Monday, 4 March 2013

SEX kills headache instantly..*lol*

Below is what a new study is
claiming. When you have a
headache, leave all dem pain
relief medicine alone and just
turn to your partner for some
good loving. Choi! I dey miss!!!...:-) If you're suffering from a
headache, retiring to bed may
be the best solution. Sex can cure head pain,
according to scientists – and
venturing between the sheets
may even be more effective
than heading to the medicine
cabinet. More than half of migraine
sufferers who had sex during an
attack experienced an
improvement in symptoms, the
researchers found, and one in
five was left without any pain at all. One theory is that sex works by
triggering the release of
endorphins, the body’s natural
painkillers, which act on the
central nervous system to
reduce or eliminate the headache. ‘Our results show that sexual
activity during a migraine attack
might relieve or even stop an
attack in some cases, and that
sexual activity in the presence
of headache is not an unusual behaviour,’ the researchers
said. ‘Sex can abort migraine and
cluster headache attacks, and
sexual activity is used by some
patients as acute headache
treatment.’ It has long been thought that
sex can trigger headaches. But in the new study, reported
in Cephalalgia, the journal of the
International Headache Society, a
team of neurologists
investigated whether there was
any substance to anecdotal accounts that it could actually
ease symptoms of migraine and
cluster, or one-sided, headaches. In the study at the University of
Munster in Germany, neurologists
collected data on 400 patients
with the two types of headache
who had been treated over a
two-year period. They found that 33 per cent had
made love during a headache. Of
those, 60 per cent of migraine
patients and 36 per cent of men
and women with cluster
headaches had an improvement in symptoms.
Men were more likely to
benefit than women, with 36 per
cent using sexual activity as a
therapy for dealing with their
headache. Meanwhile, 13 per cent of
women used sex to combat a
headache. Of the migraine
patients who saw an
improvement in their pain, 19
per cent had complete relief of headache symptoms, 51 per cent
experienced moderate relief and
29 per cent reported mild relief. ‘In total, 42.7 per cent of all
migraine patients experienced at
least 50 per cent relief, a
response rate as high as in
studies on acute medication,’
said the researchers. Consultant neurologist Dr Nick
Silver, of the NHS Walton Centre
for Neuroscience and
Neurosurgery in Liverpool, said:
‘This is a preliminary study,
limiting conclusions that can be reached. ‘We can now say, however, that
the excuse of “not tonight, I
have a headache” may not be
taken seriously by all sexual
Researchers say there are a number of possible explanations
for the findings, including the
release of painkilling endorphins
during sex and changes in blood
pressure that occur. Scans have also shown that the
hypothalamus region of the brain
is active during a cluster
headache, and the same area
shows activity during orgasm.

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