Monday, 25 February 2013

Read Godie's husband and best friend tribute to her

Susan you walked into my life, it
was like God sent you as a fresh
breath. I still remember your
response to my first love
message. You said 'Love killed
romeo, sent Diana to an early grave and killed Jack on the
Titanic. Forget about love, just
have friendship and live long. Overtime our love grew to a
depth I have never known. You
were the best years of my life,
your smile, your desire to live
your dream. Read Denrele's tribute after the
cut... My super star friend sways
away and I stand watching till
she fades on the horizon and
someone at my side says "she's
gone"...Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all.
She is just as gorgeous now as
when last I saw her. Her slightly
disappearing figure and total loss
from my sight is in me, not in
her. And just at that moment, when
someone at my side says she's
gone, there are others who are
watching her coming over their
horizon and other voices take up
a glad shout - There she comes! That is what dying is - an
horizon and just the limit of our
sight. My lifeline, my lexicon, therapist
and support system…we have
known lots of pleasure, at times
endured ppai, we have lived in
the sunshine and walked in the
rain. I had acute malaria (was shaking terribly) but performed
“skibobo” with you at the
Industry Night and Loud&Proud
show, I sprained my ankle but
still shot your three videos in a
row in S/A. I left my family house and moved
in with you and your family right
after all the Big Brother Africa
madness, I did all the damage
control… I fought every organizer simply
cos I wanted you on the bill with
me and split my show earnings
with you. I dragged you to the
American Embassy even if it
meant I had to get up at 4am. I endured negative criticism
because shallow minds couldn’t
comprehend your brand essence
– I started wearing block heels
(you got me the most fabulous
pair of Jeffrey Campbells) and I damned the consequences. I
recorded the reality show “Tru
Friendship” with you because
you went on and on about it and
I wanted to please you. I have been your fierce-alter
ego in all your videos, I have
fought your fights, endured
countless eccentric P.As with
you…I can go on and on and this
is how you leave me? You chose an eternal sleep over a fabulous
life with me? Lest I forget, I ate
the entire box of birthday
chocolates Bola sent to you! Phew, I can’t type anymore,
I’m playing “Good To
Me” (always disturbed you to
release that song) and my
notepad is a misty mass of my
never ending tears. So sad when people who give you the best
memories, become a memory! The Goldie I knew, despite your
success and worldwide
recognition, still wondered, “Am I
good enough?” “Am I pretty
enough?” “Will they like me?” It
was this burden that made you great…And that made you
stumble in the end. Goldie if you can hear me now,
you weren’t good just good
enough – You were abso-
frigging-lutely GREAT! You sang
the whole damn song without a
band- you made the picture of a showbiz star look so perfect! Your parting has left a void, but
I will fit it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a
kiss and oh yes, these things I
too will miss. Even though we are
separated and for a time apart, I am not alone cos you’re
forever in my heart. I will move
mountains to continue your
legacy, I will crash ceilings to
spread your good works, I will
break barriers to sell your “market” but above all, I will
cherish the awesome times we
spent together…You will forever
be my source of infinity! We wore the same shoe size and
had the same body proportions.
You made me start strutting
lashes and recall I wore that
black dress of yours you never
got to wear? No masterpiece can ever match your face! To
everyone reading this piece, let
my dear friend rest in peace!
Speak no evil about her, she was
too good to be true! I can hear you say to me…
Mbirikoko, do not stand at my
grave and weep, I am not there,
I do not sleep, Do not stand at
my grave and cry…I am not
there, I did not die! Denrele Edun

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