Saturday, 30 March 2013

President Goodluck easter message to nigerians

JONATHAN, GCFR Dear Compatriots, I greet and felicitate with you all
as we celebrate Easter which
commemorates the resurrection
of our Lord, Jesus Christ after
his redemptive self-sacrifice for
the eternal salvation of mankind. Irrespective of our religion or
faith, all holidays provide us with
a fresh opportunity to establish
stronger bonds with our family,
friends and all those around us
for more enduring, harmonious and beneficial relationships. As we celebrate this year’s
Easter therefore, I urge all
Nigerians to rededicate
themselves to living in peace and
oneness with all members of their
communities no matter their ethnicity, religious beliefs or
places of origin. By now, it ought to be an
accepted fact amongst us that
our immense potential for
greatness in the comity of
nations derives in the main from
our collective strength as a country of close to 170 million
people and the acclaimed richness
of our diverse human resources
and natural endowments. It follows, therefore, that to
successfully achieve our vision of
becoming one of the most
dominant nations on the global
stage in the shortest possible
time, we must stay together as a people and continue to
effectively resist by all possible
means, the evil machinations of
global terrorists and their
misguided domestic accomplices
who seek to provoke turmoil, hatred and harmful divisions
among us. I assure all Nigerians that our
security agencies, armed forces
and I will continue to fully
discharge our constitutional
responsibilities for protecting the
unity and territorial integrity of this country with all the powers
and forces at our disposal. We must have peace, security
and stability to effectively
implement our agenda for
national transformation in all
parts of the country and we shall
continue to work ceaselessly to re-establish the prerequisite
conditions for nationwide
progress and development. For your part, dear countrymen
and women, I urge you to
continue to exhibit restraint and
understanding in the face of
seeming provocations. Those who
mindlessly and indiscriminately attack churches, schools, health
workers, motor-parks, banks and
ordinary road users must be
seen as they truly are: the
brainwashed pawns of
international terrorism. They do not represent any true
religion or section of the country
and we must never play into
their hands by succumbing to
their nefarious ploys to incite
religious, ethnic hatred and division among us. It is my hope and prayer that as
we celebrate the glorious
resurrection of our Saviour,
Jesus Christ, his lessons of self-
sacrifice, brotherly love, placing
others before self, tolerance, obedience, respect for lawful
authorities, dutifulness, diligence,
honesty, justice and fairness to
all will take firmer root in our
beloved country and help us to
overcome present challenges and build the more peaceful, secure,
united, progressive and
prosperous nation of our dreams. I wish you all happy Easter
celebrations. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR
Federal Republic of Nigeria
March 30, 2013

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fan angry at 2face for having his wedding outside his home

I personally think this letter is so
silly. No one has the right to tell
another human being where to
have their wedding. 2face
doesn't owe you that and you
have no right to demand that of him. If he wants to have his
wedding on the moon, that's his
prerogative. All he owes you is
to entertain you, which he does
very well. So demanding an
apology is just silly. See what the angry female fan wrote below... I never knew or comprehend
that Mr 2face Innocent Idibia had
this spirit of Wickedness in him.
We have been encouraging him
even he was nothing till now
that he felt that he has arrived. 2Face, We all bought every CD
you has ever played, paid for all
the shows your attended,
devout our time to listen to all
your songs, even when the
songs may not meet out expectations, as an
encouragement we continued to
listen to them. Yet you didn’t show us
appreciation. 2Face, Let me ask
you a question. How many Arabs
has bought your CDs or listen to
your any of your songs?Annie
Macaulay’s Parents are not Arabs as to say your choose
Arab-land because of proximity
to her Parents. Get over yourself, biko. And why
do I feel some people will support
her on this issue? See the rest
after the cut... With your spirit of wickedness,
you carry your wedding to Dubai
so that Nigerian fans will not eat
rice or cake or drink your
mineral or even our local beer.
You know for sure that most of your fans can’t afford the
ticket to Dubai.
You denied your fans who
bought and paid for your CDs
and Shows the generational
opportunity to see a glimpse of your wedding, because your are
sure that WE fans are not
important, Nigeria is not good
enough to host a Celebrity
Tomorrow your friends and colleagues in the entertainment
Industry who are Naturally Copy-
cats will join the trend of
wasting our Foreign Exchange in
countries that see Nigerians as
no body. Well, let me tell you, get ready
to sell your next album in Dubai,
perform all your new shows in
Arab, with new found Arab fans,
as For me, I will not buy or
patronize your Music ever, again. Though it is certain that you are
so wicked to us, but we will only
forgive you on two condition:-
1] Apologise to Nigerian for
refusing to create History in Our
Land. 2] You Must take up a Campaign
to your copy-cat friends and
Colleagues in the entertainment
industry to learn how to
Appreciate, patronize Nigeria and
Thinking Nigeria, First. by Amina Umar

2face an Annie vows of marriage

She posted it on her Facebook
page a day after their wedding.
If you haven't read it
already...enjoy.. "I stand before you today as
open as I can ever be, humbled
by the light and love in your
eyes. 13 years ago, I met the
most amazing man on earth! I
flew on the wings of that love, uncaring, unheeding! Believing
firmly that you are and will
always be the wind beneath my
wings Life happened, oh yes Life
happened but through it all my
heart beat only for you!My
heartbreak became my greatest
joy! My strength! My life! Day
after day I am more in love with you! When people ask me what is love!
I say Love is right here! This
moment! This second! Today!
Tomorrow! Love is you! Love is
real! Love is my eternity with
you Innocent Ujah Idibia See the rest after the cut.... I give you all of me today
knowing that in you and you
only has this imperfect girl found
perfection!!!I do 13 years ago
when I met you, I do seven years
ago, I do five years ago when we created our daughter! I do
through all the blogs and tabloid
headlines And on this day, at this very
second I stand in front of the
world and I say I do take you as
my wedded husband! I love you! I love you so much, so so much"
Annie Idibia. See 2face’s vows below: Many years ago I was farther
than the eyes could see.
Now we are now in that future
When I look into your eyes, I still
You came into my life and you lit it up
Like the sun, like the moon, like
the stars
All the words in the dictionary
All the words in this world can
not be enough To say what my heart feels for
But all I can say is baby, my
heart is like a stereo right now
And it will beat only for you till
death do us part. I love you baby.
Innocent Idibia

Saturday, 23 March 2013

2face and Annie love story

This is probably the best
love story ever, after all
the ups and downs, the
break- ups, cheating and
all, they still ended up as
ONE! How They Met Annie first met 2face Idibia at
Even Ezra Music Studio when
she was just fifteen and in her
words, "I think there was some
electricity that second". They were friends first but had
started dating officially by the
time they shot the "African
Queen" video in 2004. That was
when 2Face announced that
they were together during an interview. Mehn, they don tey
oh... I remember my 16th birthday
at Alpha Beach, with me and my
friends. When we were going
home, we all walked to the bus
stop with him and his cousin.
Plantashun Boiz had just recorded "Knock Me Off" at the
time so he wasn't a star yet. So we got into the bus, he sat
in front with his cousin so when
we wanted to pay the
conductor, he said, "no, he
done pay already" I was feeling
like a babe. "Hey! My boyfriend paid everybody's bus fare." And
that time, bus was like N2.50k
or N3 per person for about 14
people. But he told me recently
that he didn't eat that night
because he paid for everyone." awwwwwww Soon Annie's entertainment
career became a lot more
difficult as a result of being
known as '2Face's girl' and then
they had their first breakup,
came back, broke up again... She was hurt when word got
out that, in quick succession,
2Face had gotten two different
women pregnant - Pero Adeniyi
and Sumbo Ajala. At that point,
the couple broke up. When Pero and Sumbo yet
again got pregnant for 2Face,
that was when 2Face and Annie
had their longest break-up
which lasted almost a year and
a half. But as they say, love will always find a way, they made
up again and Annie gave birth
to 2Face's fifth child Isabel and
then in 2012, Pero gave birth
to his sixth child in the US. Well,
Pero couldn't prevent them from being together...smiles! In 2012, 2Face proposed to
Annie on Valentine's Day at Jay
Jay Okocha's Club 10 in Victoria
Island, Lagos. And, they weren't
even dating then, although
were still on talking terms after he had called her out of
the blue a few weeks before,
visited her at home and asked
for her forgiveness and
friendship. According TO eye-witness
reports, 2Face took Annie to a
quiet section of the club, he
knelt down and told her "I
KNOW WE have had OUR ups and
downs but it will be MY heart's desire for YOU to marry ME"
and then presented the
dazzling ring and Annie began
screaming "YES, YES, YES" after
crying her eyes out! Shortly after 2Face's concert
when he brought out then-
fiancee, Annie during his
performance of"African Queen",
the two secretly legalized their
union in a Lagos registry on Tuesday, May 1 2012. ...hmmn, their super expensive
traditional wedding sha sha sha
took place on Friday 8th March
2013, equipped with two big
wedding parties before & after.
The wedding shook akwa ibom... And now their big white
wedding is going down live
today in DUBAI from the
Jumeirah Beach Hotel to a
private island and more!...aint
that just amazing! I heard Dubai is already filled with all the
Nigerian celebrities sef...#okbye

BREAKING NEWS:pastor obadera is gone

We are getting report of
the sudden passage of
legendary man of God
pastor obadare of the
Christ Apostolic Church A renowned
evangelist and
founder of
the World Soul
Winning Evangelical Mission
(WOSEM), Prophet Timothy
Obadare, is dead. Mr. Obadare, a blind Akure-
based evangelist noted for the
monthly Koseunti Crusade, died
on Thursday at the age of 85
at an undisclosed private
hospital in Akure, the Ondo State capital. The prophet was said to have
battled an undisclosed ailment
in the last few months. He was a renowned evangelist
of the Christ Apostolic Church
(CAC) before the ministry fell
apart over certain issues within
the church. The Chairman of the Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN),
Ondo State branch, Joshua
Ketiku, confirmed his death. He described his death as a
rude shock, saying the
deceased lived a good life and
had gone to rest.
"Baba is happier where he is
now," he said. The media aide to Mr. Obadare,
Michael Awe, described him as a
great evangelist, who travelled
wide within and outside Nigeria
on rigorous evangelism
activities. Mr. Awe, who said there was no
faction in the CAC Worldwide,
said WOSEM had always been an
evangelical arm of the church. In the same vein, the Publicity
Secretary of the CAC
Worldwide, Adeemisoye Alawode,
said the entire CAC was
shocked on the news of the
death of the prophet. Alawode said the President of
the CAC Worldwide, Abraham
Akioso, had condoled with the
entire members of the Church
and the family of the deceased. He said during the life of Mr.
Obadare, he worked like a
General in the Jesus Army
saying he did his best for the
Church. One of the children of the late
prophet, Joseph Obadare, said
his father lived a fulfilled life
adding that the family was
waiting for the eldest son
before they can say any other thing.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Pope Appointed

smoke billowed from the
chimney on the roof of the
Sistine Chapel on
Wednesday to show that a
new pope to succeed the retired Benedict XVI had
been elected. The smoke came at 1808
GMT after 115 cardinals
held five rounds of voting
over two days, and the
great bells of St Peter’s
basilica began ringing soon after. White smoke billowing from the chimney Tens of thousands of
pilgrims in St Peter’s
Square cheered and the
bells of St Peter’s Basilica
rang out after the 115
cardinals meeting in a Vatican conclave signalled
their momentous decision. The 266th pope in the
Catholic Church’s 2,000-
year history — his identity
is still a secret — was due
to emerge from the
balcony of the basilica. The crowd chanted
“Habemus Papam!” (“We
Have a Pope!”) as they
waited, waving flags from
around the world. Cardinals have been locked
up behind the Vatican walls
and cut off from the
outside world since
Tuesday, meeting in a
sublime Renaissance chapel swept for recording
devices and installed with
scramblers to prevent any
communication. The smoke from the
chimney was produced by
burning the ballots and
setting off smoke flares in
two stoves specially
installed in a corner of the chapel. The decision came after
five votes — longer than
for Benedict’s succession
to late pope John Paul II in
2005 which was decided in
just four votes. The historic election after
Benedict’s abrupt
resignation last month was
being followed around the
world on live television as
as well as through social media and smartphone
apps — this is the first
ever tweeted conclave. The Vatican has said the
cardinal nominated to be
the next pope will retire
to a “Room of Tears”
next to the Sistine Chapel
to don his papal vestments and then pray in the
Pauline Chapel before
speaking on St Peter’s
Square. Brazil’s Odilo Scherer,
Canada’s Marc Ouellet and
Italy’s Angelo Scola — all
conservatives similar to
Benedict in outlook but
different in style — were the three favourites but
papal elections are
notoriously difficult to
predict. Other possible candidates
include Peter Turkson from
Ghana, Luis Antonio Tagle
from the Philippines and
Timothy Dolan from the
United States. The odds have been
stacked against cardinals
from Africa and Asia —
two-thirds of the voter
cardinals were from North
America and Europe. All the “Princes of the
Church” were appointed
by Benedict or his
predecessor and ideological
soulmate John Paul II. But the names of cardinals
from Latin America, where
the largest number of the
world’s Catholics actually
live, have also been in the
rumour mill. US President Barack
Obama also chimed in on
Wednesday, saying an
American pope could be
just as effective as any
other, before quipping: “But the (US) conference
of Catholic bishops… don’t
seem to be taking orders
from me.” Benedict’s eight-year
papacy was riven by
scandals and the new pope
will face immediate
challenges — stamp his
authority on the Vatican machinery and try to bring
back a Catholic flock that
is deserting churches
across the West. Benedict’s style was
often seen as too
academic and he was
never as popular as his
predecessor. Many of the
cardinals have called for a new pope who will be a
good communicator, able
to reach out particularly
to young people. Conclaves are usually only
held after a pope dies and
are sometimes decades
apart — the last one was
in 2005, the one before
that 1978. A popular Italian expression for things that
happen very rarely is “at
every death of a pope”. The 85-year-old Benedict
broke with tradition,
becoming the first pontiff
to resign since the Middle
Ages. He has said he will
retire to a former nunnery inside the Vatican
— an unprecedented and
delicate situation for the
Church. In one of his last acts as
pope, he issued a decree
allowing cardinals to bring
forward the date of a
conclave in cases of papal
resignation — a move seen by many as potentially
setting a precedent for
future ageing pontiffs. The scandal of hushed-up
sexual abuses of children
by paedophile priests going
back decades has also cast
its shadow over the
conclave. The US group SNAP
(Survivors Network of
those Abused by Priests)
called for over a dozen
cardinals to be excluded
from the conclave either for covering up abuses or
making tactless remarks
about the scandals. The Vatican on Wednesday
defended the cardinals and
accused SNAP and other
activists of showing
“negative prejudices”. “None of us are surprised
that they have tried to
take advantage of these
days to repeat their
accusations and give them
greater resonance,” Lombardi said. “These cardinals should be
respected and have every
right to be in the
conclave,” he said. (AFP)

HBD to a Genius Mrs Vera Uzoka:nne 0zor.

Today 13th of march,a genius and loving sister is plus 1,mrs ogevera uzoka,she the one at of the best have ever have as a sister,the best out of three,join her in celebrating her birthday.....wishing her many more years and happy ever after....

Today 13th of march,a genius and loving sister is plus 1,mrs ogevera uzoka,she the one at of the best have ever have as a sister,the best out of three,join her in celebrating her birthday.....wishing her many more years and happy ever after....

Today 13th of march,a genius and loving sister is plus 1,mrs ogevera uzoka,she the one at of the best have ever have as a sister,the best out of three,join her in celebrating her birthday.....wishing her many more years and happy ever after....

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Enugu state Gov's son set to wed

Enugu State governor Sullivan
Chime's son, Nnamdi, is getting
ready to quit bachelorhood. He
will marry his heartthrob Nneoma
Atueyi next month, April 2013. Their traditional wedding will hold
on Friday April 12th at the
bride's hometown of Nnewi, in
Anambra State while their white
wedding will hold on Saturday
April 13th in Enugu. Congrats to them. Cute girl!

Sunday, 10 March 2013


The first edition of the
Africa Magic Viewers Choice
Awards held on Saturday,
March 9, 2013 at the Eko
Hotel and Suites, Lagos. Nollywood actor O.C Ukeje
and Ghana’s Jackie Appiah
walked away with the
‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best
Actress’ award
respectively. Shockingly, superstar
actresses Genevieve Nnaji
and Funke Akindele-
Oloyede lost out in their
respective categories.
Genevieve losing to Jackie Appiah in the ‘Best
Actress’ category and
Akindele-Oloyede to Mercy
Johnson in the ‘Best
Actress – Comedy (Movies/
TV)‘. Long
received an
for his outstanding achievements
in the acting career. The Winners List below… Best Actor – Drama
OC Ukeje – Two Brides and
a Baby Best Actress – Drama
Jackie Appiah – Perfect
Picture Best Supporting Actor –
Drama (Movies/TV)
Matthew Nabwiso – A
Good Catholic Girl Best Supporting Actress –
Drama (Movies/TV)
Maureen Koech – Lies that
Bind Best Actor – Comedy
Hafiz Oyetoro – House a
Part Best Actress – Comedy
Mercy Johnson – Dumebi
the Dirty Girl Best Costume Designer
Ngozi Obasi – The Mirror
Boy Best Short Film
Ngendo Mukii – Yellow
Fever Best Writer – Comedy
Tim Greene – Skeem Best Sound Editor
Michael Botha & Joel
Assaizky – Man on Ground Best Movie Director
Obi Emelonye – The Mirror
Boy Best Lighting Designer
Dave Howe – Otelo Burning Best Art Director
Anita van Hemert &
Chantel Carter – Otelo
Burning Best Movie (Comedy)
Tim Greene – Skeem Best Picture Editor
Aryan Kaganof – Man on
Ground Best Movie (Drama)
Akin Omotoso/Fabian
Adeoye Lojede/Hakeem
Kae-Kazim/Rosie Motene –
Man on Ground Best Local Language Movie
Tunde Kelani – Maami Best Local Language Movie
A. Ali/Hafizu Bello – Faida
Nura Best Local Langauge Movie
Sameer Srivastava/Sanjni
Srivastava – The Ray of
Hope Best Writer (Drama)
Obi Emelonye/Amaka Obi-
Emelonye – The Mirror Boy Best Television Series
Godffrey Mwampembwa/
Marie Lora-Mungai – The
XYZ Show Best Cinematographer
Paul Michelson – Man on
Ground Best Make-Up Artist
Jacqui Bannermen – Otelo
Burning Best Movie
Sara Blecher – Otelo
Burning Industry Trailblazer Award
Ivie Okujaiye Industry Merit Award
Olu Jacobs

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nigeria guys are now willing to sell their sperm in exchange for money*wink*

Dear Nigerian men, you
guys are now willing to sell
your sperm? Lol Here's an article I found on PM
News As the Nigerian economic
condition bites harder, many
male citizens are now ready to
sell their semen to couples who
need them for procreation,
P.M.News finding has revealed. Many of the respondents to the
vox pop conducted by our
correspondent said they would
not hesitate to donate their
sperm for cash as long as it is
not for ritual purposes but to help couples battling with
infertility have children. Those who said they would not
mind making their sperm
available for sale included young
men as well as married men. Donation of sperm and female
eggs to couples and fertility
clinics, considered a normal
practice in most parts of the
western world, had been a
discrete practice in Nigeria due to the country’s religious and
cultural beliefs. Only four of the 25 male
respondents said they would
never engage in such an act
with the excuse that it was
sinful. Some of those favourably
disposed to it said they would
donate their semen based on
the condition that they would
not be made to know who
exactly needs it while others said they were only concerned
with the money that would come
from the transaction. “Why won’t I sell mine if I see a
possible buyer?” asked Chibuike
Nnamdi who sells women’s wares
at the Ojuore market, Ota, Ogun
state, Southwest Nigeria. “As long as it is not for the
people to use it for rituals, I am
ready oh!,” he said.
A resident of Iyana-Iyesi area of
the state, who gave his name
simply as Michael, said once the money is good, he would sell his
semen. “Most guys these days ease
themselves by masturbating and
thus wasting fertile sperm
seriously needed by married
families battling infertility.
“Therefore, rather than for me to continue to waste mine, I am
ready to grab any opportunity
that comes with selling it. “I’m just imagining myself
masturbating and instead of
someone to scold me, he pays
me. That’s good enough,” the
graduate of Chemistry said. Mr. Mike, a married man who has
two children, simply asked:
“bros, where is it done? Where
is the hospital? Introduce me and
we will share the proceeds.” Another married man resident in
Ikeja who refused to mention his
name but said he had four
children, said many male
Nigerians including him would sell. Hear him: “it may sound absurd
at first for someone to approach
you to sell your sperm for that
purpose or for you to even
realise that you could sell it, but
in the end, you will sell. “Just imagine how many men
have kids outside wedlock, the
one they call love kids, which
they never tell their family but
which continue to trouble them
all through life. “Imagine again, how much you
would spend just to have extra-
marital affairs with a lady or
when you are dating her. In this
case, rather than for you to be
paying, someone is paying you.” Mr. Sumanu Giwa, a 40-year old
businessman in the Lagos Island
area of Lagos, said he would sell
on the condition that he was not
made to know the family that
needs the sperm. “If I have the opportunity to sell
to a hospital, I will gladly do it
and make some money which
would assist my business,” he
said. Sumanu’s friend, Monday, even
gave an insight into another
form of sperm donation.
According to him, some men
battling with infertility and have
no money to buy sperm from fertility clinic now pay young
healthy and fertile men to sleep
with and impregnate their wives.
“There would be an
understanding between the man
and his wife. Then they would travel very far and look for a
man very distant from them who
would sleep with the woman for
pay,” he said.
He said one of his friends living in
Asaba, Delta state now has a child from such mutual and
confidential arrangement. A resident of Agege, Mr. P. A.
Ayo, said he would rather see
selling of sperm to couples in
need as assistance to them. “Have you not heard of
situations where the woman
knows that the man cannot
impregnate her and she then
gets someone outside who dates
her and continues to pump children into her womb only for
her to bring the pregnancy
home to a very excited
husband? “We have such women all over
Lagos in case you have not
found out. So it is maturity on
the part of a man to agree to
getting his wife pregnant with
another man’s semen,” he explained.
A number of fertility clinics
engaging in the purchase of
sperm from men have sprung up
in Lagos over the years, many of
them are located on the Island area of the state. These clinics, which shroud their
operations in secrecy, have
sperm banks where they freeze
the sperms and keep them alive
since it is scientifically proven
that the lifespan of sperm is between 48 and 72 hours. Though they refuse to confirm
that they buy sperm, they
rather claim that men who give
out their sperms are simply
donors who get a token as
appreciation and encouragement. P.M.NEWS learnt that this
‘token’ is between N250,000
and N500,000 per release
depending on how buoyant the
clinic is, but these same clinics
make millions of naira selling it to couples.
“Before we allow such sperms,
we first carry out all the
necessary tests including
sexually-transmitted diseases,
blood group and genotype. “Then we extract the sperm by
majorly making the person
masturbate after which it is
frozen,” a staff of one of the
clinics told P.M.NEWS, adding that
to ensure success, they make sure the woman is fertile enough
to carry the pregnancy. “For women whose eggs are
deformed or who have problems,
we put them in the right state
before fertilisation. We could
even get eggs from female
donors and implant them in the wombs of these women. “I believe in miracles, but
sometimes when you hear that a
woman got pregnant after so
many years of marriage, it may
be as a result of sperm or egg
donation,” the staff disclosed, adding that the clinics continue
to monitor and care for the
woman throughout her
pregnancy period as well as keep
the identities of the donors
away from couples.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I wont sign any artist until psquare stop singing:JUDE OKOYE

CEO of Northside Entertainment/Square Records, Jude Okoye says he is not looking forward to signing any new artiste in the nearest future. The multi-award winning video
director and elder brother of
Psquare told Hiphop World
magazine in an interview ’I
don’t know about Peter and
Paul but me personally I won’t sign any artiste until P-Square
stops singing, that is the same
thing I said when you asked me
why I’m not shooting videos for
other artistes, everyone that
comes under this umbrella will start comparing.’ The label boss who has also
scored some of the biggest
videos in Africa also explains his
not shooting for other artistes
too. ‘That’s the reason why in
managerial aspect and even
shooting videos, people will
definitely want to compare, so
because of that I made up my
mind that I’m better off on my own’. Square Record’s attempt at
experimenting with non-Okoye
acts failed last year, with the
drama surrounding May D who
was eventually dropped from the

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dangote moves from 76th to 43rd richest man in the world..*shai*

Nigerian businessman and
philanthropist, Alhaji Aliko
Dangote is now the 43rd richest
man in the world, according to
the Richest People in the World
list Forbes released yesterday. Dangote moved from 76th with a
net worth of $11.2billion in 2012
to 43rd with a net worth of $
16.1bn as of March 2013. So he
made about $5billion in one year!
Choi! Dangote is still the richest man in
Africa. The other Nigerian
billionaire on the Forbes
Billionaires list is single Paddy
Adenuga's dad, Global chairman
Mike Adenuga, who ranked 269 with a net worth of $4.7bn. Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos
Slim is the world's richest man
with a net worth of $73bn, while
Bill Gates is the second with a
net worth of the $67bn. 3rd is
Armancio Ortega of Spain ($ 57bn), 4th is Warren Buffet ($
53.5bn), and 5th is Larry Ellison
with $43bn net worth.

Monday, 4 March 2013

SEX kills headache instantly..*lol*

Below is what a new study is
claiming. When you have a
headache, leave all dem pain
relief medicine alone and just
turn to your partner for some
good loving. Choi! I dey miss!!!...:-) If you're suffering from a
headache, retiring to bed may
be the best solution. Sex can cure head pain,
according to scientists – and
venturing between the sheets
may even be more effective
than heading to the medicine
cabinet. More than half of migraine
sufferers who had sex during an
attack experienced an
improvement in symptoms, the
researchers found, and one in
five was left without any pain at all. One theory is that sex works by
triggering the release of
endorphins, the body’s natural
painkillers, which act on the
central nervous system to
reduce or eliminate the headache. ‘Our results show that sexual
activity during a migraine attack
might relieve or even stop an
attack in some cases, and that
sexual activity in the presence
of headache is not an unusual behaviour,’ the researchers
said. ‘Sex can abort migraine and
cluster headache attacks, and
sexual activity is used by some
patients as acute headache
treatment.’ It has long been thought that
sex can trigger headaches. But in the new study, reported
in Cephalalgia, the journal of the
International Headache Society, a
team of neurologists
investigated whether there was
any substance to anecdotal accounts that it could actually
ease symptoms of migraine and
cluster, or one-sided, headaches. In the study at the University of
Munster in Germany, neurologists
collected data on 400 patients
with the two types of headache
who had been treated over a
two-year period. They found that 33 per cent had
made love during a headache. Of
those, 60 per cent of migraine
patients and 36 per cent of men
and women with cluster
headaches had an improvement in symptoms.
Men were more likely to
benefit than women, with 36 per
cent using sexual activity as a
therapy for dealing with their
headache. Meanwhile, 13 per cent of
women used sex to combat a
headache. Of the migraine
patients who saw an
improvement in their pain, 19
per cent had complete relief of headache symptoms, 51 per cent
experienced moderate relief and
29 per cent reported mild relief. ‘In total, 42.7 per cent of all
migraine patients experienced at
least 50 per cent relief, a
response rate as high as in
studies on acute medication,’
said the researchers. Consultant neurologist Dr Nick
Silver, of the NHS Walton Centre
for Neuroscience and
Neurosurgery in Liverpool, said:
‘This is a preliminary study,
limiting conclusions that can be reached. ‘We can now say, however, that
the excuse of “not tonight, I
have a headache” may not be
taken seriously by all sexual
Researchers say there are a number of possible explanations
for the findings, including the
release of painkilling endorphins
during sex and changes in blood
pressure that occur. Scans have also shown that the
hypothalamus region of the brain
is active during a cluster
headache, and the same area
shows activity during orgasm.

Catholic may already have black pope

An article I found on USA today.
Read below... Ghanaian cardinal Peter Turkson
is frequently mentioned amid all
the speculation about who might
succeed Pope Benedict XVI. If
picked, some would see him as
the first African and the first black pontiff in the nearly 2,000-
year history of the papacy. But in all that time has there
really never been a black pope?
Or an African pope? It depends
on what you mean by "black"
and by "African." Hmmmm. Continue reading... It can seem to the contemporary
mind that the papacy is a purely
European institution, and
predominantly an Italian one to
boot. In fact, the early popes
reflected the diversity of the early church — a community that
was born in the Middle East and
spread around the
Mediterranean basin, from
Greece to Rome and the Iberian
peninsula and with great success to North Africa.
"North Africa was the Bible Belt
of early Christianity," said
Christopher Bellitto, a church
historian at Kean University in
New Jersey. "Carthage was the buckle," he added, referring to
the city located in modern-day
Tunisia. So it should be no surprise that
three early popes hailed from
that region: the 14th pope,
Victor I (circa 189-198 A.D.); the
32nd pope, Miltiades (311-314
A.D.); and the 49th pope, Gelasius I (492-496 A.D.). According to the sixth-century
Liber Pontificalis, the earliest
known record of the popes,
Victor was from North Africa,
while Miltiades and Gelasius likely
were born in Rome to families of African origin. Interestingly, Victor was the first
pope to speak Latin because
Christians in Rome were still
using Greek in the liturgy. As one
historian has written, it was
"remarkable ... that Latin should have won recognition as the
language of African Christianity
from the outset, while the
Roman church was still using
Greek." But were these three African
popes "black" in the sense that
we would define race today? And
did it matter back then? The Rev. Cyprian Davis, a
Benedictine priest who is a
leading historian of African-
American Catholicism, notes that
by Pope Victor's time, the Roman
aristocracy had large holdings in North Africa. It's not clear,
however, whether these so-
called African popes came from
those families or from the rural,
somewhat darker-skinned
indigenous population known as the Berbers.
Davis said the best bet for what
we would consider a "black" pope
is probably Victor, but he added
that the church and the empire
of those early centuries were a mosaic of colors and ethnicities.
"It's important for us to look and
say that yes, the early papacy
was not white. No, it was much
more diverse than you might
think," Davis said. Moreover, race as we think of it
today did not have quite the
same meaning back then.
"When you say 'black pope,' you
have to think Roman Empire, not
African-American," as Bellitto put it. Some popes in those days —
along with many renowned saints
and martyrs and bishops like St.
Augustine of Hippo — probably
looked more like modern Arabs
than any pontiff of the last millennium. Still, if the cardinals elect
Turkson or another cardinal
from sub-Saharan Africa, any of
them would represent a historic
first for the church,
geographically and racially. Africa is one of the fastest growing
centers of global Catholicism.
"I don't want to say that we
blacks have arrived again, and
what was once, now we're back!"
said Davis with a soft laugh. But, he continued, "I'm sure black
Catholics like myself would think
it's a wonderful thing."

D'banj album list 'D Kings Men'

D'banj's album - D'Kings Men
drops 30th march, 2013. He has
unveiled the tracklist for the
album. See it after the cut... Check out the tracklist below…
1. Ibadi E (Let It Bounce) D’Banj ft (TBD) 2. Why You Love Me Like That D’Banj 3. Who Dat Kayswitch 4. Give Me D’Banj 5. Scape Goat (the fix) D’Banj ft (TBD) 6. For Example Kayswitch 7. Trance D’Banj 8. Ololufemi J.Sol 9. Money On My Mind Kayswitch a J.Sol 10. Top Of The World D’Banj & J.Sol 11. So Fly J.Sol 12. Lugga (Bad Nigga) D’Banj ft. (TBD) 13. Skit (overshadow) 14. Don’t Tell Me Nonsense D’Banj 15. Nous les meilleurs (We The Best) D’Banj ft. (TBD) 16. Don’t Wait Kayswitch & J.Sol 17. Willingly D’Banj ft. (TBD) Bonus Tracks 1. Oyato D’Banj 2. Cash Flow D’Banj 3. Bachelor D’Banj 4. Sista Caro

kwara state commisioner of police shot dead in Enugu

Kwara State Commissioner of
Police, Chinwike Asadu, was shot
dead around 10 pm last night
near his home in Amorji Nike area
in Enugu State by unknown
gunmen. His driver and orderly who were with him at the time
of the attack were shot too but
were not killed. They are both
lying critically ill at the hospital. The commissioner visited his
home in Enugu at the weekend
and was driving into his personal
residence after dropping a
visitor off when he was attacked
and killed. Unfortunately he only took his orderly and driver with
him when he went out that
evening. His official police escort
team that came with him from
Kwara were in his house. The
police have vowed to find the commissioner's killers.

Enugu State Gov Travel Again

There are reports making the
rounds that two weeks after
Enugu State Governor, Sullivan
Chime returned to Nigeria after
spending four months in a UK
hospital, that he has been flown abroad again for medical
attention. No word yet on when
he travelled or the country he
traveled to... Will keep you guys updated....

Friday, 1 March 2013

After 3wks of african cup of nation,super eagles player IGIEBOR JONA unable to rejoin is spanish club

Three weeks after wining
the African Nations Cup
with the Super Eagles,
midfielder Nosa Igiebor is
unable to rejoin his
Spanish club, Real Betis. This is because the Spanish
Embassy in Lagos as
Thursday, was still playing
hide and seek with
regards to the issuance of
an entry visa to the player. Igbiebor
after the celebrations that greeted
the Super Eagles victory,
has been a regular visitor
to the Spanish Embassy in
Lagos, but on each
occasion, it was a story of “come today, come
tomorrow.” First, they told him that
there was a problem with
his work permit, then
again it was his birth
certificate and finally
there was no paper to process his application. The
player and his club have
been left frustrated to
the extent that Betis
considered sending officials
to Lagos during the week to sort out the matter. I
can not believe they are
doing this to me in my own
country. I’m desperate
and do not know what to
think. I want to go back, but they will not let me,”
said Nosa on Thursday. This is not the first time
the Spanish embassy will
be treating Nigerian sports
people with disdain. Last
July, the Nigeria World
Junior Athletics Championships delegation
were shabbily treated and
when the Embassy finally
decided to grant them
visas, the best athletes
were denied.


For most women, periods last for
5-7 days every month. However,
the blood flow during these days
is not the same for every woman. In the first few years after the
onset of menarche (first
menstruation), young ladies
sometimes experience light flow
that last for less than 5 days
and this is commonly referred to as short menstruation. Another major reason for short
menstruation could be stress-
emotional, mental and physical.
Also, being close to the age of
menopause could affect the
duration and nature of your flow. Other reasons for short
menstruation could be pregnancy
and health problems. However, the best way to be
certain about the cause of your
short menstruation is to consult
your doctor.