Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I wont sign any artist until psquare stop singing:JUDE OKOYE

CEO of Northside Entertainment/Square Records, Jude Okoye says he is not looking forward to signing any new artiste in the nearest future. The multi-award winning video
director and elder brother of
Psquare told Hiphop World
magazine in an interview ’I
don’t know about Peter and
Paul but me personally I won’t sign any artiste until P-Square
stops singing, that is the same
thing I said when you asked me
why I’m not shooting videos for
other artistes, everyone that
comes under this umbrella will start comparing.’ The label boss who has also
scored some of the biggest
videos in Africa also explains his
not shooting for other artistes
too. ‘That’s the reason why in
managerial aspect and even
shooting videos, people will
definitely want to compare, so
because of that I made up my
mind that I’m better off on my own’. Square Record’s attempt at
experimenting with non-Okoye
acts failed last year, with the
drama surrounding May D who
was eventually dropped from the

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