Snoop Dogg,
Fally Ipupa, Olamide, Naeto C and
Source: MTV Base Share

See Gobe: Federal Govt to banPure Water and Sachet Bags by2014

despoliation of the environment,
Federal Government yesterday
plans are underway to ban the
use of plastic bags in the country.
Minister of
Environment, Mrs. Hadza Mailafia,
dropped the hint during the
2013 World Environment Day celebration in
said government would favour
the use of
paper bags in their place.
Mailafia, who said the ban would take
effect from January 2014, also
said the
Federal Government was also
considering banning the use of
sachet water.
According to her, the move to
ban the
plastic bags are necessitated by
numerous health and environmental
hazards associated with their
The minister noted that unlike
the paper
bags that could easily decompose,
plastic bags are non-biogradable
materials which could stay in the
soil for
years, contaminating water
sources when washed into the rivers by
the rain.
Relying on the Food and
Organisation, FAO's, statistics,
the environment minister said one-
third of
global food production is wasted
farm to stock which is equivalent
to 1.3 billion tonnes of food annually;
while an
estimated 870 million people go
worldwide. She said more than
20, 000 children under the age of five
also die
daily from hunger. Share

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Aliko Dangote Is Africa'sFirst $20 Billion Man -Forbes

Dangote has been named Africa's
first $20billion man, thus
becoming one of the top 25
richest people in the world. From Forbes Nigerian billionaire and Africa’s
richest man Aliko Dangote has
become the first African
entrepreneur to lay claim to a $
20 billion fortune as the stock
value of his largest holding, Dangote Cement, leaped just
about three-fourths since March
when Forbes released its annual
ranking of the world’s richest
people. Aliko Dangote’s 93% stake in
the cement company is now
worth $19.5 billion. Add this to
his controlling stakes in other
publicly-listed companies like
Dangote Sugar and National Salt Company of Nigeria and his
significant shareholdings in other
blue-chips like Zenith Bank, UBA
Group and Dangote Flour; his
extensive real estate portfolio,
jets, yachts and current cash position, which includes more
than $300 million in recently
awarded Dangote Cement
dividends, Dangote is now worth
more than $20 billion. Put into context, the Nigerian
billionaire is now among the top
25 richest people in the world,
richer than Russia’s richest
man, Alisher Usmanov, richer
than India’s Lakshmi Mittal and running neck and neck with
India’s Mukesh Ambani. He is
catching up to such Americans as
Google’s billionaire founders
Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The unprecedented surge in
Dangote Cement’s share price is
largely a market response to
the company’s impressive 2013
Q1 results. The cement manufacturer’s
unaudited results for the three
months ending March 31 showed
that the company’s pre-tax
profit rose to $339 million,
representing an 80.6% increase from last year and a strong
indicator of the company’s
future earning potential. The
results also indicate a 79.5 % rise
in its earnings per share over
the corresponding period last year. Explaining the company’s share
price boost in an email to Forbes,
Carl Franklin, Dangote Cement’s
Head of Investor Relations in the
U.K said that in the first quarter
of 2013, the company had a huge increase in demand across
Nigeria, gas supply improved
considerably and the capacity
was much more ramped up. “So Q1 was the first sign of just
how profitable we can be in
Nigeria. The amazing thing is that
66% of our gas-fired production
in Q1 was done at 84% gas.
Imagine what would happen to margins if we did the same
amount at 95%. This has given
investors a good sense of what
we can really do when
everything goes in the right
direction,” Franklin said. With a current market cap of $
20.5 billion, Dangote Cement
becomes the first Nigerian
company to achieve a market
capitalization of over $20 billion. “It’s certainly a landmark for a
Nigerian company and we’re
proud to be the first to achieve
it. Obviously we are focusing on
building long-term and
sustainable value for shareholders through our
investments in Nigeria and Africa.
Nigeria is a very entrepreneurial
country and I can assure you
that other companies will follow
us in achieving this.” Other companies might
eventually achieve this, but it’s
going to take a bit of time.
Dangote Cement currently
accounts for more than a
quarter of the total market capitalization of the Nigerian
Stock Exchange. The second
largest company on the Nigerian
Stock Exchange (NSE) is
currently Nigerian Breweries,
West Africa’s largest manufacturer of Alcoholic and
non-alcoholic beverages. The
company has a market cap of $
8.5 billion. Dangote debuted on the FORBES
billionaires list in 2008 with a
fortune we pegged at $3.3 billion.
His fortune dropped to $2.5
billion in 2009 and plunged
further to $2.1 billion in 2010. His fortune surged 557% in 2011 to
$13.8 billion after he took
Dangote Cement public. He
dropped to $11.2 billion in last
year’s rankings, but rebounded
at $16.1 billion this year. Since March, his fortune has jumped
another 30%. Dangote was destined to shine in
business. At age 8, he apparently
gave packets of sweets he had
made to the house servants to
sell for him. His father Mohammed
Dangote was a successful businessman and an associate of
his maternal uncle Alhaji Sanusi
Dantata. Dantata and his
brother controlled the trade in
kola nuts and livestock
conducted by 200 agents. Dangote started building his
fortune over three decades ago
after taking a loan from Sanusi
Dantata. He started trading in
commodities like flour, sugar and
cement. He became a billionaire by later
manufacturing these items. He
started making pasta, salt,
sugar and flour in 1997. But he
found his gold mine in cement,
when he was awarded a government’s state owned
cement business in 2000 and
began building his own plant in
2003. He listed Dangote Cement
in 2010. Today, it is Africa’s largest
cement company providing
cement to Nigeria and other
African countries that otherwise
would likely have to pay to
import much of the materials. Dangote still likely has bigger
ambitions. He told Forbes Wealth
Editor Luisa Kroll at Davos in
2011 that he expected his firm
to have a market cap of $60
billion within five years. At $20.5 billion, Dangote Cement still has a
long way to go to live up to that
dream, and while it is quite
unlikely that Dangote Cement
could hit a $60 billion Market Cap
by 2016, don’t write it off as ‘impossible’. With Dangote, you
never know.

Jose Mourinho says the Premier League is stronger than ever despite English clubs flopping in the Champions League this season.

Jose Mourinho says the
Premier League is
stronger than ever
despite English clubs
flopping in the Champions
League this season. Chelsea ended Mourinho's six-
year exile in Italy and Spain
when they reappointed him
manager for his second stint at
Stamford Bridge on Monday. But the Portuguese refused to
state that he was returning to
a poorer top-flight in England. "The Champions League is a
thermometer of world football
and English football was out of
the competition too early," he
told Chelsea TV. "People were speaking about
the level of the Premier League
going down compared with
other countries, but I don't
believe that. Sometimes things
happen when there are no reasons. "But the Premier League is still
a fantastic competition and I
believe five or six teams are
very strong. "When I was here before it was
more about us, Man United and
Arsenal and after that there
was a gap to the other teams. "Now you can put five or six
teams in the same plan, aiming
to reach the Champions League
spots which is very difficult,
with those with more ambition
aiming to win the Premier League. "The competition will be
fantastic and I hope I can beat
the other clubs."

Jonathan Officially Declares Boko Haram a Terrorist Organisation

Jonathan has formally approved the
proscription of Boko
Haram and authorized the
gazetting of an order
declaring the group's
activities as acts of terrorism. The order, which has been
gazetted as the Terrorism
(Prevention) (Proscription
Order) Notice 2013, affects
both Boko Haram (Jamaatu
Ahlis-Sunna Liddaawati Wal Jihad) and Jama'atu Ansarul
Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan
(Ansaru). The order was
approved by President
Jonathan pursuant to section 2
0f the Terrorism Prevention Act, 2011 (As Amended). A statement by the Special
Adviser to the President on
Media and Publicity, Rueben
Abati, said this "officially brings
the activities of both groups
within the purview of the Terrorism Prevention Act and
any persons associated with
the two groups can now be
legally prosecuted and
sentenced to penalties specified
in the Act". The statement said the
proscription order warns the
general public that any person
"participating in any form of
activities involving or
concerning the collective intentions of the said groups
will be violating the provisions
of the Terrorism Prevention
Act". Section 5 (1) of the act
prescribes a term of
imprisonment of not less than
20 years for any person who
"knowingly, in any manner,
directly or indirectly, solicits or renders support for the
commission of an act of
terrorism or to a terrorist
group. "For the purposes of subsection
(1) of section, "support"
includes - (a) incitement to
commit a terrorist act through
the internet, or any electronic
means or through the use of printed materials or through
the dissemination of terrorist
information; (b) receipt or
provision of material assistance,
weapons including biological,
chemical or nuclear weapons, explosives, training,
transportation, false
documentation or identification
to terrorists or terrorist
groups; (c) receipt or provision
of information or moral assistance, including invitation
to adhere to a terrorist or
terrorist group; (d) entering or
remaining in a country for the
benefit of, or at the direction
of or in association with a terrorist group; or (e) the
provision of, or making
available, such financial or
other related services
prohibited under this Act or as
may be prescribed by regulations made pursuant to
this Act." Boko Haram is currently
engaging Nigerian forces in a
battle in the North Eastern
part of the country. The group
has claimed responsibility or is
blamed for the killing of thousands of people since it
launched its violent offensive in
2009. Ansaru carries out fewer
attacks and largely focuses on
the kidnap of foreigners and
attack on security personnel. The president declared a State
of Emergency in Borno, Yobe,
and Adamawa in order to
curtail the activities of the
insurgents after other options
appeared not to be working. The U.S. also officially labeled
the Boko Haram leader,
Abubakar Shekau, a terrorist
and placed a $7 million (N1.1
billion) bounty for his capture.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Football Transfer Rumours and Gossip

Transfer stories and gossip
from today's Daily Mirror Tottenham boss Andre Villas-
Boas is eyeing a £10m deal for Benfica's Spain under-21
striker Rodrigo. Click here to read more
Tottenham transfer news. Real Madrid striker and Arsenal
target Gonzalo Higuain has admitted he wants to move
this summer. West Ham boss Sam Allardyce is
swooping for Spanish keeper Adrian San Miguel on a free transfer from Real
Betis. Newcastle United will let versatile
James Perch go - to make way for new foreign
signings. Transfer stories and gossip
from other papers and
websites Liverpool will consider bidding forAston Villa striker Christian Benteke should Luis Suarez force through his move
to either Real Madrid or Atletico.
(Daily Mail) Jesus Navas has edged closer to joiningManchester City in a £25m deal, with his club Sevilla
accepting he will move this
summer. (The Sun) Victor Wanyama footballing mentor has revealed that the
Celtic midfielder has set his heart
on joiningArsenal this summer. (Daily Mail) Jose Mourinho is set to seal hisChelsea comeback this week, and his first order of
business will be to sell David Luiz toBarcelona for around £30m. Barca also want Branislav
Ivanovic. (Daily Star) Borussia Dortmund are considering a swoop forArsenal forward Lukas Podolski. (Daily Mail) Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City will have to stump up £25m if they are to
land Fiorentina aceStevan Jovetic. (Daily Star)