Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Another Baby Born With Quran In Lagos

Culled from PM News
Residents from various parts of
Lagos have been coming to catch
a glimpse of a baby allegedly
born with a miniature Quran at
9, Oguntade Street, Shasha area
of the state. (crowd at the residence where the baby was
born) Incidents like these are
scientifically impossible, but
residents of the area say it is
true even though some of them
confessed that they did not see
the baby clutching the miniature Quran, the holy book of the
Muslims. They were only told
about it. It took efforts for P.M.NEWS
reporters to gain access into
the one-room apartment of the
baby’s parents as a result of
the crowd that took over the
place. The mother of the baby, Kabirat
Lamidi, a 32-year old hairstylist,
said right from the conception of
the baby, she had been sick. She said when the baby refused
to come out after 11 months,
she went for a scan where it
was shown that she had an
object in the womb with the
baby. The Ede, Osun State indigene
who said she had been married
for 10 years, said she was
shocked to discover that few
seconds after the baby was
delivered, she pushed out a Quran. “I have been hearing about such
incidents and I have always
insulted people thinking it could
never happen. I believe it is a
gift from Allah,” she said. She said as a Muslim, she was
not even dedicated and did not
know how to pray, expressing
surprise that such an incident
could happen to her. The mother of three said she
had always given birth in the
hospital but that on this day,
she went into labour so fast
that she could not move. “My advice to people is that
they should henceforth watch
their mouth. I didn’t believe
before now,” she said.
Mrs. Saudat Olawuwo, a staff
nurse with the Shasha Medical Centre who assisted with the
delivery, said she was called by
neighbours when the woman was
in labour. Mrs. Olawuwo with 17 years
working experience, said the
woman was supposed to put to
birth on 16 May, but it did not
happen. “By the time I came the day she
was in labour, the baby was
already coming out. So I assisted
“After that, we were expecting
the placenta, but the woman began behaving like one about
to run mad. I was so confused. “The woman was shouting that
she wanted to push again and all
of a sudden, the Quran, wrapped
in nylon and stained with blood
jumped out. “Out of confusion, I ran out and
called people who came to see.
We also called a Muslim cleric
around the area who came and
prayed for the baby,” she said.
Father of the baby, Luqman Lamidi, said he was in a drinking
bar when he was called and told
that his wife had delivered a
baby with a Quran. He said he did not believe until
he came and saw the Quran
covered with blood.
“I arrived home and saw a lot of
crowd and could not even enter.
In fact, I am surprised that a drunk like me could produce a
child that came into this world
with a Quran,” he said, adding
that he had become a changed
person. Chief Imam of Oguntade, Shasha,
Alhai AbdulRafiu Opeloyeru
Oyedokun, said he was the one
who tore the nylon from the
Quran after he was called to the
place. “When I came, people were still
doubting if the object was a
Quran or not, so I tore the nylon
with blood on it publicly and
everyone confirmed it.” As the yet to be named baby
boy lay asleep, P.M.NEWS noticed
that each time the Quran is
placed on his chest, he
consistently lifted his hands up
and would not drop the hands until the Quran is taken off. There was a big controversy in
May last year following the
alleged birth of a baby boy said
to be clutching a miniature Holy
Quran at birth. The baby was born at a white
garment church in Mushin, Lagos
State, Southwest Nigeria.
While some disputed the claim,
others said it was possible. A
large crowd gathered at 1, Sonde Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos
home of the boy’s parents as
news of the birth spread rapidly. His mother, Mrs. Kikelomo Ilori,
32, a Cosmetologist, told
P.M.NEWS that he was born after
she had carried the pregnancy
for about 10 months.
“When my baby was delivered holding a Quran in his hand, the
nurse said the Quran should be
thrown away. But I insisted my
mother must see it before any
action could be taken,”
Kikelomo, who is a Christian, further explained. Corroborating the story, Senior
Rev. Victoria Yetunde Dada said
during the pregnancy, Kikelomo
was always coming to her for
prayers and counselling.
“I advised her not to abort the pregnancy because she might die
in the process. Again, I told her
the foetus was sent by God and
will be great,” Apostle Mother
Dada told our correspondent.
Reacting, Medical Director of Bodet Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr.
Bode Tawak said scientifically, it
was not possible for a baby to
be born holding a Quran. “How big is the baby’s hand to
hold the Quran? How big is the
Quran? How did the Quran get
into her mother’s womb? I
don’t know how a Quran can
get into a womb. But there are things you can’t explain,” Dr.
Tawak responded. He said while the incident cannot
be explained medically, in Nigeria
many mysterious things happen.
A Kaduna-based medical
practitioner, Dr. Munir Yusuf said
from a medical point of view, it was not possible, but added that
depending on the size of the
Quran, it was possible
He explained that if the Quran is
small enough to pass through the diameter of the vagina, with
the child, it is possible. In the same vein, a herbal
medicine practitioner, Chief Dr.
Bola Adegunloye believes nothing
is impossible, but said too much
importance must not be placed
on the incident


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