Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lagos govt dumps 70 beggars and homeless people in Onitsha

The Lagos State Government
yesterday Wednesday July 24th
dumped over seventy people
said to be beggars and homeless
people in Onitsha. The destitute were brought into
the state around 3am yesterday
and left them under the flyover
at Upper Iweka Bridge after
being detained in Lagos for
months for begging, wandering and other minor offenses by the
Lagos State Kick Against
Indiscipline Officials. Many of the
people dumped at the location
said they were not even from
Onitsha and didn't understand why they were dropped there.
Some claimed they have family in
Lagos and were picked up by KAI
officials as they went to work. This is the second time in a year
the Lagos State govt will dump
people at Upper Iweka in

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Its future stars talent Hunt
Show 2013, can you sing, Dance,
Act, play musical instruments or
do you have a unique talent?
Are you between the ages of
6-12? Then it is your time to be celebrated. Future stars talent
show 2013,
had her press conference on July
12th, 2013. This is the maiden
edition of the Talent
Hunt Show and it promises to be exceptionally impactful and
poised to bring out the star in
the whom to be discovered star.
Continue... The show is aimed at
out the hidden talents in children within the targeted age, to
promote social interaction among
children, to encourage artistic
development among children, to
promote educational activities
among children, etc. It will run within the period of 6weeks
starting from August 23rd to
September 28th, 2013. Children
will meet at the event
venue every Friday to showcase
their talents and contents will be delivered to selected TV stations
Future stars talent show 2013 is
organized by S&P Entertainment
company who are also the
publishers of Young Readers
Magazine, 22 years old C.E.O Kaka Marycollete is the brain behind
this Young Readers Magazine and
the future stars talent show. In
her word she said the event will
help equip kids to adapt to the
challenges facing our modern day society.
Application forms are available in
some Ecobank branches in Lagos,
or you can download it online on www.futurestars Auditions will start on the 3-10th
of August 2013 at the following
Island: Piccadilly suites Agungi
(behind blue island)
Mainland: Unity centre 28, Isaac John street, Ikeja GRA. For more
information and
enquiries call 08068889669,
08096796178 or email on admin@
futurestarstale, info@futurestar The star price is N1million. Second
price is 500k and 3 price 250k.
With consolation prices like
Nintendo, PSP games, bicycles

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

OJB Jezreel puts stop to donations

In a press conference that held
yesterday, OJB said: "Appreciate all those who stood
by me one way or the other. I'm
sincerely grateful and feel
blessed that people could go
miles just to make me well again.
Now that I have gotten all the money needed for my medical bill,
I want to officially put a stop to
all forms of appeal or request in
bid to save OJB. I want Nigerians
to know that I have gotten the
N16million needed for my treatment. Therefore, no
donation should again be made
to any source in respect of the
said case. I will be going for my
operation by mid August"

Students Protest in Lagos over ASUP/ASUU Strike

Students under the aegis of
Education Rights Coalition and
Against Commercialization of
Education in Nigeria today embarked on
street protests in
Lagos that has brought traffic
to a standstill
on on Lagos main road, Ikorodu
road. The protest which started with
a handful of
students protesting against
government insensitivity to
ongoing strike by university and polytechnic
teachers has
steadily grown in the last hour.
Policemen are seen trying to
break up the
protest but the students have so far stood
their ground and proceeded
peacefully in
defiance of the police.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Gospel Singer Tope Alabi in sex scandal with her estranged Pastor Ireti Ajanaku?

It has been in recent news that
Yoruba gospel
singer, Tope Alabi and her
spiritual leader
Prophet Iretiola Ajanaku's
relationship has been strained for months now.
But a new twist has been added
to the saga.
Prophet Ajanaku has allegedly
made a
shocking revelation about the respected Tope
Alabi.The popular prophet said his
with Tope Alabi started because
of s*x:
On his relationship with Tope Alabi;
She actually met me 11 years
ago when she
came to church crying that since
she was
married she had no child. I told her that by
the grace of God when we shall
be holding
another anniversary she will
come and
dedicate her child before God. I have pictures
of the child dedication, I
christened the child
There are many things
concerning her and the husband that I will never tell
anyone, never
ever. If she had not said that
she met me only
six years ago, I would not have
called you to show all these pictures. And if I
say what God
has used me to do in their
lives,with proofs
and medical test records in their
hands, they will be ashamed of themselves.
On what really happened;
I'm wondering if she's being
foolish or just
stupid. I remember when she was
putting pressure on me to have s*x with
her. She did
not hide her urge to have s*xual
with me. At a point she could not
control her urge to do that but I declined, I
said never,
not me. Ask these people here
(in chorus, the
members seated confirmed his

South African Man claims he has been to heaven four times, draws map

Man Says He's Been to Heaven
Times, Draws Map: KwaZulu-Natal
South African tells it in all
seriousness. And who knows, he may even be
the truth about having visited
four times, so far.
The first time was in 1998, and subsequent visits were made in
2006 and 2008. It all started in
when a white man (an angel,
apparently) paid him a visit and told him
he was needed in heaven. And
after several visits, he's drawing
a map
to make sure the rest of us 'unlucky'
ones get what he's talking
But it's not the fact that he
took a few
vacations to heaven or even that he's
drawing a map that amuses me.
more to do with the stuff he
says he's
seen and done there. According to
Mthembu, there are 11 heavens
in all,
and he was taken to the fifth
one, Crista,
first. It was there, in a city called
that he claims to have met
Jesus. The
main heaven is Salem, he says,
where God's temple is located. God is
apparently in his youth, and of a
Grayish complexion. Jesus is
white. He
saw God for the first time during
his second trip, on a planet called
that's mostly covered in water
and ice.
Mthembu's other sightings
include Moses, Eliya, and Abel. He also
the Marshnode City, which is the
people go to when they die, to
get reincarnated. But here's the
weirdest of
all his tales – he says that the
who predicted the end of the
world in May last year weren't entirely
Mthembu seems to have
on an important meeting in the
heavens, where the biggest war against
was being discussed. The war is
supposed to have been launched
on May
23rd, so we're basically on a countdown
to the absolute end.
The map isn't ready yet, but
Mthembu is
already worried about
counterfeit versions. "People must come and
see the
map as one day someone from
Japan or
China or Britain will design a map
of heaven and the people of South
will have forgotten that the map
originally made in South Africa,"
he says. Perhaps he needs to
patent his
creation. And while he's at it,
write a
fantasy novel and strike a movie
deal too?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Stop threatening Tonto Dikeh on Marijuana Smoking - HURIWA tells NDLEA

Human Rights Writers Association
Of Nigeria
(HURIWA) has
come to the defence of Miss
Tonto Dike
following NDLEA's threat of arresting the movie
In a media statement issued by
the National
Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel
Onwubiko and
National media Director, Miss
Zainab Yussuf,
said NDLEA is chasing shadows by
threatening to arrest a Nigerian citizen whose
photograph' does not constitute
hard core
judicial evidence but rather a social media contraption
that may
never stand credibility
test in the competent court of
The group urged the anti drug agency to not
waste its time on
baseless pursuit and shine their
light on the
high profile drug
barons in the country. HURIWA asked NDLEA to also
concentrate on
how to repair its
public image damaged by the
costly mistake
it made during the arrest, detention and
investigation of the
popular Yoruba
comedian Baba Suwe (the
popular expensive
faecis/excreta gamble by the NDLEA).
HURIWA stated thus; "We are
shocked that
the NDLEA has
deviated from their time tested
mandate of going after big drug
barons who have brought
opprobrium to the image
of Nigeria and are now engaged
in 'media circus show' of
attempting to arrest an
innocent Nigerian
lady Miss.
Tonto Dike over an allegation
that falls flat on its face as an
irredeemably unsubstantiated
that will inevitably fail
any good test of credibility in
the competent court of law. Law
enforcement is not done by
emotion or
sentiment but on hard
core evidence, empirically tested
to be credible. Now that Miss.
Tonto Dike has denied ever
appearing in that
allegedly forged
photograph on the social media,
NDLEA should leave this lady
alone and go after big barons".
NDLEA spokesman Mr. Mitchell
Ofoyeju had
stated thus; "Our
attention has been drawn to the post quite
frankly and I can tell
you that action will be taken on
it. The law is
clear and NDLEA
has been very clear on the issue. No one is
permitted to sell, use,
cultivate or encourage the use
of Indian hemp
in Nigeria. The
substance is one of the banned narcotics in
the country."
But HURIWA faulted the move
saying that the
allegation against
Miss. Tonto Dike at best amounted to 'tissue
of speculative
contraption' which should not
attract the
attention of any
serious-minded law enforcement agency
except if it has run out
of idea on how to pursue and
arrest high
profile drug barons
who have flooded major streets of state
capitals with hard drugs
leading to serial addictions by
the Nigerian
The Rights group said; "NDLEA is being clever
by half by stating
that it will arrest and jail Miss.
Tonto Dike
based on mere
untenable evidence of marijuana photograph
on the social media.
Why did the NDLEA fail to seek
clarification from the Borno
state governor who was reported in a section
of the media to
have alleged that drug addicts
are in his
cabinet? Why is NDLEA
after this lady? Is it because she is a woman
whereas it has not
bothered to look the way of the
Borno state
governor that alleged
the presence of drug addicts in the state
cabinet nor has the
agency gone after the
international musicians
who appear
regularly in the Nigerian media puffing what
looks like

Federal Govt forced ASUU to embark on Nationwide Strike

Once again, the Federal
refusal to honour an agreement
reached with lecturers of public
universities has forced the Academic
Staff Union of Universities to
embark on
industrial action on Monday,
OLUGBILE reports When the Academic Staff Union
Universities suspended its two-
strike in February 2012, many
had thought that the last had been
heard of
national strikes in public
institutions. This
optimism was hinged on the
Memorandum of Understanding signed
by the Federal Government and
lecturers on how to resolve
challenges, infrastructural decay and
welfare problem in the nation's
But this is not to be, as the
union on Monday stated that it has
returned to the
trenches to fight government
for its
alleged refusal to honour an
agreement it reached with lecturers.
ASUU said it has resumed the
strike from Monday (yesterday).
This action, the union's National
Dr. Nasir Fagge, said was taken
the Federal Government allegedly
failed to implement the agreement.
Fagge said the action, though
would be total, comprehensive
and last
for as long as the government implements the details of the
Memorandum of Understanding
both parties signed in 2011.
Consequently, the semester
examinations going on in some universities would be disrupted,
admission processes would be
put on
hold. Final year students writing
their projects would be hit hard, as
supervisors would not attend to
them. By
this, academic activities in public
tertiary institutions, particularly in
and polytechnics, which had been
strike in the last three months,
would be paralysed.
The decision to embark on the
was taken during the National
Council meeting of ASUU at the Olabisi
Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye,
State between Sunday and
Monday. All
the 53 chapters of ASUU were represented at the meeting,
which 51 chapters of the union
overwhelmingly voted in support
of the
action. Briefing the press about the
outcome of
the NEC meeting at the
University of
Lagos on Monday, Fagge said the
union decided to suspend the action in
2012 after the Federal
Government and
ASUU signed the MoU, which
contained how all the issues of funding,
scheme, retirement age and
payment of
earned allowance for qualified
lecturers would be handled.
The Federal Government, the
stated, had only implemented
extension of the retirement age of
professors to 70, but had failed
to pay
the earned allowance for
lecturers who
are assigned other duties apart from
teaching, research and
service. The earned allowance is
money paid to lecturers who are assigned to administrative duties
such as
heads of department, hall
student project's supervision and
examination duties and pay for extra
workload on lecturers.
Under the student projects'
allowance, a professor is
expected to be paid N15, 000 per theses. Also,
the extra workload category,
lecturer/student ratio in Arts,
Social Sciences and Education faculties
is one
lecturer to 50 students, one to
35 in
Faculty of Sciences and one
lecturer to 25 students in Colleges of
Lecturers are supposed to be
paid if they
have more than the national
lecturer/ student ratio.
"When we signed the MoU, it was
that N100bn had been set aside
to pay
the earned allowance. But I can tell you
that no lecturer has been paid
2009. Yes, the government has
extended the retirement age of
professors to 70 as agreed, earned
allowances have not been paid
little has been done to raise the
level of
infrastructure in universities," he said.
Although he explained that the
had met with government over
matter many times, government has
refused to respect the
Rather, he said, ASUU was told
that the
government forgot to include the earned
allowance in the budget.
The Chairman, ASUU, UNILAG
Dr. Karo Ogbinanka, who had
earlier briefed the press about the
readiness of
his chapter to start the strike
after a
congress on Monday, explained
that the strike was called because
had never shown enough
commitment to
the development of the sector.
He explained that after the MoU was
signed, a NEEDS Assessment
on the State of Public
Universities was set
up to look at the state of infrastructure of
the institutions.
"The report has been submitted
and all
of us know that our universities
fall short in physical development, but our
is government has not done
enough to
revamp these institutions and
the modalities for the injection of
funds into
these universities have not been
followed. That is why there has
increase in the rate of agitation for
improved municipal facilities in
universities which has
unfortunately been
leading to the deaths of innocent
students," Ogbinaka said.
But why is the union embarking
on strike
when it has not given the
government the required ultimatum, Ogbinaka
explained that the union had
done a
warning strike before now.
"Anyway, we don't even need to
give them ultimatum because it is
stated in the MoU that we
signed with
them that we (ASUU) will go on
strike without warning should they fail
honour the agreement. They
reneged on the agreement and
so there is nothing that can stop us from
embarking on this comprehensive
total strike," he said.
On when UNILAG would join the
strike, Ogbinaka said that immediately
the press briefing, a congress
would be
called and the university
management would be informed. "It's a
national strike
and UNILAG has joined the
action," he
Also the National Treasurer of ASUU, Dr.
Ademola Aremu who is also the
Chairman, University of Ibadan
of ASUU said the action, being a national
one, would be fully supported by
lecturers at the premier
university. "We
are not fighting management of
the university, it is the Federal
that should be blamed for
pushing us to
the wall to make this painful
decision," Aremu said.
Most of the students our
spoke to on this new
expressed sadness at the action. They
called on the Federal
Government to
honour the agreement by giving
teachers their due. "I'm in the final year,
if this crisis is not urgently
resolved, it will
dislocate my career and that of
the other
students," Wale, a student of Political
Science at UNILAG said.
But before ASUU finally resorted
to go on
strike, the House of
Representatives had few weeks ago summoned the
of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu
Rufa'i and
officials of the union with a view
to ensuring that the crisis did not
degenerate. The duo were
invited to
meet with members of the House
Committee on Education as part
of the moves by the legislature to
avert the
looming strike.
It followed a motion of urgent
importance sponsored by Mr. Bashir
Babale (PDP/ Kano) and
endorsed by his colleagues.
Babale said it had become
worrisome that university lecturers
embark on strikes to compel the
government to meet its
This, he noted, was not good enough as
the issues at the root of the
crisis were
matters that had been agreed
upon by
both parties. The lawmaker urged the House
intervene in the crisis and avert
impending strike.
Other lawmakers who contributed to the
debate, argued that democracy
survive without good education.
They warned that it would be
wrong for the government to continue to
treat its
2009 agreement with ASUU with
But this intervention was
fruitless, as government said it had no
money to pay
the earned allowance.
"We even agreed to sacrifice 20
per cent
of the earned allowance but government
said it could only pay 50 per
cent. We
were even shocked when they
said they
had forgotten to include the money into
the budget. So, since 2009 no
has been paid the earned
and all of us can testify to the fact that
our universities whether old or
new are
still being underfunded,"
Ogbinaka said.
The ASUU officials, however, pleaded
with students and parents to
bear with
the union as they could no
longer stand
government's lack of commitment to
The last time ASUU embarked on
national strike over the same
issue was December 5, 2011. The union was
prevailed upon to suspend the
strike in
February 2012 after the Federal
Government signed the now
contentious MoU with ASUU with a promise to
accede to the lecturers'
President Goodluck Jonathan
signed into law a bill that sought to
extend the retirement age of
to 70. But after that not much
had been
done to make the system better than it
was in 2009.
Efforts to speak with the
minister failed,
as a top official in the ministry,
who pleaded anonymity, said she was
available for comments.
The source, however said the
would comment on the new development
on Tuesady (today). Share

Blackface Reminds Tuface About Debt

As per reports, Blackface has said he has not been paid for co-writing song ‘African Queen’ along with his fellow Tuface Idibia, who sang the song. The issue is surrounding the song. Blackface was a member of Plantashun Boiz and Idibia was also part of it. He claims both of them had written song together but he has not yet received financial benefits for his work officially. Though he was little upset over the same, when asked he said it doesn’t make much difference. He argued he was still a writer even if they had omitted him. Also, he averred that the song African Queen was redone by a Jamaican artiste. He disclosed he was not aware of the fact though he should have been since he co-wrote the song. He asserted he is trying to get the answer to the same and has got it yet. “Now is all like am a writer, I have 50 per cent of the publishing, which I didn’t used to have before, so it’s a different ball game right now”, he said about issue of getting credit for the song. African Queen was a hit song, which was sung by Idibia and was released in 'Face 2 Face' album in 2004.

Kidnappers Of NYSC Members Demand N20m Ransom

According to reports,
Kidnappers of the three
corps member that were
abducted in Rivers state
have demanded a ransom of
20million naira. The image maker of the Rivers
State Police Command, Angela
Agabe confirmed this in Port
Harcourt. The location of the corps
member is still unknown. The corp members (a male and
two females) serving at
Ogonokom Comprehensive
Secondary School, Abua-Odual
local government council, Rivers
state were kidnapped on saturday, June 29, 2013.

SHOCKING: Catholic Priest Beheaded By Jihadist Rebels (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A catholic priest, Father
Francois Murad has been
beheaded by Syrian
terrorists in a shocking
public execution that was
captured on video. The Vatican confirmed his death
on Monday and ather Murad he
was taken from the convent
for the Custody of the Holy
Land, where he was hiding. Reports have it that the
Catholic priest was attacked by
militant Syrans linked to a jihadi
group called Jabhat al-Nusra. A recording of the priest's
beheading was posted to the
internet on Monday, showing a
crowd of spectators that
included two other people
recording the execution with smartphones. The video showed
a man identified as Murad
sitting on the grass with his
hands tied together. A gathers,
shouting at him in Arabic. After the Catholic priest was
beheaded, onlookers moved in
close to view the aftermath. Watch Below ( WARNING: GRAPHIC
Watch video


US President Barrack Obama pledges $7 Billion Electricity support for Nigeria

(CNN) -- U.S. President Barack
pledged $7 billion Sunday to help
combat frequent power
blackouts in sub-
Saharan Africa. Funds from the initiative, dubbed
Africa, will be distributed over
the next
five years. Obama made the
announcement during his trip to South
Africa, the continent's biggest
"Access to electricity is
fundamental to
opportunity in this age. It's the light that
children study by, the energy
that allows
an idea to be transformed into a
business. It's the lifeline for families to
meet their most basic needs, and
it's the
connection that's needed to plug
into the grid of the global economy," he
Two-thirds of the population of
Saharan Africa lacks access to
electricity, including more than 85% of those
in rural areas, the White House
"A light where currently there is
darkness -- the energy to lift people out
of poverty -- that's what
looks like," Obama told students
Cape Town University. "So this is America's vision: a partnership
Africa for growth, and the
potential for
every citizen, not just a few at
the top." The program includes $1.5 billion
the U.S. Overseas Private
Corporation and $5 billion from
the Export-Import Bank, the White
said. Sub-Saharan Africa will need
than $300 billion to achieve
universal electricity access by 2030, it
The preliminary setup will include
Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria,
Tanzania, Uganda and
Mozambique. "These countries have set
goals in electric power
generation, and
are making the utility and
energy sector reforms to pave the way for
and growth," a White House
Obama's three-nation African trip started in Senegal and will end in
Tanzania this week. The visit
aims to
bolster U.S. investment
address development issues such as food
security and health, and
It comes as China aggressively
engages the continent, pouring billions of
into it and replacing the United
States as
Africa's largest trading partner.
Obama applauded China's investment in
Africa, saying he is "not
threatened by
Africa's greater integration into
the global economy will benefit
with the potential creation of
new jobs
and opportunities, he said.
"I'm here because I think the United
States needs to engage with a
full of promise and possibility,"
said. "It's good for the United States. I
welcome the attention that
Africa is
receiving from China, Brazil, India
Turkey." However, he urged African
officials to
ensure that those who invest in
continent and its natural
resources benefit Africans in terms of jobs
other assets.
Obama also visited Robben Island,
where anti-apartheid icon Nelson
Mandela spent a majority of his 27-year
imprisonment, on Sunday. And he
at Cape Town University, the
site of a
famous speech by Robert F. Kennedy at
the height of apartheid in 1966.
Obama heads next to Tanzania,
he is scheduled to attend events
until Tuesday.
5 things Obama wants young
Africans to know
CNN's Laura Bernardini
contributed to this report

It was Don Jazzy that disvirgened me - Tonto Dikeh Confesses

Tonto Dikeh is never a mile away
controversy. And this time
around, she has
not released a new single and
uploaded a semi-unclad picture,nay!
The Nollywood actress,
sensationally claimed
via Twitter, that her first s*xual
was with foremost music producer, Don
"I got disvirgined by @DONJAZZY i
think this
a lil bit Too Much info," she
wrote. Don Jazzy, who was online at the
time, chose
to respond with humour. He
wrote: "lol me
dat im still a V," ('V' meaning
virgin). A lot of fans were amused and
shocked at the
same time and reacted
differently. Some did
not believe it, stating clearly
that Tonto was still on her attention-seeking
But it might just be true, as Don
Jazzy, once
dated the actress and admitted
it sometime back.

ASUU begins Nationwide Strike today over allowances

Nigerian University lecturers,
under the
Academic Staff Union of
Universities (ASUU),
on Monday began a nationwide
indefinite strike.
The ASUU National President, Isa
Fagge, told
journalists of the development
at a news
conference via telephone at the University of
He said that the decision to have
the strike
was reached at the National
Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of ASUU
held at the
Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago
Iwoye, on
Mr. Fagge told journalists that the strike,
which takes immediate effect, will
comprehensive, total and
indefinite''. He said
that the action was as a result of the inability
of the Federal Government to
some of the issues contained in a
agreement it had with ASUU. The unionist said that the
government had
also reneged on the
Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) it entered
into with the union in December 2011.
"Before now, there has been this
issue of the
implementation of the key issues
contained in
the 2009 agreement we entered into with the
Federal Government.
"We have had several meetings
deliberations to let government
understand why these issues must be
resolved but it is
like the more we meet and
deliberate, the
messier the issue gets.
"One of the issues that needed to be
addressed was basically that of
the Academic
earned allowance. This earned
and other issues, had dragged on until
government then agreed to
write an MOU
with the union.
"But as we speak, there has
been nothing to show that government was
committed to an
MOU it also willingly wrote to
better the
university sector.
"It is in this regard that we are embarking on
an indefinite strike," he said.
Mr. Fagge said that having
waited patiently
for the government to swing
into action to no avail, the NEC of the union
decided to meet,
deliberate and come up with the
Karo Oghenekaro, the Chairman
of the University of Lagos chapter of
the union, told
journalists that government's
penchant for
reneging on agreements was not
acceptable. He said that government
entered into the
MOU with ASUU after the union
suspended its
strike two and a half years ago.
Mr. Oghenekaro explained that the
government had made essential
laws on
some of the burning issues such
as the 70
years retirement age of lecturers as well as
the pension commission.
According to him, government,
however, is
not forthcoming with other
pressing demands such as the earned allowance.
He noted that the academic
allowance was expected to take
care of
excess work load carried out by the lecturers
such as examination officers,
deans and
supervision of post graduate,
masters and
other programmes. "I want to say that not all
lecturers are
entitled to this allowance, but as
we speak,
not a single lecturer under the
aforementioned categories has received any
such allowance.
"What we are demanding as the
allowance is not more than N12,
500 per person, yet government is
saying it cannot
afford such.
"Government was actually
thinking of the cost
implication of everything but after much
deliberation, government agreed
to sign the
MoU and said it had set aside
N100 billion to
take care of all the burning issues.
"However, government came
back to us and
pleaded for a reduction and we
decided to
step the cost down to 80 per cent. That not
enough, it also appealed for
reduction to 50 per cent.
"This 50 per cent, government
said, will be a one off payment; that it was
from that 50 per
cent that we shall take care of
including the earned allowance.
"This did not go down well with us and so we
decided to meet and take the
decision we
have just taken," he said.
According to him, the Nigerian
tertiary education sector is where it is
because of
inadequate funding. He said that
one of the
reasons why there were no
foreign scholars in the system was because of the
poor wages.
"When we agitate about earned
we are also using it to as a
means of attracting foreign scholars so it
is not all about
our personal interest.
"We are also using it to address
the issue of
brain drain in the system. As it were, our best
brains are all drifting into
industries and other
sectors that will pay them
better, rather than
ploughing back into the academic sector.