Saturday, 16 February 2013


In the literary meaning of sick,
2Face Idibia is not actually laying
on any bed as baba is very hale
and hearty, but it actually took
me a very long time to finally
decide a title to tag this epistle. After listening to 2Face’s new
album Away and Beyond for
several days repeatedly, i came
to a conclusion that 2Face Idibia
is very SICK, reasons of which are
obvious. This crowned King of African
music is second to none. The
‘African Queen’ crooner who
has immensely paid his dues in
the music factory. Starting out as a member of the
defunct Plantashun boiz with Faze
and the man with a Blackface,
went on a solo career in search
of greener pastures. Back in the
Plantashun days, 2Face Idibia was very spectacular. Although other
acts in the group were excellent,
but 2Face was exceptional. His
voice and lyrics always stood out. It could be argued that the
African Queen song that sold him
out wasn’t written by him, but if
the writer could have done any
better, who wouldn’t have
handed it over to 2 BABA. 2Face Idibia the god has stood
exceedingly out all over Africa
and the rest of the World. He’s
at the peak of his career and
only waxing stronger. He’s the
Messi of music. His thought beats imaginations. He’s not of the
bootyn fast cars good life lyrics
school of thought, yet baba is
still very successful commercially
which is a lesson for all up and
coming acts. I wouldn’t say that there cannot
be another 2Face, i would rather
ask if the sun has been doubled.
2Face is a directory to greatness.
He is indeed an icon. Although with his fair share of
scandals, having had 6 children
out of wedlock (still counting), i
must emphasise that success
comes with its own challenges. I
wouldn’t sit back here to write in support of 2Face’s act, and at
the same time i would be bias not
to condemn it because i know
attachments to stardom. Come to
think of it, which African woman
doesn’t want to bear a child for 2 baba? Back to the music scene, take a
good look at the Nigeria music
factory scene, when you think of
a D’banj, there’s a Durella,
when you think of Olamide,
there’s a Reminisce, a Wizkid brings Davido to mind. Rugged
man, Mode nine, Terry tha
rapman and others, 9ice brings
into play Isolate, Banky W and
Dare Art Alade could be said
similar. Several upcoming acts now copy Terry G’s style, and
Wande Coal is synonymous to
Iyanya, Chuddy K and YQ. But on the thought of 2Face, you
won’t argue that only 2face
comes to mind. He’s different
intelectually and lyrically. Obviously, most producer get a
different inspiration wheen 2baba
is the client. Producers such as
Ojb Jazreel and J Sleek have
never regretted working with
him. This man is indeed second to none. What beats imagination more is
how he puts normal everyday
situation into music undilutedly.
On listening to 2face’s lyrics
deeply, it would be said that this
man is Away and Beyond. 2 baba has fondly called by
friends and fans is one whose
humility cannot be compared.
Sometimes he forgets he’s a
celebrity and a star. He loves kids
(no arguments), very playful, jovial and friendly, i wonder why
anyone would want this kind of
man dead? Finally, i would say that though
there’s nothing new under the
heavens, but it will definitely take
a while to find another music
maestro like 2Face. I will be glad
to tell generations that i lived in the days of 2Face Idibia. On that
note, i will say to you that 2Face
Idibia is sick!!!.

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