Saturday, 20 April 2013

lampard cry for long time coach

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard
has urged the club to give their
next permanent manager time to
bring some stability to the club
and suggested that Jose
Mourinho has "fantastic credentials" to make a return to
Stamford Bridge. - Preview: Liverpool v Chelsea
- Rodgers: Rafa deserves praise Lampard believes the succession
of managers that have come and
gone during his 12-year stint for
the Blues needs to be stemmed
when the next head coach is
appointed, as he is calling for a "long term" appointment to lead
the new generation at Chelsea
when Rafael Benitez's spell as
interim boss ends next month. "It would be nice, whoever comes
in, to have a good crack at
consistency and staying in the job
and I think the fans would be
happier if we get a manager who
can stay more than half a season," he told The Sun. "I don't think it's right to talk
about any names while Rafa
Benitez is in place, but I know
people are talking about Jose
Mourinho coming back. He's a
fantastic manager and there is no doubt about his credentials." Lampard believes the final month
of this campaign could be crucial
to the club's long-term future, as
he suspects the prospects of
hiring a top manager and signing
star players this summer rests on Chelsea reclaiming their place
among the Champions League
elite for next season. "We are in that critical time now,
not just for the manager but us
as players and we need to
perform individually and as a
team and try to make it
successful," he said. "We're fighting to be third and
are still in the Europa League.
We've had years when we have
won nothing. You can't always
have it your own way. "Elements of this season have
been difficult. Getting knocked
out of the Champions League and
not keeping up our league form
have tested us, but the big
picture is you want to be successful at the end of the
season. "Last year proved that we can
turn things around. People talk
about a crisis and up-and-down
seasons and you still find yourself
with a chance of a cup and
Champions League qualification next year. A lot of teams won't
get that." Lampard went on to confirm
there was no news to report
about a possible extension to his
Chelsea contract that runs out
this summer and it now seems
inevitable that he will be leaving Stamford Bridge at the end of
this campaign.

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