Friday, 23 January 2015

Alaba International Market trader nabbed for leading bank robbery gang

An Alaba International Market trader who was not satisfied with the gains he was making in the sell of musical and electronic equipment and delved into cross-border robbery, has been nabbed at last. It was a bad day in the office for a popular trader at the Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos, John Nnamdi, as he and his gang of cross-border robbers » were nabbed after they had stormed a bank and stole a whopping N100m. Apart from that particular robbery, Nnamdi and his gang also operated in Benin Republic, and other West African countries like Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo and their home base, Nigeria. But he and his deadly gang met their waterloo when men of the Anti-Robbery Squad of the Lagos State Police Command led by SP Abba Kyari, swooped on them and got them arrested while they were preparing for another operation. Other members of the gang include Samuel Igbi, Anthony Umeh, Chineye David, Uchenna Eze, Victor Anamalechi, Ifeanacho Igwe, and Desmond Obinna. While parading the notorious armed robbers, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti said the gang had been giving his men sleepless nights with the deadly operations. He added that the gang had been terrorising Port Novo, Benin Republic and were the ones who carried out a deadly attack on a UBA Bank on Shagamu Road, Ikorodu. "The gang members » also confessed to several robbery operations which had taken place in big cities in Nigeria. According to them, the biggest of all their operations was the N100 million bank operation." The leader of the gang, Nnamdi, a father of 4, confessed that the N100 million robbery occurred in 2011, at the Alakija area of Lagos. He said his own share was N28 million. Nnamdi disclosed that he used to sell musical instruments at the Alaba International Market and it was while he was a trader he conceived and planned the bank robbery. "The operation in Alakija was in 2011. We made about N100 million. I got a share of N28 million. I was a trader at the Alaba International Market, Ojo area, before I organised the gang. We have gone for about five operations. We went to Port Novo, Benin Republic, to rob a micro-finance bank. We broke into the bank through the back. We used two guns for that operation. The security men were asleep. We woke and tied them. One of our members opened the safe, and we began to pack money. I was given N7 million and the other four also got N7 million each. I have gone for about four operations in Nigeria and Benin Republic; I have not gone to any other country. We have never killed or shot anyone because we usually go at night and don’t shoot. I have never used charm, but I pray before going for operations. As a Catholic, I go for confessions, but I have never told the priest that I am an armed robber. I am from Obinwa in Abia State. I am married and my wife is currently pregnant. She does not know I am an armed robber. I was arrested at Ijebu because I had a problem with someone over a vehicle. I regret my actions and I want an opportunity to change. I bought a Toyota Corolla with my own share of the money. We used the vehicle to further our operations. We keep our guns in a compartment under the car. We have escaped being caught on several occasions." The Ploice Commissioner said that on 15 November, 2014, he received information of a trans-border gang that was putting finishing touches to a grand plan to unleash terror on the Lagos residents. "It was based on the information that I immediately directed the Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS), led by Abba Kyari to go after the robbers. The team tracked and located the gang’s hideouts around Iba, Festac and Igando areas of the state. We succeeded in arresting two members of the gang, Samuel Igbi and Anthony Umeh. A search was conducted on the suspects and their hideouts. The police recovered two AK47 rifles, 11 AK47 magazines and one Toyota Sienna bus." Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Shocking sad news! Actor Muna Obiekwe has died

Yes, it's true! Actor Muna Obiekwe has died. He died this afternoon around 4:15pm in a hospital in Lagos after a battle with kidney failure. He was rushed to the hospital today after he collapsed at his home. Muna has been quietly battling this kidney disease but kept it hush hush from friends and colleagues. So Sad! A colleague said for over two weeks before he died didn't go for his dialysis. Muna needed money for his health problems but instead of going public to raise money, he told friends he was planning a stage play to raise money but died before he could do it. Unbelievably sad! Meanwhile, there's some twitter handle called @MunaObiekwe that's denying his death. That is not Muna! Unfortunately the real one is gone. Unbelievable! RIP to a great actor!Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

INEC Registers 68.8m Voters For This Year’s General Elections

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, yesterday said that it registered 68, 833, 476 voters for this year’s general elections. Similarly, the commission has also cleared 14 presidential candidates for the presidential election, 739 candidates for the Senate while 1780 candidates are for the Federal House of Representatives election. It also said that schools would be closed few days to the elections to allow those that would be used for the election duties time to do so. INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega told a news conference that the action was in line with the requirements of the relevant laws which stipulate that the list should be made public 30 days to the polls. He said the names had been sent to the political parties and published on their website. Jega, however, added that the names of the candidates cleared for the governorship and state Houses of Assembly would be published by the 27th of January, 2015. He further said that the Federal Government had released all the fund needed for a successful conduct of the elections, but declined to disclose the exact amount the commission received saying it was a public document which was open for anybody to see. Throwing more light on the issue of the Permanent Voters Cards, PVC, he said that about 38million cards had been distributed even as he regretted that a lot more were yet to be distributed and urged the people who ere yet to collect their cards to do so before the February 14 election. “We still have a lot more cards to be collected so I want to appeal to Nigerians to go out there and collect their cards. I have directed that the time for the distribution be extended. To this effect, the Resident Electoral Commissioners, RECs, have been directed to ensure that the cards be ready for distribution from 8 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday. “We have taken delivery of additional cards and hopefully before January 20 we will take delivery of all the cards for onward distribution to voters and I want to plead again that people should go and collect their cards. “A lot of speculation has been taken that INEC does not have the card readers. Let me repeat that there would be card readers and as I speak, we have taken delivery of over 130,000 card readers and we have started moving them to the states and by January 24, we will take delivery of the rest” Jega added. Earlier, the director of Information and Communication Technology, ICT, Mr. Chidi Nwafor had explained the modalities that led to the registration of 68, 833, 476 voters as against the 74, 638, 834 recorded in the 2011 elections saying it was due to the fact that the Register Optimal Process 11 which was used was able to fish out those that engaged in double registration. Nwafor added that registration took place in 119, 973 registration centres while such necessary information like; bio-data, facial image and record of 10 finger prints were used to authenticate the registrations. Representatives of 24 political parties were present at the meeting. Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)

Four policemen, seven others killed in Ondo robbery,,,,,FULL DETAILS

The ancient city of Ikare Akoko in Ondo State was on Tuesday rattled by armed robbers, who raided a bank, leaving 11 persons dead. An eyewitness said the robbers, who came dressed in army uniforms, stormed the bank located at the heart of the town at about 1pm and held the town hostage for about four hours. It was learnt that the robbers arrived on the bank premises in two vehicles painted in army colours. They were said to have shot at the riot policemen at the bank, killing four of them, while a 10-year old girl was found dead near the bank. The eyewitnesses said, “We also saw six other persons lying lifeless around the ATM area of the bank.” It was learnt the robbers spent time ransacking the bank and used dynamites to destroy the bank’s vault before making away with unspecified amount of money. Residents were said to have deserted the streets while the robbery lasted and many refused to return to the area after the robbery. The Police Public Relations Officer, Wole Ogodo, told our correspondent that while the news of the robbery had reached the command, it was difficult to get the details of the incident. “I know you are calling in respect of the robbery incident, but I don’t have details right now. “We have been busy at the airport because the President is on his way from Ekiti to Abuja,” Ogodo said. Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)
The ancient city of Ikare Akoko in Ondo State was on Tuesday rattled by armed robbers, who raided a bank, leaving 11 persons dead. An eyewitness said the robbers, who came dressed in army uniforms, stormed the bank located at the heart of the town at about 1pm and held the town hostage for about four hours. It was learnt that the robbers arrived on the bank premises in two vehicles painted in army colours. They were said to have shot at the riot policemen at the bank, killing four of them, while a 10-year old girl was found dead near the bank. The eyewitnesses said, “We also saw six other persons lying lifeless around the ATM area of the bank.” It was learnt the robbers spent time ransacking the bank and used dynamites to destroy the bank’s vault before making away with unspecified amount of money. Residents were said to have deserted the streets while the robbery lasted and many refused to return to the area after the robbery. The Police Public Relations Officer, Wole Ogodo, told our correspondent that while the news of the robbery had reached the command, it was difficult to get the details of the incident. “I know you are calling in respect of the robbery incident, but I don’t have details right now. “We have been busy at the airport because the President is on his way from Ekiti to Abuja,” Ogodo said. Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Full Transcript of Catholic Priest Ejike Mbaka’s fierce attack on President Jonathan

Fr. Mbaka gave this sermon to thousands of parishioners at his Adoration Prayer Ground in Enugu, Thursday, saying President Jonathan had failed to stem the tide of insecurity and corruption in the country. .Read below.. In the year 2014, we had a lot of bloodshed in this country. People were dying like rats without anybody asking about them. This country suffered a lot of blood experience. Many of us witnessed that people were in tears. Just like the ancient world, the year 2014, the 4 in it had the queen in it, which had to do with death. Our leaders failedus with reckless abandon and nobody asked them question. The so-called democracy was a hidden autocracy. It was deceptive and questionable quack miler. Nigerians suffered hunger unnecessarily. We heard about oil subsidy being removed and added, whatever be(is) their jargon, nobody understood them. We heard about minimum wage, the civil servant suffered, the minimum wage was not paid and we were all calm. In 2015, Nigerians will not be calm again (shouts of AMEN!). We need change. Whatever it will be, let it be. This is my golden message to my beloved country. What actually is happening (Ogini nne me?). The multitude of our youths, the quality young men, quality young women, brilliants youths but nobody has plans for any of you. Our so-called leaders should come and apologize. In 2015, it shall not continue like that (shouts of AMEN). By the grace of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are announcing spiritually, change! 2015 should not be a year of any hooligan maneuvering to hijack power. This is our New Year message. Listen, when you go home, tell anybody you see that from the oracle of the Holy Spirit, we are announcing change (AMEN). Can somebody help me to shout change (shouts of change by the congregation) in Jesus holy name. Look at what it’s like, as I’m yet to bless your families, bless your industries, bless your destinies. Come 2015, your plans are blessed, your vision are blessed, your locomotive society are blessed. I cover this year with the blood of Jesus. I seal this year with the blood of Jesus. My message is in two branches (folds). Number one branch, the theme of this first message to my fellow countrymen is from good luck to bad luck. Once upon a time, the whole countrymen were crying for a leader who will help us move forward with our economy, have an authentic democracy, give our unemployed youths jobs, enable our power to be steady, who will industrialize Nigerians, who will encourage mass education and agriculturalize Nigeria. Having in view that oil will soon drop, give us security in a maximum level. By the grace of God, there emerged a Goodluck, all of us were happy, the Goodluck met Yar’ Adua and Yar’ Adua died. May the Holy Spirit help me as I utter this message, I know many will misunderstand it, but it will stand the test of time and you will know I’m speaking the truth. The Goodluck met Yar’Adua and Yar’Adua died. Before you know it, the Goodluck met our oil and the oil had a bad luck and poured away, before we knew it, the Goodluck met our naira, our naira had a bad luck. Where are we going? What is the fate of this country? Shall we continue like this, we need change (shout of change from the congregation). As I’m speaking with you, most of our civil servants did not celebrate their Christmas. The Christmas season that should be a Goodluck time became a bad luck time for our Nigerians forgetting that very soon, from 3rd January, the children will go back to school and the parent are going to pay school fees. From where? Are they going to use their urine to pay? (Shout of NO from the congregation). But where is the good water even if they are going to use their urine. Are they going to use their stool to pay the school fees of their children? (Shout of NO from the congregation). You have to eat well to defecate. What is the fate of our children? Tears fill my eyes when I see our young graduates hoping and walking our streets. What is the meaning of kidnapping? Kidnapping is the grandson of unemployment. Boko Haram is a grand great child of the same unemployment, mass looting, and poor governance. I’m not saying that Goodluck is a bad man. He is a good man. But he cannot lead Nigeria. As things stand right now, from the oracle of the Holy Spirit, Jonathan should honourably resign quietly and let Nigeria be. The destiny of Nigeria is greater than Goodluck Jonathan. The Goodluck in Jonathan has become a bad luck to Nigerians. Whatever brought him in should send him back and let Nigeria be. By this time in few months to come, many are going to lose their jobs and there is no alternative. During election, Jonathan will answer Azikiwe, Ebele and become an Igbo man and after election, the Ebele, the Azikiwe and Goodluck will vanish from his identity. Who is fooling who actually? Look at our federal roads, we are not even asking for new ones, roads built by Buhari and Babangidas — the so called Hausa people— cannot be maintained. Follow Enugu here to Onitsha, children born some years ago do not know that there was a lane along the other side of Isiagwu and we are all saying continue. The continuity of Jonathan means disaster to Nigeria. We need change. May the Holy Spirit help me to vocalize what he has shown to me while I was waiting on him to give me a message for my people? I’m worried about the future of you my children. Go to school, go to school, mention any government school functioning in Nigeria now? Our schools are dilapidated. Nigeria is like an egg about to break in the hands of Jonathan Goodluck and we cannot allow it to happen. It is so unfortunate that pastors are becoming vultures around the president. Pastors are becoming hawks around him, eating the porridge of Jacob and selling their prophetic rights. And anointing is being merchandised in Aso Rock, carrying our nairas, turning it to dollars and carrying it in jets moving out of the country. Listen, this is the voice on the pulpit: all these men of God, who are telling Jonathan to continue because they are benefitting one thing or the other, you should question your apostolic, prophetic anointing. What the Bible say is that Samson did not know that the Holy Spirit had left him. Let them watch if the Holy Spirit is still in them. Listen, they will begin to tell us this one is a Christian the other one is a Muslim. I don’t believe in that. Who is a Christian more than Judas? Did Judas not betray Jesus? Judas was not just a Christian, he was not just a mere apostle, he was a super apostle like a cardinal but at a time he messed up and Bible says his office, let another take. That is the normal thing. The way Nigeria is going right now, the office of Goodluck Jonathan let another take. I’m not campaigning for anybody. I’m filled with tears over what is happening in Nigeria. Some of us who have nongovernmental organisations funding charity, I know what I’m suffering. The more they are looting our resources, the more they are rending you unemployed, the more some of us suffer the more. If I have been paying for the school fees of 500 people, it would now jack up to 3000, or more. What the government should do, individuals are struggling to achieve. When there is no road, no power, all this fake promises… where is the power? That Onitsha Bridge, has it now been built? No. After 6 years, and Goodluck has what it takes to do whatever. He surrounded himself with hooligans. By the time he comes down, he won’t have anybody to work with. He played himself into the hands of hooligans. My interest is about the wellness of this country. Nigeria must survive what we are passing through by the help of God. The same God who saved us from Ebola will save us from this bad luck season (shouts of AMEN from the congregation). Look at it, there was a time there was an argument about pension fund – such billions. Who is talking about it now? Billions and we were hearing it… from excess crude oil money, where is the impact of the excess crude oil money? Now from oil boom, it has met a bad luck; it’s now oil doom. If my father will be my leader and my siblings will all die, let a stranger be my leader and let my family be. All I’m trying to tell you is that we have not entered into any covenant with anybody. Last time, the First Lady came here. We are not partisan; we welcomed her. We did a spiritual drama here. Lifted four birds to fly up, the main one that should fly up refused to go. I did everything possible and that one is the healthiest of them all but refused to fly and the spirit of God said, don’t disturb him. When God rejected Saul, David took over. Let me tell you, in the history of Nigeria, we have never experience bloodshed as we have in the time of Goodluck. If Goodluck means bloodshed for Nigerians are you waiting until your own blood is shed? (shouts of No from the congregation). We need change, however God will do it. Look at the insecurity if you go to the northern part of Nigeria. My fellow priest, my fellow pastors, don’t just stand up to attack this message, because you have mouth. Think well before you put your mouth, the voice is beyond your own contribution. Listen, are you waiting for your own church to be bombed before you speak out? If you go to Maiduguri, some parishes have closed down. Go to Potiskum. People no longer go to church on Sundays in many parts of this country. Now imagine a scenario where a president cannot fight a simple insurgence. This is not an external country attack o. It is not like another country invaded Nigeria. It is an intra distraction. And many of us are claiming that it was because Buhari said that he was going to make Jonathan’s government ungovernable. Listen, let’s assume Buhari said something like that, even though it’s not Buhari who said it. So if you are the president and somebody say something like that, will you not arrest such a person?Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Read Full Text Of President Jonathan’s New Year Speech

President Goodluck Jonathan has delivered his New Year’s day address to Nigerians on January 1 2015. Below is the full text of the speech: “Dear Great People of our nation, 1. I greet and felicitate with you all as we enter the New Year today. As we mark the beginning of this New Year, 2015, a new nation is being born. A new nation is being born because of the foundations we have all laid, working together for the good and progress of our dear fatherland. 2. I join you all in thanking God Almighty who has brought us this far, for continually bestowing His Grace upon us and for guiding our great nation safely through all the challenges of the past year. 3. This year, as in the year past, I reaffirm my commitment to work to ensure a secure future for our dear country and the generations yet unborn. 4. Last year, we celebrated our hundredth year of nationhood. The year brought us further progress, challenges and fresh opportunities. 5. We have contended with the normal challenges of nation-building and the unusual challenges of terrorism. 6. But we have continued to vigorously confront those who seek to destroy the bonds of unity that hold us together. 7. On this first day of the New Year, I want to pay special tribute to the gallant officers, men and women of our Armed Forces and other security agencies who have been in the forefront of the war against terrorism and violent extremism in our country and sub-region. 8. I also commend all Nigerians who have remained vigilant and cooperative with our security agencies in the fight against the common enemy. 9. We are re-equipping and re-positioning our armed forces to enhance their capacity to win the ongoing war against terror and insurgency. 10. Regrettably, terrorists have unleashed much pain and agony on our land. They have made widows of our mothers and sisters and orphans of our children. They have shut down businesses, desecrated places of worship and brought untold hardship to both men and women. They have violated the culture and peaceful way of life in our country, which took generations to build. 11. They have destroyed countless schools and displaced people from their communities, driving them into exile. 12. I want to assure you that the terrorists will not get away with their atrocities: they will not win; they will be routed. As President, I feel the pain of all affected communities and families. I hear their cries and share their sorrow and pain. 13. We will not forget; we will not look the other way. We have done a lot of painstaking planning and work to resolve the current security challenge. We will bring justice to the savage terrorists known as Boko Haram. They will be defeated. 14. That is the solemn commitment I make today as President of the Federal Republic, and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. 15. By the Special Grace of God, the Federal Government, under my leadership, has continued, in the past four years to lead our country forward, even under the most trying circumstances. 16. The progress we have made in priority areas bears us testimony. 17. Amongst other achievements, we have rehabilitated and expanded our rail transportation network, successfully privatized power generation and distribution, significantly reformed and increased local participation in our oil and gas industry, and improved nationwide access to potable water from 57% in 2010, to 70% at present. 18. We have also made significant progress in improving access to primary, secondary and tertiary education by building and equipping more schools, including special Almajiri schools, and establishing additional universities to ensure that each state of the nation now has at least one Federal University. 19. Our national economy maintained a steady growth rate of close to seven per cent in the past four years and millions of fresh employment opportunities were created for our people as a direct consequence. 20. Recently, we launched the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP) and the $100 million dollars Government and Donor Fund for Agriculture Finance in Nigeria (FAFIN) to fast-track the positive transformation of our agricultural sector. 21. The Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP) targets 750, 000 market-oriented young agricultural producers while the $100 million dollars Fund is to provide affordable long-term financing to support the development of small and medium agribusinesses in the country. 22. This is in addition to a N50 billion Farm Mechanization Support Fund set up by the Central Bank to establish 1,200 agricultural equipment-hiring enterprises. 23. Both funds will become fully operational this year. Policies and programmes such as these to boost agricultural production remain topmost on the agenda of this administration. 24. Being very conscious of the inherent perils of our over- reliance on income from crude oil exports for national development, we have focused on accelerating the diversification of our economy. 25. The non-oil Sector which has grown by an average of 8% in the last few years, is now a major driver of growth in our economy. 26. The 2015 national budget, which is now before the National Assembly, is targeted at deepening our efforts at becoming a non-oil economy. 27. The budget also includes measures to ensure that the downturn in the price of oil does not affect our development plans and our national economy too adversely. We are adjusting our financial processes to safeguard our economy. We are also taking steps to ensure that the poor and the low and medium income earners do not bear the brunt. 28. In 2015, this administration will continue to lay the foundation for a vibrant economy that attracts significant Foreign Direct Investment and promotes policies that ensure economic stability. 29. We will ensure stability in the value of the Naira by striving to take away speculative behaviours that cause market exchange pressures. 30. We will continue to build and maintain a healthy external reserves position and strengthen fiscal buffers. We will ensure the Naira remains strong, and gives foreign investors the clarity and certainty that they need, to guide future investment decisions. 31. We will continue to improve our payment systems and strengthen risk-based supervision mechanism for Nigerian banks to ensure overall health and stability of the banking system. 32. We are introducing a broad spectrum of financial instruments to boost sector-specific enterprise areas in agriculture, Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs), manufacturing, and oil and gas to enhance our aggregate supply capacity, reduce poverty, promote job creation and increase the general well-being of our people. 33. These efforts and other measures being spearheaded by relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies, are geared to ensure a secure future for Nigeria and create a much more prosperous country, where people live more peaceful and fulfilled lives. Fellow countrymen and women, 34. As we enter an election year, I assure you that our administration will remain fully focused on providing good governance and the delivery of better public services to our people. 35. The coming campaigns and elections will not distract us from our ongoing work to significantly improve the living conditions of our people. And I urge all tiers of government not to be distracted as well. 36. The elections are very important for us as a country. Their successful conclusion will further strengthen our democratic institutions and place our beloved country even more firmly in the comity of truly democratic nations. 37. Given the challenges that have characterized some previous electoral contests in our country, the eyes of the world will certainly be on the conduct and outcome of our fifth post-military rule general elections. 38. I reassure all Nigerians and the international community of our firm commitment to free, fair and credible elections. My commitment to free elections and one man, one vote remains unwavering. 39. Our administration has worked hard in previous elections to prepare all key stakeholders including the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), security agencies and the electorate optimally, to ensure a progressively improved electoral process in the country under my watch. We will continue to do so for the coming elections. 40. We will continue to provide adequate funding to INEC and maintain the Commission’s independence and isolate it from any form of interference or meddling in its day-to- day affairs. This shall continue to guarantee its impartiality and ability to conduct more credible and acceptable elections. 41. National security agencies will also be given all necessary support to enhance their ability to ensure that the elections are peaceful and violence-free. The Nigeria Police has already established an Elections Security Planning and Monitoring Unit. 42. I am optimistic that with the cooperation of all law- abiding citizens of the country, our commitment to have a peaceful and violence-free election will be actualized. 43. I will like to say this, once again, to my fellow politicians and political leaders. None of our political ambitions is worth the blood of any of our countrymen, women and children. The improvement of their lives and living conditions ought to be our primary motive and the driving force of our quest for political power and leadership positions. 44. Let us not promote sectionalism, disunity, intolerance, hate, falsehood or the malicious abuse of political opponents. Whatever we feel or seek, we must have a nation and a people before we can dream of political ambitions. Let us put the nation and the people first. 45. Let us all conduct our electoral campaigns with the highest possible decorum and civility towards political opponents. Let us give INEC the fullest possible support and cooperation it requires to conduct credible and violence-free elections in 2015. 46. After the 2011 general elections, some unpatriotic elements embarked on an orgy of violence, resulting in the destruction of lives and property. That will not be allowed to happen this time around. This government will act decisively against anyone who disrupts the public peace, before, during or after the 2015 general elections. 47. All Nigerians, of voting age, are free to vote based on their convictions. It is our duty to defend and protect that basic right, and let no one be in doubt, we will. 48. Fellow Nigerians, I urge all of you to enter the New Year with renewed zeal and patriotism, to serve our fatherland with love, honesty, faithfulness and hope for a greater tomorrow. 49. As I have always maintained, none of the challenges before us is insurmountable. We must come together as a people and work with single-minded unity of purpose to overcome them. 50. Nigeria is a key country in Africa. We must work together to maintain our strategic position and collaborate with others to move the continent forward. I call for peace in Africa and an end to all conflicts in our continent. I urge all Africans to promote democracy in their respective countries to ensure faster development of the continent and faster economic and political integration. 51. We will continue to pray and offer hands of fellowship and assistance to our fellow Africans suffering from the Ebola Virus Disease. I urge all Nigerians to show compassion and contribute in whatever way we can to help our African brothers and sisters. 52. As we go into this New Year, I salute the indomitable and resilient spirit of our people in Nigeria and wherever they are in the world. Our spirit of enterprise and the doggedness to succeed amongst all odds has been our strength. 53. With our collective prayers and efforts, we will grow our economy and our people will become wealthier. Government will continue with programmes deliberately designed to create more jobs for our youth, to enable them contribute more to the growth and development of our nation. 54. Let us continue our march to the future, towards the attainment of our collective vision of a strong, united, prosperous and harmonious nation – a secure nation for us and for our coming generations. 55. I wish you all a happy and fulfilling 2015. 56. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 57. Happy New Year, Nigeria! 58. I thank you all.Tweet @Lastborn11 (07060428346)