Monday, 25 February 2013


SARKODIE Ah, What Else
This is the remix
Up In The popping in
Ice Prince; You know say you be
my guy
Aboki, you be my real nigga till We die
And Am keeping it real, cause I no
go fit lie
I pray Chineke go take Wizkid high
Me and we meet Aboki’s is R2Bees
Me and daviDo dey fight over groupies
At the end of the day we sow
good seeds
So we no dey stay local we sail
Priceless To my hommie k-switch
Refuse to be broke, wallahi you
stay rich
We never go fall, yeah they wish
I dey carry for free, I know dey
pay chicks Captain planet 4×4, EFYA be my
My girl next door
You for put your pains away,
So we can chill today
And put everybody on conference call
Let’s go; okay charley how be
Byrmo you for stick to your high
Mercy Johnson will you be my
wifey Can’t you see am married [Mercy
Okay, I see
Tubaba you be my baba all my life
I go kiss nana , more than 5
Looking Eye caps to my guy M.I Money no be problem, na lie
»Mxit is now available in
Nigeria WIZKID
Aboki, inside X2
When u see my money, then you
go know
I got Aboki inside me
Wizzy baby I am trying Everyday me am shining
Every day, I am flying around,
Everyday am on top
Make una know, Make una know
E don tey when I don dey pray
Make una know, Make una know E don tey when I don dey hussle
Baba God, e carry me higher
Me I no go lie
Convict music, E.M.E boys
I thank God for my life
»Mxit is now available in
I was icy princely, that boring guy
Now they call me that touring guy
Girl dey love to go watch my
English is so foreign guy Me and my clique, we all gunning
Me and my clique, so no hugging
Me am addicted, I ain’t getting
innovated I am working around, in my
Jordan’s fly
Am in the game, I know dey pick
my race
Give me your low, and kiss my face
See Halima that girl was up, And I wake her up in that morning
See Aliyu buy morning cake,
Tamazali said come and take
After party, then after party
My clique can make the whole bum ni shake
Ice ali harima, is my guy
Halima is my guy
Haruna is my guy
The whole Ajeruna is my guy
Malouda is my guy Takura Is my guy
Keepana with my guya
Washkalela with my guys M.I
They call me M.I on Monday
Ice prince told me big bro will one
day fly
Since then the mallam wanna come
say hi Somehow the fun stay piling
Am in the rescue
Yes, you know who else do,
The aboki’s came to Hip Hop’s
Bless to my new nephew The next dude to enter the hip
hop boat with the best two
My bed with jesse, the best three
Maradonna, pele and messi
Brymo got the inside pepsi
Pryse complete the team you can’t test me
Aliya Dangote that’s my guy
Genevieve and Rita Dominique my
Stacking chips you cant share my
fries Never take my place till I die
»Mxit is now available in
[Raps In Native Language]
»Mxit is now available in
Aboki inside, Aboki inside, Aboki
You don’t want to see my
Aboki inside, Aboki inside, Aboki
inside I spend a lot of cash
Ang golekura is my guy
Amate is my guy
Yemade is my guy
Musti Mustapha is my guy Ogidi man is my guy
A Wizibad, and the girls begin the
»Mxit is now available in
Nigeria [Sings]
[Beat Plays]

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