Thursday, 25 April 2013

Two people chelsea will love to have next season

There are two people that most
Chelsea fans want to see at
Stamford Bridge next season.
One of them is Jose Mourinho to
return to take over the club
and start the second coming of the Abramovich era and the
other is Radamel Falcao!. According to the written press
this morning, Mourinho has all
but sealed his return and has
instructed Roman Abramovich to
do whatever it takes to go out
and sign Falcao. There are differing reports in
the media over the fee for the
Colombian striker but the
general consensus is that a fee
of around £45-£50m will
persuade Atletico to sell him. One report even states that the
buyout clause in his contract is
around £51m. If Atletico refuse
to budge, Roman will activate
the clause by paying the money
and then it comes down to the player negotiations. One paper has reported that
Falcao could earn as much as
£200,000 per week if he were to
come to Stamford Bridge but as I
said yesterday, the stumbling
block could be his partner who is pregnant and has stated openly
that she wants to stay in Spain
and raise their child there. Falcao has scored 66 goals so far
in two seasons in La Liga in
addition to his impressive goal
scoring record at Porto. He has
become one of the hottest
properties in Europe and has been tracked by Chelsea ever
since AVB was hired as manager. As for Mourinho, watching the
performance of Real Madrid last
night as they were humbled 4-1
by Dortmund, they are facing a
mountain to climb to try and
turn things around. The players never turned up last night and
were out fought all night long. Trailing Barcelona by as many
points as they are in La Liga and
with a second semi final exit in
the Champions League in the last
two seasons, Mourinho's
departure from Madrid could come sooner than expected. Let's hope that when that
happens, he gets on a plane and
flies straight to London and back
to Chelsea with Falcao!

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